A Look at The Extraordinary Penis-Themed Restaurant in South Korea [NSFW]


The Deulmusae restaurant, located in the city of Pocheon of South Korea, may have more than just a penis or two on their mind. In fact, they have hundreds. The phallic-themed restaurant incorporates the use of penises in almost every aspect of the establishment, save the food (thank goodness).

Deulmusae opened in 1996, as any other restaurant. When a buddhist monk visited, however, he mentioned that the place had too much female cold energy around it. Taking his suggestion to heart, the owner effectively littered the establishment with male genitalia.


This Simple Hack Will Change the Way You Cook Hot Dogs, Forever

Landscaped Hotdogs

There’s so many ways one can cook a hot dog. Whether you fry it, throw it on the grill, boil, or even microwave, the end result still sits happily in your stomach. Though at times it, more often than I’d care to admit, they’ll end up cold in the middle. I mean, I’ll still eat it but warm definitely tastes better.

It seems like there’s a more thorough way to cook your franks so everything is evenly nice and hot. Pretty much all you need to pull off this hack is a barbecue skewer and a knife.


First you penetrate the weenie with your wooden skewer.


Taking a knife, you slice around the hot dog in a spiral motion until you reach the end of the slab of meat.


Because you used the wooden skewer, the hot dogs should not fall apart once you’re done cutting. Now, all you have to do is throw them on the grill or a frying pan and cook them thoroughly. Personally, I enjoy mine slightly charred.


The end result is a dog with nooks and crannies you can add your choice of condiments into. Sliced bread is a viable substitute for hot dog buns or even a hard taco shell.

H/T + Picthx  mgood0523


Pandagrub: Bunch O' Weiners

My friend Clayton .aka. PartyWithPanda (@Partywithpanda) is the go to guy you want at a party. He holds incredible abilities to get anyone to party through the power of his camera lens. He also shoots everything he eats, which is why I’m going to be putting a ton of his stuff up on the site. Here are a bunch of weiners just chillin. Sausage fest, no pun intended, no homo.