Wienerschnitzel Just Put Their Famous Grilled Bratwurst On A Pretzel Bun

As the annual festivities of Oktoberfest continue to rage on, Wienerschnitzel continues to celebrate the only way it knows how — by reintroducing Grilled Bratwurst!

For a limited time, fans of America’s largest hot dog chain can savor the flavor of Oktoberfest by enjoying Wienerschnitzel’s authentic grilled sausage topped with a choice of mustard and kraut or grilled onions, until October 30.

To make this Grilled Bratwurst even more enjoyable, Wienerschnitzel is introducing a brand new soft and chewy pretzel bun to compliment the special limited time item.

Wienerschnitzel has always kept an open mind considering menu options and wants customers to know they can upgrade a Grilled Bratwurst for any hot dog OR upgrade any hot dog with the new pretzel bun.

“It’s like an Oktoberfest in your mouth.” – Funny Guy In Wienerschnitzel Commercial.


Created in partnership with Wienerschnitzel. 


I Ate Through Wienerschnitzel’s Entire New Line Of Loaded Po’Taters

The world’s most wanted wiener can breathe again wherever he’s hiding, thanks to Wienerschnitzel’s most delicious distraction to date.

The 55-year-old hot dog chain has retained its world-renowned fame thanks to notoriety of their chili dogs and corn dogs. Thankfully for us, the buck doesn’t stop there.

Wienerschnitzel recently introduced their newest creation, simply known as the Loaded Po’Taters. This new menu item comes in three cheesy flavors: Chili Cheese, Meat Lover’s and Blazin’

The Chili Cheese Loaded Po’Taters are the flagship item of the three, laying down the foundation for the other two. It comes with tater tot coins, thick chili and shredded cheese.


The Meat Lover’s comes with all of the same ingredients, in addition to a healthy serving of mini pepperoni slices and surprisingly large bits of bacon (compared to average bacon bits), grilled to a crunchety crisp.


Lastly, the Blazin’ Loaded Po’Taters come with the standard taters, cheese and chili, then are topped with freshly cut jalapeno slices and a thorough drizzle of Wienerschnitzel’s own Blazin’ sauce.


These scrumptious little creations are available now, but only for a limited time.

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Wienerschnitzel Adds Candy Cane Shakes To Squash That Chili Dog Breath


With Christmas only a few short weeks away, Wienerschnitzel just added a new holiday beverage to the menu. This comes in the sweet, colorful form of the Tastee Freez Candy Cane Shake.

Chili dog patrons can chug this to their heart’s content as they down hot dog after hot dog. The peppermint-flavored Freez is topped with whipped cream and served with a mini candy cane.

According to Wienerschnitzel, the Candy Cane Shake is supposed to compliment their chili dogs. Though, let’s face it, pretty much anything can compliment a chili cheese dog.

The holiday-edition beverage is only available for a limited time.


Wienerschnitzel Brings Mini Corn Dogs Back, And It’s About Damn Time

Who let the dogs out? Wienerschnitzel let the dogs out. The mini corn dogs that is!

After enduring an orchestra of angry and uproarious mini corn dog fans, Wienerschnitzel eventually decided to appease the frustrated eaters and bring the tasty little treats back to the menu. The initial removal of the corn dogs was way too intense for some twitter users to mentally handle.

To think they could ruin Felipe Gomez’s life like that really shakes me to my core. Fortunately for all the disgruntled fans, the big wigs at the Wienerschnitzel corporate office managed to get those little doggies back on the menu before anyone did anything crazy, like use this incident as the catalyst to start a revolution (which was an actual threat from one particularly annoyed Twitter user). This news was monumental for all the mini corn dog diehards.

Not only are the little guys back, but they are now both cheaper and bigger! The new mini dogs are 24% larger than they used to be. Additionally, they will be sold for a measly ¢25 a piece. That means I can get 200 mini corn dogs for $50, and we all know that would be the best $50 ever spent.

As a complement to this delightful news, Wienerschnitzel has also released a seasonal Green Apple Soda to wash down all that fried, meaty goodness. Now we just need them to bring back those hilarious commercials with the scared hot dog and all will be well in the world again.

