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Burger King Starts Serving Whoppers Using Beef With Reduced Methane Emissions

Over the past few years, switching to meat alternatives has grown in popularity as folks look to eat less meat for environmental reasons. One of the biggest environmental concerns is the greenhouse gas emissions that livestock production gives off, roughly 65% of which comes from beef, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

People still want to eat meat, though, and research has begun to take shape in how meat production could reduce its own emissions. Some of that research has made its way to Burger King, who is now using it to make “Reduced Methane Emissions Beef” for some of its Whoppers.

Photo courtesy of Burger King

Burger King’s new beef comes from research that herbs like lemongrass can be used to reduce the amount of emissions that come from enteric fermentation. This means that in cow’s stomachs, different kinds of bacteria can ferment what they eat into gases that include methane, and by changing around a cow’s diet, you could reduce some of the methane these gut bacteria produce.

Burger King discussed its own test data related to emissions in a press release, which claims that adding 100 grams of lemongrass to cow’s diets helps them release less methane as they digest food. BK’s Reduced Methane Emissions Beef goes on this diet for three to four months prior to slaughter, which, according to Burger King, can lower methane emissions by an average of 33% per day.

Burger King’s own research was conducted in tandem with the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico and U.C. Davis. An independent 2013 study from the Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences found lemongrass to be effective, but lemongrass in conjunction with supplemental herbs and spices like garlic powder and peppermint could possibly lower emissions even more.

Burger King is taking a big step forward, though, in introducing this kind of beef in its locations, as well as trying to reduce the carbon footprint of its burger production.

Right now, you can get Reduced Methane Emissions Beef Whoppers at select locations in Miami, New York, Austin, Portland, and Los Angeles while supplies last.

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Burger King Launching A Limited ‘Upside Down Whopper’ In Honor Of Stranger Things

Burger King has flipped the script on its classic Whopper in honor of the upcoming season of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

The not-so-mysterious sandwich is exactly what you thought it would be, which is a straight up Upside Down Whopper, available in select locations Friday, June 21.

They didn’t build it with the Whopper ingredients stacked in a crazy order. They didn’t try to get you with any mind tricks, or freaky Whopper illusions. It’s literally just a regular Whopper, but flipped on its head, which you can do on your own with any Whopper.

I guess the intrigue comes from the Stranger Things-labeled wrapper that covers the Whopper, along with Stranger Things print on the drink cups, seeing how Coca-Cola is in on this collab.

They’ve also temporarily changed their name to “Stranger King” on all their social media platforms, which is at least strong commitment to the promotion.

The Upside Down Whopper will technically only be available at 11 Burger King locations across the country, but if you’re savvy enough, you can probably figure out how to make one on your own. For die-hard fans, the draw is trying to snag some Stranger Things/BK merch, like shirts, pins and and crowns.

If you want to celebrate the new season with burgers and merch, head to one of the Burger King locations below.

Upside Down Whopper Locations:
10494 West Sample Road, Coral Springs, FL
25560 Kingsland Blvd, Katy, TX
128 Tremont Street, Boston, MA
415 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan, GA
2400 Caster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
2009 Coit Road, Plano, TX
2840 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL
35 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA
4918 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
327 West 42nd Street, New York, NY
1437 West Patapsco Avenue, Baltimore, MD

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Burger King’s ‘Real Meals’ Campaign Exploits Meme Culture And Depression To Sell Us Whoppers

Apparently, Burger King now cares about our collective sadness — in particular Gen Z. That’s noble, for sure. Yet in an attempt to concurrently connect with this savvy and knowledgeable demographic, they’ve loosely draped a veil of concern over mental health awareness in their recent “Real Meals” campaign. And frankly, as the brand notes, “partnering with Mental Health America on the campaign” during Mental Health Awareness Month, is a charitable notion that sadly gets muddled in Burger King’s attempts to use meme culture depression to sell us burgers.

These “Real Meals” are an alternative to McDonald’s iconic Happy Meals and claim to represent other, more complex emotions that many of us seem to be feeling these days. So yes everybody, Burger King must clearly feel our pain by serving up five different Real Meals that consist of the followings moods: Salty, Yasss, DGAF, Blue, and Pissed. Because we all know that a dry Whopper is the real solution to our deep-seated problems. But let me backtrack some – since when were (reads again) Yasss and Salty, moods that tied to mental health issues?

Accompanying this tone deaf campaign is a commercial depicting young folks in various states of dejection and expressing their varied blahs and melancholy over very real and valid modern dilemmas such as being ghosted, bullying, and student loan debt. But don’t worry, The King is offering comfort with a burger and fries in hand.

What’s more concerning is the fact that there hasn’t been any indication that sales from these Real Meals will go towards non-profits and advocacy groups in support of mental health awareness and treatment. The fact that Burger King is hinging on mental health advocacy to slang their burgers is cringe-worthy at the very least and disingenuous all around.

So to all the disenchanted, unhappy, broke, cynical, and devastated young people of today, it’s time to rejoice — relief is coming in the form of a Burger King combo.

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Impossible Whoppers Are Starting To Arrive At Burger King, No Joke

While it may be April Fool’s day, it’s no joke that the plant-based movement has widely taken over fast food. The latest chain to join the hype train is Burger King, who’s teaming up with Impossible Foods to make a meat-free version of their iconic Whopper.

Starting April 1st, Burger King’s first test of the Impossible Whopper will be rolling out in St. Louis, Missouri. 59 different locations in the area will offer up the plant-based take on BK’s signature burger. The flame grilled Impossible Patty will be served in standard Whopper style, with mayo, lettuce, tomato, white onions, pickles, and ketchup.

The Impossible Whopper will not be vegan by nature, however, since it contains mayonnaise as part of the build. Since the bun is vegan (based on Burger King’s website), however, you can get an entirely vegan version simply by removing the mayo.

For those wondering if there’s an actual April Fool’s joke here, the appearance of the Impossible Whopper is 100% happening. What may be considered a “prank,” though, is when those who order one of these burgers get tricked into believing it’s actually beef.

There’s no current timetable for how long the Impossible Whopper will be around in St. Louis. Hopefully, though, it does well enough to merit a nationwide launch in the near future.

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Burger King’s Whoppers Cost 1 Cent If You Order Them At McDonald’s

Burger King is closing out the year with a pretty savvy Whopper promotion, all while taking a quick shot at rival burger chain McDonald’s. Hey, all in good fun, right?

Fans of BK will now be able to purchase their iconic Whopper burger for a penny. Here’s the catch: you have to be inside a McDonald’s to do so.

According to the brand, users of the app will be able to unlock a 1-cent Whopper promotion if they are within 600 feet of a McDonald’s location. Once they order their burger, they can head to the nearest Burger King spot and pick it up.

Here’s how to do it in 4 steps

  1. Download the Burger King app on your phone
  2. Head to a McDonald’s
  3. Order the Whopper in-app for 1-cent
  4. Pick up your Whopper at the nearest Burger King location

Seems pretty easy.

For those hoping to get 1,000 Whoppers for $10, it seems you can only activate this deal once through the app. Still, getting a Whopper for the price of a copper coin we could easily find on the ground sounds like a pretty solid bargain.

Wouldn’t mind ordering some breakfast sandwiches at McDonald’s while we’re there anyways.

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For One Day, Burger King Will Serve A Whopper Donut At Select Stores

Burger King just announced that they’ll be releasing a Whopper Donut for National Donut Day. While not a traditional donut, this new entry to the King’s menu does resemble one in the sense that it has a big hole cut through it. Yup, straight through the core and into China.

Only minutes after he heard the news, fellow Foodbeast and donut writer Constantine Spyrou scoffed:

Burger King’s taking a Whopper, turning it into a donut, and then calling it and the part cut out two separate burgers?!

For those upset about getting a Whopper with less ingredients, the limited-time item will be served with a “free” mini slider to fill that void. Think of the slider as a snack you can save for later in the day.

Whopper-lovin’ burger heads who can’t miss such an exclusive will need to line up at these exact coordinates on June 1:

128 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass.

1100 5th Street, Miami Beach, Flo.

1601 N. Hacienda Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif.

327 West 42nd Street, New York City, NY.

2450 S 1900 W, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Now if McDonald’s and Arby’s limited exclusives in the past were any indication, you may want to line up early to get your hands on one.

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Burger King Pranks Customers With Chocolate Whopper For April Fool’s Day

April 1 is nearly upon us and we’re heading into the weekend with extra caution. The day of pranks usually leaves us second guessing what’s real news and what’s simply in jest.

Burger King Singapore created a Chocolate Whopper that appears to be a prime example of an April Fool’s Day prank that we should be on the watch for.

DesignTaxi reports that the all-dessert Whopper is made with chocolate cake buns, a chocolate “beef” patty, raspberry syrup for the ketchup, rings of white chocolate as the onions, milk chocolate as the lettuce (missed opportunity not using green matcha chocolate), vanilla frosting as what we presume is mayo, and candied blood oranges are in place of tomatoes.

All-in-all this was a pretty creative effort, despite making our glucose levels spike looking at it.

As one of the few Whopper fans in the Foodbeast office, I think this was a pretty creative celebration of the Prankster’s Holiday. Though if there are aspirations of adding this to Burger King’s official menu, I’d think again. Variations of the iconic burger usually aren’t that well received — Halloween Whopper, anyone?

So is this real or BK’s annual April Fool’s prank? While it’d be difficult to craft a dessert this intricate to order, Burger King could presumably pre-produce these in bulk for customers. At the end of their video, they mentioned it was “Coming Soon” and followed the words with a “Maybe.”

Guess time will tell, but we’re like 80 percent sure it’s fake.

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Burger King Lit A Car On Fire Just To See If Anyone Would Stop And Help [WATCH]

Between explaining net neutrality with overpriced Whoppers and smashing burgers to explain bullying, Burger King seems to really like making points at the expense of trolling customers.

This time around, they lit a car on fire on the side of the road, just to see who would be nice enough to pull over and actually help the driver in need.

While many cars passed by the flaming car without care, there were people who actually pulled over to help, and were rewarded with not only the joy of knowing everything was fine, but also with free Whoppers, which were actually grilling inside the car, causing the smoke.

This was BK’s odd way of celebrating Good Samaritan Day, as they thanked those who stopped and even gave them one of those old school paper crowns we used to rock when we were little kids.

It was both funny and encouraging to see people rush to help in the fiery situation, only to find burgers grilling under the hood. Shout out to the guy who rolled up carrying a fire extinguisher.

At the end of the day, they were trying to convey that good things come to those who go out of their way to do right. It was Burger King trolling again, but in a commendable way.