How Much Are Restaurants Expected To Lose Due To The Pandemic?

As the U.S. tries to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, social distancing measures have been implemented, store closures have ensued, much of which unfortunately extends to a lot of our favorite restaurants.

Even with delivery and take-out being the go-to options for many, the impact these restaurants will feel could still cause them to lay off employees, or ultimately shutter.

That is why the National Restaurant Association has crunched the numbers, and formally sent a proposal to the White House, asking for $355 billion in restaurant relief.


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The NRA has estimated that in the next three months alone, restaurants will lose $225 billion in sales, and forcing anywhere from 5 to 7 million employees to lose their jobs.

Even then, the three month estimate doesn’t take into account that the White House anticipates this crisis to dig into July, or possibly August, meaning the industry could have five more months of these losses.

The NRA is asking for $145 billion from the Treasury as a recovery fund to help pay employees and everyday operations. Another $35 million would go towards disaster relief, helping businesses defer mortgages, leases and loans. Another $100 billion would go towards “loan and insurance protections” over the anticipated long-term recovery time.

Then another $130 billion would go to disaster unemployment assistance, while a $45 billion expansion is being asked for conventional and federal loans.


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Leaving work after a heartfelt meeting w my team… many of you have reached out and checked in. I’m so thankful for every one of you. It’s tough to put my feelings down in writing right now but here i go… I’m pretty distraught, mostly for my team. We have so many families who depend on our restaurant and it’s the reason why we remained opened. These are the people who will be hit the hardest- our cooks, our servers, bussers, hostesses and dishwashers. The ones who need income the most. I completely understand and agree that the health of the world is and should be the priority, but who will help the dozens of families who depend on our small business? We are a family-owned restaurant and unlike big corporations we don’t have the financial means to take a hit like this. At this point, I am going to stay as informed as I can be so I can be there for my restaurant family by providing them with the correct information and resources. There’s been talk about relief packages and help from the government, but talk from politicians on TV is sometimes far different from the day- to-day reality for hourly employees and small business owners. We just hope that there is a bail out for us like there has been in the past for the banks, the airline industry, and seemingly now the cruise line industry. Everyone seems to be getting bailed out during distraught times but small businesses. If you’re still reading, thank you. If you want to support us… consider purchasing some of our mole jars or a gift card on our online shop ➡️ Good healthy vibes to you all ✌🏽

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Time will tell how long the country will be shutdown in this manner, but in the short term, a lot of restaurants are in dire straits and need help just as much as any other industries receiving federal help.

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Clemson Football Wins National Title And All The White House Gave Them To Eat Was Fast Food

The classic challenge coaches give us when playing sports is that if we can pull off the impossible, they’ll treat us to a steak dinner of some kind. It carries a level of achievement because we get to feast on an expensive, tasty cut of meat to reward our athletic feats.

That’s almost completely the opposite of what Clemson University got during their recent trip to the White House.

Maybe it was because of the government shutdown tightening budgets, or maybe it was because the President thinks that fast food is an actual reward. Whatever the case, the Clemson football team got a massive serving of fast food staples as their reward for winning a national title and getting to meet the President.

According to Reuters reporter Roberta Rampton, the President paid out of pocket for the fast food feast because most of the White House residence staff were furloughed as a part of the shutdown. That meant that Clemson football got to snack on Filet-o-Fishes, fast food salads, Wendy’s burgers, and McDonald’s Quarter Pounders, based on photos that Rampton took.

This is Clemson’s second national title (and White House visit) in the past 3 years. Last time, The Morning Call reports that they were treated to “the best finger food I ever had,” as one player in attendance put it. Shrimp were among the delicacies offered back then, so for any returning Clemson football players, the spread of McDonald’s and Wendy’s was clearly a step down of what they were used to.

Not the feast you dream of when getting to go to such an illustrious place as the White House. Apparently, Clemson’s team ate most of what was available though, so at least they didn’t leave the tour hungry.

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Dippin’ Dots Wants To Throw An Ice Cream Social For The White House


Photo: Send Dippin’ Dots

If someone I was in a feud with extended an olive branch to me in the form of an ice cream social, I’d drop any arguments I have with them right then and there.

Dippin’ Dots is definitely trying to capitalize on that logic right now.

The ice cream brand is offering to throw an ice cream social for the White House following the uncovering of some unsavory tweets from White House Press Secretary/Communications Director Sean Spicer. Apparently, Spicer is NOT a fan of the company at all, as his tweets have been putting the ice cream company on blast for nearly 7 years.

