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General Mills Issues MASSIVE Honey Nut Cheerios Recall For Allergy Risk


Anyone sitting down to a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios may want to take a second look at their breakfast. General Mills announced a voluntary recall of several Honey Nut Cheerios products that may contain wheat that could harm those with allergies and other wheat-related health problems.

Because wheat is an undeclared allergen in this case, the recall is classified as a Class 1. This means that the products in question have the potential to cause serious health problems or even death.

According to Jim Murphy, president of the Big G cereal division, a human error was responsible for introducing wheat flour into the gluten-free oat flour at the Lodi, CA., factory.

General Mills stresses that consumers with wheat allergies, celiac disease or gluten intolerance definitely should not consume the products with the following BETTER IF USED BY code dates:


Patrons with these products can hit up General Mills for a full refund. Since the discovery, the company has run extensive tests on all its flours and have implemented new protocols to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

About 1.8 million boxes are being recalled.

Good to see they’re being proactive about this and getting the word out, though some consumer comments on the blog say some have been feeling sick already.


Man Loses Phone in Grain Shipment, Returns to Him After Traveling Across the World


Nine months ago, Oklahoma farmer Kevin Whitney lost his iPhone after it fell out of his pocket and into a grain elevator. The trouble was that the phone was then dropped into a pit filled with 280,000 pounds of grain, Business Insider reports. Whitney definitely did not expect to see his phone again, since it was like recovering a needle in a haystack grainstack.

The grain shipment carried Whitney’s phone through both the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers and ended up in Lousiana. There, the grain boarded a cargo ship and traveled along the Panama Canal and traversed the Pacific Ocean. The grain shipment, along with Whitney’s phone, finally settled in Kashima, Japan.

There, a factory worker at a Japanese grain mill found it and gave Whitney a call telling him his phone had been discovered. The nice man from Japan even mailed it back to Whitney.

Needless to say, Whitney was excite.


Whole Wheat Pancakes Drenched in Chocolate Ganache

Our friend Kate seems to be on her sweet game lately, impressing us with this amazing pancake dish in celebration of National Pancake Week. We’re looking at a high stack of whole wheat pancakes, each separated with a spoonful of chocolate ganache and a heavy downpour of warm chocolate ganache dressing. The pancakes are made from wheat flour and almond milk, and the entire stack is powdered with some confection sugar. What a beautiful Wintery dish. Holllller!


Laputa Sausage Robot Fossil Toast


Sausage, toast and cheese come together in this awesome collaboration of genius, artistic expression, and downright deliciousness. We’re looking at a robot, fossilized on wheatbread and cheesy glory. AnnaTheRed explains a bit more about this creation on her website, but I definitely think this badboy is worthy of some Foodbeast praise. Eat on!


Pic of the Day: Turkey BLT Scanwich

The cross section of a Turkey BLT on Wheat Toast from our new friends at Scanwich.