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McDonald’s Hash Brown Hack Is A Breakfast Game Changer

About a decade ago, I was a pimple-faced teenager salting fries and pouring coffee at McDonald’s. Now, as a pimple-faced adult writing about fast food, there’s one hack from my time behind the counter that I’m excited to find which can be ordered from the fast food chain: well done hash browns.

I would work the morning shift at Micky D’s during my college years, and one of my favorite things to make during break would be extra crispy hash browns. Like all well-done starches, all you would have to do is leave the shredded potato patties in the hot oil a few minutes past the wail of the fryer.

Turns out it’s no longer an industry secret as I recently discovered that you can actually order your hash browns well done as you would fries.

Guys, it’s a breakfast time game changer.

Visually they look pretty similar to the regular hash browns, albeit with a slightly darker color. Texturally, they’re miles crispier and add a satisfying crunch to your bite. If you’re taking your meal to go, they won’t get too soggy either.

Super pleased to see this is now a thing. I strongly recommend slapping some sweet jelly on your well-done hash brown and bite into an experience of sweet and salty, with the crunchiest texture this side of the Golden Arches.


This Smart Grill Can Cook to Specific Steak Temperatures, From Rare to Well-Done


Let me tell you about my mom. Like most moms, she cooks. She cooks often. Sometimes, she even cooks well (sorry mom, *most of the time). But she does not know how to cook steak. It’s something she’s struggled with for years now, each time resulting in nothing less than expertly seasoned slabs of beef jerky.

For the first part of my life it was acceptable, then it became annoying, then endearing, but now I think it’s time I helped her out by getting her one of these OptiGrills for Christmas (just . . . don’t quote me on it).

OptiGrill is an indoor electrical grill capable of measuring a cut of meat’s thickness (whether steak or chicken or hot dog or what have you) and adjusting the cooking time and temperature according to that thickness. A color-changing cooking indicator lets you set your food’s ideal temperature and an alarm dings when it’s time to take it off the grill.

Now, knowing my mom, she’ll probably insist on turning the dial all the way to “well-done” anyway, despite my and the rest of my family’s fervent protests, but at least now it’ll be on purpose. Silly mom.

OptiGrill: $180 @ T-fal, available in October

H/T + PicThx Gizmodo


Steak Button Thermometer Set

Summer is coming up and everyone is getting ready to spend some time in the sun, maybe have a pool party and grill up some steaks. And of course you want to show off to your attractive lady friends by being able to man the grill with some authority and efficiency. If you’re not a pro at eyeballing a steak to get a specific level of doneness, do yourself a favor and take the guess work out of it  by getting the Steak Button Thermometer set by Sur La Table. You’ll know exactly when to pull that perfect medium-rare sirloin off the bar-bee! ($20 @ SurLaTable)