According to NPR, these tweets were uncovered by the internet following a series of clashes with reporters at press briefings, and it’s led to some hilarious reactions. Someone even created a campaign to send the press secretary Dippin’ Dots in an effort to “give back to the administration the petty nonsense we’ve been receiving.”

When Dippin’ Dots found out about the tweets, they decided to respond with a peace offering rather than clap back at the White House. Subsequently, they drafted an open letter to Sean Spicer that invited him and the White House to an ice cream social:

“We can even afford to treat the White House and press corps to an ice cream social. What do you say? We’ll make sure there’s plenty of all your favorite flavors.”

Turns out that Sean Spicer has recently responded to the open letter, and is inviting Dippin’ Dots to put on their social — for a different cause:

That’s a great and classy idea, Secretary Spicer. Ice cream for first responders, the military, and vets? I’m totally down with that concept.

I’m sure that Dippin’ Dots won’t run out of vanilla this time.

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Photo Journey Of President Obama Eating Throughout His Presidency

Photographers have the innate ability to capture some of the most beautiful and riveting moments possible when it comes to photographs. The same goes for the White House photographer who, as I’m sure you can imagine, must be pretty friggin’ remarkable at his craft in order to both earn and retain such a prestigious job.

Pete Souza, Director and Chief Official White House Photographer, put together a collection of the best photographs from the previous year of Obama, and they all certainly met expectations. Although many of them were not food-related, I decided to pick out the best ones that were.


Obama takes a bite of fruit while perusing the produce section of a Kroger’s grocery store after a town hall meeting. Predictably, this heinous crime is reprehensible and can not go unpunished, hence why many are calling for his imPeachment.


Denver, CO – President Obama shares a pizza dinner with a handful of people that wrote letters to him before his visit to Denver. The delicious-looking cheese pull he’s got going on comes directly from The Wazee Supper Club.


President Obama tips the scales in his favor when it comes to his trip director, Marvin Nicholson. President Obama jokingly tries to send a message to Marvin about his diet lately, and as you can see in the background, the rest of his administration has no probelm with the POTUS’s playful and humanizing proclivity for pranks. 


Obama enjoys a meal with Veteran Army Ranger Cory Remsburg and his family in their home. Obama met Remsburg in 2009, then Remsburg was seriously injured in a roadside explosion a year later while in Afghanistan. Since then, Obama has met with Cory and his family several times, never forgetting to thank him for his enormous sacrifice.


President Obama looks on with concern as Vice President Joe Biden promises to glaze the smiling emloyee’s donut hole at the famed Gingerbread House Bakery in Kokomo, Indiana.


“The President shares a laugh while having lunch with Rebekah Erler at Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Erler, a 36-year-old working wife and mother of two pre-school aged boys, had written the President a letter about the economic challenges of raising a family. When a trip to Minneapolis was scheduled, the President invited Rebekah to have lunch with him. He later met her family and the following day, Rebekah introduced the President at his economic speech.”


“Call it the Shake Shack slide. As he is wont to do, the President normally does a group photo with restaurant staff when he stops for lunch or dinner somewhere. After having lunch with Vice President Biden at a Shake Shack in Washington, D.C., the President asked me where he should stand for the photo. Before I could even reply, the President jumped on the counter and slid onto the other side. The Vice President soon followed.”


“Sometimes you get lucky as a photographer. The President was greeting the crowd outside Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque in Kansas City. As he began talking to a young boy, actually giving him some life advice, someone’s smart phone briefly illuminated the President’s face. Without this light, the photograph wouldn’t have been nearly as successful.”

The pictures I’ve included obviously revolve around food, since, you know, Foodbeast and all. However, if you’d like to see all of them (and I highly suggest you do, they’re very well done), you can check them out here.



Photo Credit: Peter Souza, Official White House Photographer

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Tillamook Wants The White House To Change The Name ‘AMERICAN CHEESE’


Tillamook Cheese is launching a petition to change the name of American cheese because they think it’s unworthy of being called American.

What’s in American Cheese? According to the FDA it’s not even allowed to be called cheese at all. In fact, the processed cheese product contains 18 different ingredients including sorbic acid and sodium phosphate.

Apparently, Tillamook takes cheese identity very seriously. The brand has launched a White House petition to get the name “American Cheese” changed to something else. They’ve also created, with the help of  72andSunny, a radical campaign featuring our countries most iconic figures riding majestic American beasts and destroying the processed cheese product.

The petition currently has about 500 signatures and will end July 23.