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UCLA Football Legend Brett Hundley Shares His Top Dining Spots In Westwood

Westwood is one of the most lively neighborhoods in the greater Los Angeles area. Between the occasional movie premiere at the Fox Theater and the bustling crowd of UCLA students, there’s a lot of people looking for bites to eat, especially late at night.

If you’re looking for some dynamite eating recommendations in the area, legendary UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley has got you covered. He ate his way through the city while setting a couple of all-time records for the Bruins, curating a list of go-to spots in the process.

Hundley may be off in the NFL playing for the Seattle Seahawks now, but he still knows where to nosh when he does come back to the City of Angels.

brett hundley

Hundley shared five of his favorite restaurants in the Westwood area in the latest episode of Foodbeast’s show Chomping Grounds. Whether they be LA legends or just great places to grab a meal, each spot he highlights serves as a worthy option to consider chomping through Westwood.

Elysee Bakery & Cafe

Hundley and his teammates frequented Elysee for breakfast all the time while he was in the yellow and blue. The item he still gets every time he’s in town? French Toast, one of the more simple yet flavorful offerings the bakery cafe has to offer.

Those looking for something a little more on the savory side can get an oozy Croque Monsieur. It’s layered with ham and swiss, with a perfectly runny egg also crammed inside to take the richness of this brunch item to the next level.

Plan Check Kitchen

If you’re from LA, you know Plan Check for its mind-blowing burger creations and buzzworthy ketchup leather. They also put it onto their Southern Fry, a massive Jidori fried chicken sandwich loaded with duck breast ham, spicy pimento cheese, and pickles. It’s a combination that brings together the love of fried chicken with a sciency-twist on ketchup, something that a foodie like Hundley, or any other Foodbeast, can totally get behind.

Diddy Riese Cookies

Diddy Riese is Hundley’s must-stop spot when he’s looking to satisfy his sweet tooth. Here, you can custom build your own ice cream sandwiches using their made from scratch cookies. If you want to get it the way Hundley likes it, opt for a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and bring it together with a white chocolate chip and a cinnamon sugar cookie.

Bossa Nova

This spot is a treasure trove for those in love with Brazilian cuisine, or if you’re looking for a place to eat late at night. That’s what brought Hundley to Bossa Nova, since its open till 3 am at night and serves up a plethora of incredible Brazilian eats.

Hundley’s favorite order is the plantains, because in his words, “I haven’t found a spot anywhere that makes them close to this.” It’s the balance of crunch and sweetness you get from a perfectly timed trip to the deep fryer that makes all the difference with Bossa Nova’s version.

That’s not the only mouthwatering item Bossa Nova serves up, though. You have to start the meal with a couple of pieces of pao de queijo. These cheesy pillows of deliciousness have a striking textural contrast between crusty outside and chewy interior, which makes for a truly unique bread experience.

Of course, steak is the name of the game for Brazil, and Bossa Nova has some top-notch cuts that they serve. Hundley’s order of choice is the picanha, also known as the sirloin cap. The juiciness and tenderness of this beef is hard to beat, especially when enhanced by the crunchiness of the yucca flour served on the side.

Fat Sal’s

Fat Sal’s is another Los Angeles institution, and they’re known for stuffing sandwiches to the brim. Hundley and his squad have virtually eaten through the entire menu, but he brought a couple of his football friends back to take on a monstrosity they had yet to face: The Big Fat Fatty.

It took Hundley and three of his old teammates – Caleb Benenoch, Adarius Pickett, and Eldridge Massington – to take this 10-pound behemoth down. Normally, this is a challenge to be completed by one person in 40 minutes, but like Hundley did, you can bring the squad to let everyone share in the gluttonous delights the Big Fat Fatty packs in.

Whether you’re a student looking for some grub spots near UCLA or in the area for a premiere, Hundley’s recommendations are all culinary destinations worth tracking down. It’s a star-studded lineup that shines bright amongst the celebrities you’ll find hanging in Westwood.


