Tasty Doughnut Facts Even a Cop Wouldn’t Know [INFOGRAPHIC]


I woke up this morning to the following frantic, albeit delightful, text message from my best friend: “FREE DONUTS AT KRISPY KREME. I AM CURRENTLY STUFFING MY PIE HOLE WITH MOUNDS OF FROSTED CALORIFFICNESS.”

Boy, I’m already way ahead of you.

In case you’re lost in a temporary state of befuddlement, here’s a quick FYI — it’s National Donut Day today. No, the internet didn’t just decide to bring out their inner fat kid this morning for funsies. Rather, America is celebrating their die-hard obsession with fried bits of sugared glory.

In light of this, the folks over at that dusty text book of names and addresses WhitePages have thrown together an infographic detailing this country’s love for donuts. Apparently, 10 people  in the US bear the name Doughnut or Donut, while Boston holds the record for most donut shops per person (1 donut shop for every 2480 people).

So grab a cup of coffee and a pink box of every donut flavor under the sun while you peruse through this tasty infographic.