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‘White Walker Whisky’ Has Arrived To Get The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Hype Started

We’re getting ever closer to the final season of Game of Thrones, and to build the hype, a special White Walker Whisky has been released to get into the Westeros spirit.

white walker whiskyPhoto courtesy of Johnnie Walker

HBO, the network that airs the beloved series, teamed up with Johnnie Walker for the unique blend and bottle of Scotch whisky. It’s meant to be served straight out of the freezer, as the flavors imbued into the spirit — berries and vanilla — are best enjoyed cold.

Johnnie Walker also took a page out of the Coors playbook with their bottle design that makes this a true collector’s item. When frozen, a chilly “Winter is Here” graphic will appear on the label, evoking the White Walkers and their ensuing conflict with the rest of Westeros that’s sure to come in the new season.

The limited-edition bottles make for some interesting Game of Thrones memorabilia, especially as a keepsake for when the show does eventually reach its ending.

Johnnie Walker’s GoT-themed whisky is going to be available well ahead of GoT’s return date, as bottles will be distributed globally this month.