Image Source: Twitter

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Wienerschnitzel Adds Grilled Bratwurst For Oktoberfest


With October only a few days away, we’re gearing up to kick off the Oktoberfest celebrations. Wienerschnitzel is celebrating hard this year with two new Grilled Bratwurst offerings.

The hot dog chain crashed our very own lobby earlier and set up a pop-up Wienerschnitzel, complete with grill, inside the building.

We could smell the grilled brats and onions all the way from our desks.


Both Grilled Bratwursts feature a hefty piece of sausage topped with mustard and our choice of sauerkraut or grilled onions. Each are served on a plain hot dog bun.

The bratwurst harkens back to the traditional German dish of veal, pork, or meat sausage.

Wienerschnitzel’s infamous mascot, The Delicious One, even made an appearance. As you can see below, he’s pretty stoked about the new Grilled Brats.


The chain will be offering its Grilled Bratwurst at all participating locations through the month of October. They’ll be available for $2.99 each.





Wienerschnitzel Offers Late-Night 10 for $10 Chili Dog Deal, Hearts Burning Everywhere


If you’re craving chili dogs late into the night, you’re in luck. You can now have more than you can handle.

Wienerschnitzel is offering a new deal appropriately titled “Dogs after Dark.” After 8 pm, patrons can get their hands on any combination of 10 chili dogs or 10 corn dogs for a sum of $10. Don’t think we’d ever turn down cheap chili dogs and corn dogs.

The Dogs after Dark deal will be available at all participating Wienerschnitzel locations for the foreseeable future. Awesome.



Heir to Wienerschnitzel Talks Company’s New Direction, Growing Up Around Wieners


In more than 50 years of business, Wienerschnitzel has pretty much nailed the niche of fast, insanely cheap and painfully addicting hot dogs. It appears, however, that they’re not doing as great as they can be with the younger crowd. What, kids don’t like chili dogs?

We had the chance to speak with J.R. Galardi, the 25-year-old son of Wienerschnitzel founder John Galardi. The young Galardi will spearhead the new visionary department for Wienerschnitzel.

So what the heck does a visionary department actually do?

According to the press release:

The Visionary Department will focus 100 percent on forming relationships and growing awareness amongst its younger customer; with Wienerschnitzel’s current guest base primarily made up of baby boomers. To capture the attention of tomorrow’s consumer, the Visionary Department will utilize tactics including social media, strategic partnerships, digital marketing, and event sponsorships. With a heavy emphasis on corporate responsibility, the division will tap into current trends, interests and lifestyles, including everything from sports, film, technology, music and fashion.

Sounds an awful lot like a marketing department.

We spoke to J.R. a bit to see what he had in store for this Visionary Department and what makes it different from marketing. He also shared some life experiences that came with being the son of the Wienerschnitzel founder.


What’s the best wiener pun you’ve heard?

Wienerschnitzel hot dogs are considered the “World’s Most Wanted Wiener” and people often “Ask us about our wieners… Our rewards club is even called “The Wieners Lovers’ Club.” Use your imagination, I’m sure I’ve heard it!

How has being the son of the founder prepared you for this gig versus some fresh-out-of-college PR hotshot?

I grew up with this brand, I have a passionate connection with it. It’s a family legacy that I am excited to continue and build on. It’s my responsibility to carry on my father’s name in the business and I’m completely invested. You can’t find that with some fresh-out-of-college kid.

Will any part of the existing menu change with the addition of the Visionary Department? 

We’re committed to sticking with the food that got us to where we are today by focusing on the classics; chili dogs, burgers, fries and corn dogs are the core of Wienerschnitzel’s existence.

Plus, if it ain’t broke!

What will your Visionary Department bring to the brand that other chains (Taco Bell, Starbucks) haven’t done before? Is a new department even necessary? 

The Visionary Department is 100 percent focused on tomorrow’s customer and is primarily made up of young marketing professionals looking to make a difference. Also, it’s rare to see an owner of a company who’s so involved on the front lines. I’m not sitting at a desk giving orders. I’m attending events and initiating partnerships, acting as the face of the brand in every way I can.

It’s been emphasized that the new direction will be youth-focused. Are there any concerns of ostracizing older customers?

