Wendy's: Boneless Wings

Wendy’s reported yesterday that it would be introducing boneless chicken wings in a triumvirate of available flavors later this month. The suggested price of the new item will revolve around $3.99 for seven to nine wings. Created with 100-percent breast meat, the wings will be lightly breaded and hand-tossed with one of three sauces: Sweet & Spicy Asian, Honey BBQ and Bold Buffalo. The item is scheduled to launch June 22, and Wendy’s rational behind the creation and marketing of these new wings is that this is definitely not an item normally attributed to any fast food restaurant, instead, they claim that these Sweet & Spicy Asian wings are something akin to items at an upscale restaurant. (Thx NRN)


Craving: Wendy's Double Stack

Cheese, square patties, onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup. Wendy’s keeps it simple, but they also keep it right. I just had lunch, but I can still crave! (PicThx GrubGrade)


Wendy's: New Frosty Menu Additions

Everything from the new US only Frosty-Cino to the Coffee Toffee, Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough, Wendy’s is rolling out a few new interesting additions to their hearty semi-frozen drink selection, just in time to cool us down for summer!


Wendy's: 3conomics

These commercials had me rolling. Wendy’s has created a new campaign to help promote their new value menu sandwiches. The rest of the commercials are available after the jump:


Top 5 Worst Value Meal Items


Worst Value Menu Item

Fast-Food Restaurant


Junior Bacon Cheeseburger

Jack in the Box


Cheesy Double Beef Burrito

Taco Bell


Breakfast Sausage Biscuit

Burger King





Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger


The past few months our country has seen some tough economic times, and as a result, fast food sales, especially the value menus available at some of our favorite chains have seen an increase in attention. The Cancer Project isn’t taking too kindly to this spike in value meal consumption, and has made readily available their own list (shown above) of the top 5 worst value menu items for your health. The article covers some alternatives at the drive-thru, especially steering clear of always ordering cheeseburgers and opting for some more vegetarian options. Eat on!


Wendy's Gourmet Mushroom Swissburger

Wendy’s is making an appeal to some classy palates with their new Gourmet Mushroom Swissburger. You can get your gourmet on with 1/4 lb. of fresh, never frozen beef, real Swiss Cheese, hickory smoked bacon, peppercorn sauce, lettuce and ripe red tomato. Only available for a limited time so hop over to Wendy’s if you hankerin’ for some ritzy burger love.


Win a Year of Free Wendy's Twisted Frostys

365 Days of Twisted Frosty Bliss

The famous frozen treat from Wendy’s now comes with twisted with some  fantastic mix-ins. You can get it cool, creamy treat twisted with Oreo Cookies, Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or M&Ms. To promote this Frosty upgrade, Wendy’s is giving away 10,000 of these cool creamy treats, including the prize on an entire year of Twisted Frostys on the house.

The grand prize is a year of Twisted Frostys paid in the form of a $1,000 Wendy’s gift card. 10,000 others will be awarded with one free Twisted Frosty, paid in the form of a $3.00 Wendy’s gift card.

Get in the mix for a year of free Twisted Frostys and enter here.