ICYMI: LA is Getting a Nutella Bar! Probably


Just a sweet little update for all our West Coast readers: fancy-shmancy Italian food court Eataly is finally making its way to Los Angeles, bringing along with it all manner of fancy shmancy Italian pastas and cheeses and meats and fishes. Oh, and a Nutella Bar!*

*(We’re assuming, since the other two U.S. locations have one. And if we’re not getting a Nutella Bar, we’ll just, you know, burn the place down or something.)

Set to open in Westfield Century City by 2017, the new Eataly LA is part of a $700m upgrade for the 422,000 square foot mall, reports Eater. Though the official list of restaurants has yet to be confirmed, we expect our future Nutella Bar to offer a decadent spread of chocolate hazelnut glory, including Nutella croissants, Nutella crepes, and even Nutella cookie sandwiches made with hazelnut cookies, like its east coast counterparts.

Now if only we could get a Dominique Ansel Bakery.

Picthx Eataly


[Adventure] TLT Food Satisfies Our Inner Pork Belly Snob


Daniel Shemtomb has accomplished much in the last few years. The winner of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race has kept busy maintaining the quality of The Lime Truck. Now the successful young chef has his hands full being a restaurateur as well.

Foodbeast vet Brian and I were lucky enough to be invited to dine-in at TLT Food in Westwood, Los Angeles recently, and we couldn’t have been happier. We’ve always been fans of The Lime Truck and it was great not having to chase it down for dear life for once. So, sit back and enjoy some glorious food porn from TLT Food.


Brussels Sprouts


I wasn’t a fan of brussels sprouts until a few years ago, but this item solidified my love for them. It was the perfect thing to start off the adventure with. The sprouts were perfect and each bite was more savory than the last. Cooked with a medley of prosciutto, garlic, chipotle honey aioli, Cotija cheese and picked red onion, you’d have no idea these were good for you.


Pork Belly Nachos


I was excited to try this more than anything else on the menu and TLT delivered. I’m pretty snobby when it comes to pork belly and they nailed it. Chunks of savory pork belly on top of gooey cheese nachos. What more could I ask for? Nothing, that’s what.


Grilled Cheese


Brian had more of this than I did. The concept was ingenious and after a couple bites I definitely wanted more. Unfortunately, I already killed the pork belly nachos and quesadilla and couldn’t afford any more cheese in my body. Brian loved it though. He threw around the word “orgasmic” a few times.



Pork Belly Taco


An awesome in-between meal snack while I snapped photos. As I mentioned earlier, the pork belly is on point and the taco is something I definitely need to try more of next time.


Beef Short-Rib Quesadilla


The beef was super moist and pretty much just melted in your mouth. Every bite was epic. I pretty much killed this whole thing within minutes. Their signature Tomatillo salsa was a great contrast to the richness of the quesadilla and added a cool refresher to each bite.




Skipped breakfast and lunch for this meal and it was ever so worth it after trying the PBAT. Made with parmesan-crusted bread, cured pork belly, arugula, tomato, red onion and aioli, this sandwich was a masterpiece that couldn’t be told in one sitting.




The desserts really hit the spot. Between the Lime Panna Cotta and the Triple Chocolate Cake, we were in dessert heaven. Unfortunately my limited lactose intolerance only allowed for a few small bites for the Panna Cotta, as I maxed out my cheese budget for the evening with the nachos and quesadillas. Cake was bomb though.

TLT Food has now also opened a new location in Downtown Los Angeles this past week. Unique to the restaurant, TLT will be offering their first brunch menu.

I smell another adventure.

TLT Food

1116 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 443-4433


Diddy Riese Cookies: Westwood


I was up in Westwood last night with Gio, at his girlfriends place at UCLA. This spot was the first thing you noticed when entering downtown Westwood, probably because of the 75+ person line out front. Diddy Riese offers cookies, shaved ice, and custom made ice cream sandwiches, where you can choose any combo of two cookies and a scoop of any flavor ice cream for $1.50. It was amazing, and sadly I didn’t have a good camera with me so I only got a shot with my phone, which is after the jump.