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Craig Robinson Dropped 50 Pounds By Going Vegan And Cutting Alcohol

Actor and comedian Craig Robinson has been shedding some weight as of late, and he attributes that to a couple of drastic switches in his lifestyle. You can see his new figure in the video below:

In an interview on the talk show Harry, Robinson, who is famous for his roles in comedic shows like The Office and Ghosted, revealed that he had lost 50 pounds over the past six months by switching to a vegan diet and abstaining from alcohol.

“I haven’t been drinking, since January I just put down the alcohol. I was going to detox…I had heard, I don’t know how true it is, but I heard you can regenerate your liver in six months. I was like let me see if I can go six months and I just haven’t gone back and then working out and I’ve been trying this vegan lifestyle, too.”

Following those six months, Robinson stayed away from alcohol and combined a fitness routine with going vegan. He’s been enjoying the vegan eats out there, saying that “there are so many great restaurants and dishes.” He’s found the vegan diet “much easier than I thought it would be,” but does miss being able to eat macaroni and cheese, he admitted.

Robinson is one of many celebrities who’ve gone vegan and found great results. Rapper Wacka Flocka Flame and Kylie Jenner have both switched to the meat-free, dairy-free lifestyle and even created eye-popping vegan meals or lines of vegan edibles as a result. As vegan food continues to grow in popularity in this country with items like the Impossible Burger flourishing, it’s likely we’ll see even more celebrities move to a plant-based diet in the future.


I Thought It’d Be Lame, But This Weight Loss Video Is The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen Today

The Internet is FILLED with videos on how to lose weight and get into shape. They’ll tell you to eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep. Every once in a while, however, you’ll find a video so awesome you can’t help but feel inspired to hit the gym.

Buh, a subsidiary of JASH, posted a video called How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Steps.

The video is directed by Ben Berman, who’s creditials include Comedy Bang! Bang!, Workaholics and Man Seeking Woman. It follows an overweight guy as he narrates his experience losing weight in 4 easy steps.

We won’t spoil the video, but it’s definitely worth the 7 minutes and 32 seconds of your time.

Photo + Video: Buh


Every Weight Loss Myth Debunked


Losing weight can be a terrifying feat. Between listening to horror stories from friends, the Internet, or popular culture, weight loss demotivation begins to sink in.

The folks at eVisit created an infographic that pretty much debunks the top 25 most common weight loss myths around today. Everything from “snacking too much is bad for you” to whether or not “The Freshman 15” is a thing.

Check out the enormous graphic below and put your fears and misconceptions to rest.

Food-Myths-01 Food-Myths-02


How Jared Fogle’s Porn Empire Started And Ended His Career


Various researchers have touted for years that people, men in particular, who watch large amounts of porn experience desensitization to certain genres and start to view increasingly more extreme content.

If you didn’t already know that Jared Fogle, former popular Subway spokesperson, was Indiana University’s porn king in his youth, you’re probably just understanding how this research connects to him.

From Porn King to Subway Spokesperson

According to Best Week Ever, the base of our knowledge of Fogle is built on a half-truth. When Fogle ran his lucrative porn business out of his off-campus apartment, a Subway restaurant opened on the first floor. Out of laziness and the undeniable convenience, Jared started eating all of his meals there which ultimately contributed to his weight loss.

Though Subway is fairly inexpensive fast food, you might have wondered in the past how a college student could afford all those sandwiches. With a video rental rate of $1 per day and what BWE called a “vast and extensive collection”, Fogle easily became a mini mogul to students and locals alike.

Naturally, his weight loss would go on to be attributed to a personal choice by his old dormmate, a student journalist, and ultimately by the Subway marketing team. TMZ reached out to Subway in 2007 regarding this story and they denied any knowledge of it, dismissing it as a rumor.

“Middle school girls are hot”

Fast forward nearly a decade to Fogle sitting in hot water. The combination of his alleged disturbing comments to a Florida reporter and the arrest of his personal friend and Jared Fogle Foundation executive, Russell Taylor, resulted in the FBI raiding his Indiana home for child pornography.

While it’s possible he’s always been battling this mental illness, I prefer to believe the Jared that sold me footlongs as a child didn’t want to give me footlongs as a child. There’s a huge gap between regular pornography and child pornography, but at 37 years old, Fogle has had a lot of time to bridge it.

May this be a lesson that:

  1. Subway’s marketing team doesn’t always do their homework. (Are we really eating fresh?)
  2. Weight loss happens in surprisingly different ways for different people.
  3. You should watch less porn.

But keep watching our food porn. That’s only hurting the people eating it and they consented to the destruction of their arteries.

Fast Food

VIDEO: Former Franchisee Reveals Subway Is Just About As Unhealthy As You Thought


It’s no secret that some Subway sandwiches are less healthy than others. If weight loss is your goal, you know you’d have better luck with the Oven Roasted Chicken on wheat than the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on Honey Oat. What you might not know is just how much leeway the sandwich chain affords itself when labeling its “healthier” options. Hint: it’s kind of, sort of, a lot.

