Gyro x Mang x Wholesome Choice Irvine

Every day I seem to be introducing you to some face within my conservative list of friends. Apart from my mother, here’s another friend that is never shy when it comes to grub. This is Mang and his journey to indlulge in a Chicken Gyro Wrap from Wholesome Choice.


Wholesome Choice: Irvine

If you’ve been reading our publication for a decent amount of time, you might have stumbled across us some of our adventures where we headed to Wholesome Choice in Irvine, CA. Everytime is better than the last, and the reason we keep writing about it and bringing it up is because we get something different every time we go. This time around, we were asked to stop taking pictures while inside their establishment. Intrigued? Of course we kept taking pictures, find out more after the jump: