China Now Has Steamed Rice Vending Machines


No offense, but we kind of figured this thing already existed. At the South China University of Technology, they’ve just installed new vending machines specifically designed to drop mushy dollops of steamed rice directly onto students’ clanking silver trays. How’s that for technology?

Installed in what looks like a cafeteria, the two machines allow students to swipe their cards before automatically dispensing warm steamed white rice — an irrefutable (if slightly stereotypical) staple in many an Eastern Asian diet.

Other iterations of the rice vending machine have appeared on the interwebs in the past, but always in dry bag form. Which is kind of weird coming from a country that eats so much rice and already has a live crab vending machine. Uhh?


Fast Food

Panda Express Allows Fans to Choose Between Fried or Brown Rice, Except Not Really Because Both Will Remain On Menu Regardless


(Update: 7-12-13 — A Panda Express representative reached out and informed us that only the steamed brown and steamed white rice will continue to be offered as menu options, while the fried brown and fried white will remain subject to vote until the campaign ends in August)

Eating at Panda Express is a struggle. On the one hand, there’s those handy 400-calorie-and-under labels guiding your eyes to the healthier “Beef and Broccoli” and “Tofu Eggplant” options. On the other hand, Orange Chicken. So it’s no surprise that when the popular mall food court chain swapped out its classic fried white recipe with a negligibly healthier fried brown rice one, more than a few folks raised their Styrofoam take-out boxes in outrage. Now, Panda is leaving the final decision up to us. Sort of.

According to Brand Eating, starting this week until August 31, Panda Express will be running a campaign asking guests to vote for their favorite rice, either the Classic White Fried or the new Brown Fried. Every purchase for either variety will count as a vote toward it, and the winner will be allowed to stay on the menu in September. The loser will be relegated to that dark corner of the Panda Express “secret menu” Purgatory – which is to say you can still order it, it just won’t get its own nifty name tag.

The illusion of choice – consumerism at its finest, folks.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating


Craving: Beef and Broccoli

As much as I love Chinese food, I tend not to eat it that much. I honestly don’t know why I don’t eat it more because I love all Chinese foods, especially beef and broccoli. All these good with this dish, and when I sit here and write this I wish I knew where my closest 24-hour Chinese spot was at because I would definitely go get this.


Craving: Hawaiian BBQ / Chicken Katsu

Wherever you have to go to get yourself a plate of Hawaiian BBQ, please don’t hesitate a moment longer! We post a majority of our Craving postings in the late night hours because let’s face it…when do you crave more than when you’re up late at night?! Right now I have a strange hankering for deep fried chicken katsu, beautiful macaroni salad and white rice. I just want to smother them all with hot sauce and their special sauce, finish the plate in a few minutes, and artificially induce sleep. One of my personal favorite spots to get this dish, L&L Hawaiian BBQ! (PicThx cloudy)