You may have noticed on every Subway menu board, there’s a neat little call out that lets customers know which sandwiches contain exactly 6 grams of fat or less. But beneath that helpful bit of branding, there’s even more helpful fine print that clarifies the label only applies for 6″-ers made with white or wheat bread, and without cheese, certain add-ons, or condiments.

Duh, you might be thinking. Of course my Roast Beef with bacon, Swiss, avocado, and chipotle sauce on Italian Herb and Cheese contains a whole, whopping 43 grams of fat — 20 of which comes just from the dressing alone. I knew that. For reference, a McDonald’s Big Mac contains 530 calories and 27 grams of fat. Yet you and many others continue to make similar orders. So is it Subway’s fault for being mildly misleading, or ours for just not giving a f*ck?


Former Australian Subway franchisee Arun Singhal adamantly blames the Sub. In a recently leaked video, the disgruntled business owner goes “behind the scenes” to argue that, because many people order their sandwiches with cheese and condiments, Subway’s nutritional information should readily reflect so. According to media reports, Singhal claims he brought his concerns to Subway’s corporate offices both in Australia and the U.S., after which he was victimized by the “Sandwich Mafia” and forced to close his store. He then created a series of videos and a website exposing the chain’s not-so-secret secret and demanded compensation for his losses — reportedly up to $35 million.

The video of Singhal’s little expose — which is supposedly under legal ban by the Supreme Court of Victoria, but is also readily available for public viewing on Youtube — can be seen here.

But what does it mean for any of us? Will we sacrifice our favorite toppings — quite possibly the only things that make Subway sandwiches tolerable — just to fit a number? Will we throw up our arms in outrage for Subway’s supposed lies? Or, more likely, will we continue to enjoy our bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato subs with creamy sriracha sauce, in delicious, ignorant, bliss?

My money, and cholesterol, are heavily on the latter.


‘Man vs. Food’ Host Adam Richman Sheds 60 Pounds


Adam Richman of Travel Channel’s Man Vs. Food is know for mastering the art of beasting. Travelling around the country attempting a variety of food challenges is one thing, but doing this episode after episode for four years is both impressive and slightly terrifying. Richman always took his duels like a champ, but all those burgers and pizzas and ghost pepper chicken wings must’ve taken a toll on his waistline… right?

Well, since filming MVF‘s final episode earlier this year, Richman has dropped a whopping 60 pounds. He’s eating much less dairy and white flour and has amped up his exercise, but we can’t help but think eliminating those three milkshakes + a pound of fries challenges had something to do with the loss.

Check out his transformation from 2011 to today:

Major kudos to the host for dropping that much weight the healthy way. I’d also like to take this opportunity to personally thank Richman for showing us how studly he looks in a suit and tie. Dayum.

H/T HuffPo


Science Says Avocado Eaters Do It Better, Or Something Like That


Let’s face it, you’ve always known that avocado is a superfood. Is there any other substance that you can put in your mouthon your face, and in your hair and still have enough left over to make something as delicious as guacamole? Didn’t think so. And just in case you needed more incentive to stuff your face with creamy green goodness, Greatist is reporting a whole new set of reasons to love the avocado.

Apparently, a recently released study that focused on dietary and exercise habits found that eating avocados is tied to better overall health, higher quality diets, and less added sugar consumption. The study compared the dietary habits of 17,567 U.S. adults and found that the participants who ate any avocado at all had more positive health indicators (such as lower BMI waist circumference, and body weight) than their avocado-less counterparts. They also consumed significantly more fruits and vegetables and took in higher levels of vitamins and nutrients.

It’s worth noting that this study was sponsored by the Hass Avocado Board, which just happens to cover all domestic and imported Hass avocados sold in the U.S. market. Because no study based on thousands of dollars of commercial interest could ever be biased . . .right?

H/T + PicThx to Greatist


CES 2013: A ‘Smart’ Fork That Measures Your Fork Servings Per Minute & Helps You Diet

ces13_hapiforkIf you’ve ever had a problem eating too much, or are just trying to watch what you eat, this ‘smart’ fork may be what you’re looking for. Unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the HAPIfork is an electronic fork that measures your fork servings per minute, intervals between those servings, and total meal time. The fork (or spoon, which will also be available) then transmits this information via USB so you can track your progress through its online dashboard or mobile app.

French engineer Jacques Lépine, inventor of the HAPIfork, spent several years working on the product after landing in the hospital for a severe heartburn that closely resembled a heart attack due to his quick eating habits.

Slated for an April release, HAPIforks could be one of the best and most revolutionary tools for maintaining a healthy diet. Complete with a full 21-day coaching program that provides videos, tips, and balanced meal plans, the ‘smart’ forks and spoons are expected to sell for roughly $99, come in a variety of colors and be fully water-proof.

Visit the HAPILABS website to check out more information about the HAPIfork or to place your pre-order today.

H/T LA Times