Not at all, we aren’t changing marketing direction, we are expanding it. I’m building upon the solid foundation my father built and the brand will remain committed to the loyal customers who have supported Wienerschnitzel since the early ‘60s.

What was it like growing up in the Wienerschnitzel Dynasty? Did you meet any other fast food kids?

It was pretty awesome. We are tight with the kids of Fatburger, and my older sisters were friends with Glen Bell’s (of Taco Bell) children, which is pretty cool since my father’s first job in SoCal at age 19 was working for Glen Bell.

The release says you’re going to tap into popular trends including music and fashion. Can you elaborate on those two specific items and Weinerschnitzel will fit in? Should we expect hot dog costumes in the near future?

We are mainly building relationships with companies and organizations that appeal to younger generations. We’re attending events to feed hungry musicians, athletes and fans. We’ve been collaborating on merchandise with producer/musician Cisco Adler and our fashionable friends from Ethika and YeaNice.

We’ve also just signed on as a sponsor and the official hot dog of JGRMX, so we’re going to be having some fun with the MotoX community. There are a lot of new partnerships in the works!

How do you think other food chains are failing at reaching a youthful audience? Any examples of brands, situations, products or promotions that are terrible?

I think some brands might be missing the opportunities to connect with their fans on a genuine level. Today, it’s more about the experience than the product. Sure, we can purchase ads and throw our logo in people’s faces, and it might drive them into the restaurant once. Using a more organic approach, we are looking to make a real connection without asking for anything in return.

Here’s a free hot dog, have a great day, and we’ll see you soon!

Growing up under the umbrella of such a prolific brand and family must have been awesome. Any fun stories? Did you ever roll your dates through Wienerschnitzel and shut it down to show her you’re the prince wiener around these parts?

I actually grew up in Colorado, and not many people knew what Wienerschnitzel was out there. Every summer I worked at a SoCal Wienerschnitzel, so I got to eat as many free hot dogs and corn dogs as I wanted. The Wienerschnitzel I worked at had a beer tap so I learned how to pour the perfect beer. There’s actually still a tap at the Burbank, California, location!

What’s Weinerschnitzel’s biggest ailment right now?

Our biggest challenge right now is that although Wienerschnitzel is a recognizable brand and people are familiar with our big red W logo, there’s not enough excitement around what we do. We’re going to give our hot dog-loving fans everywhere, both old and new, more reasons to visit…aside from having the best chili dogs in the world.

Focusing on attracting a younger audience is important, but are there any plans to test more innovative menu items? What made Taco Bell so successful was their attempt to dabble in the ridiculous (DLT, Waffle Tacos) and it paid off. What are your thoughts on such items?

We’ve got some fun new menu items in the works. Inventing products and putting creative twists on Wienerschnitzel classics is one of my favorite parts of the job. We’re not going to be wrapping a waffle around a hot dog anytime soon, but definitely be on the lookout for some exciting new menu items coming soon.


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New Blue Cheese & Bacon Angus Hot Dogs at Wienerschnitzel (Plus Caramel Dipped Cones)


Summer and barbecue have always gone together, well, like summer and barbecue. But this year, it seems fast food chains are eager to latch onto the trend. On the burger side, Wendy’s is testing a cornbread bun brisket cheeseburger in Florida and Ohio, and when it comes to hot dogs, Wienerschnitzel’s new summer offerings are equally as south and grill-inspired.

We’re talking healthy dollops of barbecue sauce, bacon, and fried onion straws on the new BBQ Bacon Angus Dog and even heartier globs of blue cheese dressing and crumbles and grilled onions on the new Blue Cheese & Bacon Angus Dog. And in case that’s still not enough #TEXAS for you, the new items also come with their own Der Cowboy commercial.  As in “HI-YO Schnitzel, AWAYYY!”

For anyone who prefers a little less weenie with their weiner, though, there’s also the old Angus Chicago Dog, featuring all the usual Chicago toppings like mustard, pickles, and peppers. Also, keep an eye out for their new chocolate and caramel ice cream treats, including a Chocolate Caramel Crunch Freeze and Caramel and Chocolate Caramel Dipped Taste Freez Cones. Pretty sweet.