White Chocolate Sugar Cookie M&M’s Arrive In Candy Aisles This Holiday

Photo courtesy of M&M’s

With the holiday season speeding towards us like a California Governor to the last Turbo Man figure, we’re strapping on and enjoying all the new seasonal sweets that are hitting the snack aisles.

One that’s particularly noteworthy is M&M’s debuting their new White Chocolate Sugar Cookie candies. The limited-edition holiday flavor features a white chocolate, sugar cookie-flavored shell with a crispy center.

For fans of either the rich textures of white chocolate or the buttery crunch of sugar cookies, this sounds like the perfect holiday amalgam.

You can now find the new M&M White Chocolate Sugar Cookie candies in stores nationwide and online at

Happy holidays, everyone!

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Snickers’ White Chocolate Bar Is Becoming A Permanent Flavor

For decades we’ve fallen in love with the iconic Snickers Bar. Packed with milk chocolate, nougat, caramel and nuts, the candy bar checks off many textural sensations all while gently pacifying your throbbing sweet tooth. Now, a popular flavor is joining the fold, and it’s sticking around for good.

Snickers Brand just announced that the popular white chocolate version of the confection is hitting stores. So yes, Snickers White, is becoming a permanent flavor.

The snack is comprised with the standard Snickers elements (peanuts, nougat, caramel) but tags in the rich and creamy sweetness of white chocolate as a refreshing reprieve.

Originally a limited-time release, Snickers White has shown to become so popular that the brand decided to give it a permanent home.

Expect to find Snickers White sold nationwide in stores starting January 2020. Until then, just stuff your stockings with the classic stuff.


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White Chocolate Twix Are Permanently Returning To Stores Nationwide

Last year, a seasonal, limited-time White Chocolate Twix arrived in stores that folks were raving over. To this day, people are still hunting down the coveted candy bars on sites like Amazon, hoping that they would return soon. It looks like those people are finally getting their wish.

Apparently, the limited edition version of White Chocolate Twix, pictured above, was so beloved that candy giant Mars decided to bring it back to stores. However, unlike last time, the candy bars will be making a permanent return to stores, Brand Eating reports. Food Drink & Franchise confirms this, as both their site and Brand Eating state that the new Twix will be hitting shelves starting next month.

The white-chocolate coated caramel candy bars will return in a variety of shapes and sizes. Single and double packs, along with bags of fun-sized White Chocolate Twix bars, will be available as part of the massive return. Additionally, a new dark chocolate Twix will also make its way into stores some time before the end of the year.

Now we just need a Ruby Chocolate Twix bar, and we’ll have every single chocolate type in the caramel candy bar form.

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Kit Kat’s New Sake Flavor Lets You Turn Up Like A Cherry Blossom


Kit Kat is coming out with a new flavor this February: sake. RocketNews24 reports that Nestle Japan is releasing a new variation based on the popular alcoholic Japanese beverage of rice wine.

Sake flour is mixed into the Kit Kat wafer and covered with white chocolate. What you’ll get is a nice whiff of the sake, the sweet crunch of the Kit Kat and a light aftertaste when you’re near the end of the experience.

You can easily spot the package by it’s bright-pink cherry blossom design.

The chocolate-covered cookie will be available starting Feb. 1. You can buy them in a pack of three for 150 yen ($1.24 US).

Photo: RocketNews/Nestle Japan


100% Edible White Chocolate Popcorn Bowl


Recipe: Hungry Happenings


Japan’s Oldest Silk Factory Sells Chocolate That Looks Uncomfortably Like Worms


You’re old now. You’ve grown up. You spend your time not digging up worms in the backyard, but going off and “discovering yourself” while using your trusty smartphone to document all your incredible, Insta-worthy adventures. Well, here’s another treat to add to your ever-growing foodie bucket list: a box of Japanese chocolates that look remarkably — unsettlingly — like silkworms.

Made at the Tomioka Silk Mill — which, as the oldest silk factory in Japan, is expected to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site this summer, according to Rocket News — the silkworm chocolates are officially called “Kaiko no Okoku”, or The Silkworm Kingdom. Each box contains three to six individually wrapped white chocolate worms, each set atop delicate, mulberry-flavored chocolate  leaves, and flecked with small pieces of berry and rice cracker.

Thankfully, the 142 year old factory hasn’t been used to make silk for the past 30 years, so you’re unlikely to find bits of actual worm hidden among the sweets. But if you’re into that, at least there’s always Amazon.

Picthx Rocket News


Starbucks Japan Whips Up Lemon-Flavored Latte That Tastes Like ‘Cheesecake’


Lemon is what you squeeze into tea and water, not coffee right? But what if you’re craving some good zest with your morning pick-me-up, because reasons? It’s a good thing Starbucks drinks tend to be more dessert than coffee, huh?

In its Japanese locations, which seem to get at least five new flavors for our every one, Starbucks just introduced a new “Creamy Vanilla Latte with Lemony Swirl.” According to Brand Eating, this entails a vanilla and lemon curd latte base topped with lemon peel-flavored white chocolate, bits of dried lemon peel, lemon vanilla sauce, and whipped cream; also available as a Frappuccino.


Reviews on the Starbucks Japan Facebook suggest the drink tastes “refreshing” and a bit like “cheesecake.” According to reddit, the name is also “f–king annoying to say in Japanese.”


Here’s How To Make White Chocolate Sriracha Candy Cane Hearts

This video comes from our friends and partner site POPSUGAR Food.

Earlier this month we proved to you that Santa does exist when he gave us these Sriracha Candy Canes. And even though the holiday season may be coming to a close, here’s a last minute recipe so you can actually use all the sriracha candy canes you bought. The recipe comes from our friends at POPSUGAR Food, and combines the canes with an Aztec/Mexican-spiced white chocolate. Easy to say, we’re all in. And to top it off, it’s just a few easy steps that any FOODBEAST can handle.

And if you’re more of a savory-Sriracha type, check out Pop Sugar’s YouTube Channel for Sriracha Nacho Cheese and Sriracha-Sauced Chicken Wings. We’ll be regularly featuring POPSUGAR recipes here on FOODBEAST, so be on the lookout for more curious recipes from those lovely ladies.