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Danny Trejo Says Burger King’s Whopperrito Isn’t Helping Obesity


At the launch of his new food truck, we spoke to actor Danny Trejo reagarding his healthy eating habits. Y’know, the kind of diet that makes a 72-year-old man look like he’s still in his 50s.

We asked him what he thought of Burger King’s new Whopperrito, a commercial fast food take on the Tex-Mex dish.

Here’s what he told FOODBEAST:

One of the reasons we have such an obesity problem in the Mexican population is because our food is starchy and really heavy. I don’t think McDonald’s or Burger King can help that issue. They’re a part of the problem, really.


He then spoke about how his truck differed greatly from such items like the Whopperrito.

Our truck has vegan food, gluten free [food], vegetarian, and good carne asada. Even carne asada, it’s a good meat. It’s not like your Burger King [meat], it’s a good meat so it’s not gonna be bad for you.


In specific, one of Trejo’s menu items is a colorful vegan cauliflower taco. This is a huge contrast to what Burger King offers in the burger/burrito hybrid with chopped up beef, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes; essentially the contents of a Whopper inside a large flour tortilla.

You can find the Trejo’s Taco truck cruising around the Los Angeles area, where you might even run into Trejo himself.

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Burger King’s Whopperrito Gets An Official Release Date


A couple months ago we discovered that Burger King was testing a Whopper and burrito hybrid at a remote location in the United States. The concept was pretty cool, the contents of a Whopper stuffed inside of a flour tortilla.

It seems the testing phase was successful as people wanted to try the Whopperrito for themselves. We know we did.

Burger King has now officially announced that the Whopperrito will be making a national release on August 15. The burger and burrito fusion features grilled beef, a creamy queso sauce, Tex-Mex spices, cut tomatoes, onions, lettuce and pickles.

You can get one for $2.99 or as a combination at $4.99.


WHOPPERRITOS Exist & A Dude Smuggles Pork Ribs In His Pants [KATCHUP]

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Burger King is testing a new item: a Whopper and a burrito. Guess what they’re calling it? A guy was caught shoplifting at a grocery store and when he was asked to return the items, hilarity ensues. Finally, a bunch of geniuses decided to rob a McDonald’s that was filled with special forces. Bad move, gentleman.

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Hipsters ruin coffee

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.40.29 PM

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Burger King introduces the Whopperrito


Apparently thirsty for its day of innovation, the folks at Burger King are wrapping their famous Whopper in burrito form and calling it the Whopperrito. We have your first look. READ MORE

Man whips meat out of his pants


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Idiots rob McDonald’s full of special forces


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Here’s Exactly What The New Whopperrito Looks Like


Over the weekend, we discovered that a Burger King in Hermitage, PA, was testing a Whopper and burrito hybrid called the Whopperrito.

Pretty much exactly how it sounds, the contents of a Whopper are thrown in a tortilla and wrapped up nice and tight. Burger King’s iconic Whopper features a grilled beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, ketchup and mayonnaise.


The burrito variant is slightly different.

We acquired some intimate shots of the burrito so you can see exactly what it looks like. Since we first wrote about the innovative fast food item, many outlets questioned whether the burrito actually exists.

Here’s your proof.


As you can see, the beef is cut up into chunks. It’s also dressed in a slightly spicy queso sauce to add a bit of a kick to it. The pickles, onions, lettuce and tomatoes are still in the spotlight.

Darrell Swanson, a gentleman within walking distance of the Burger King, says:

It has a bit of spice, but not much. Actually [it tastes] like a mild sauce at Taco Bell, but with a little less kick and a little more sweetness.

He mentions the Whopper burrito didn’t taste bad at all.

The Whopperrito can be found only in Hermitage for $3.99. For some reason, Burger King decided to pick a town with literally no media access to test such a HYPE burrito.

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WHOPPERRITO: Burger King Testing A Whopper Burrito

UPDATE: Here’s your first look at the actual burrito.

Apparently thirsty for its day of innovation, the folks at Burger King are wrapping their famous Whopper in burrito form and calling it the Whopperrito. 

The initial GrubGrade reported window cling advertisement is from a location testing the Whopperrito in Hermitage, PA. From the looks of it, Burger King has taken all the ingredients from the Whopper we know, the flame-grilled beef, the American cheese, all the vegetables including lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, white onions and wrapped it in a tortilla with mayo.

If you get a chance to try, drop us a line with your thoughts and pictures:

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