Because Normal Licorice Was Getting Boring: Welch’s Premieres ‘Filled Licorice’

Welch’s, the purveyor of fine grape juice and some pretty delectable fruit snacks, has decided that normal licorice needed a ‘filled’ version and has constructed Filled Licorice, a confection of soft licorice with a fruit-flavored center.

According to sources, the new licorice is available in 1.75-ounce pouches (SRP 89 cents), in 24-ct cases as well as 3.5-ounce packs with a SRP of $1.39 and ship 12 per case.


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Last Week To Create Welch’s Fruit Snacks Jingle

Welches Fruit SnacksIf you’re anything like the FOODBEAST crew, you love fruitsnacks. We’ve seriously contemplated eloping to Vegas with its sugary-chewy goodness, but we’re just afraid of commitment since we’re always tempted by seductive fruit leather or ravishing dried fruit. Side note, did you know that organic dried apricots are black? It weirded me out.

Earlier this year Welch’s launched a Facebook Contest for users to write their best jingle for its Fruit Snacks, and the winner will receive $1,000 prize with an iPad. Yes, this is a real contest where you can win an iPad versus the Facebook spam we all receive. October 31st is the last day to enter, and we’d especially like it if a FOODBEAST reader won the contest. So if you’ve got some awesome music talents like our very own @Rudeluv, win this fruity contest.