Pizza Hut Has A GOLD-Crusted Pizza And Here’s How To Get It [KATCHUP]

In this corner, still the current champion of weekly story compilations, weighing in at 6 awesome stories…ladies and gentlemen, I give to you…the Foodbeast Weekly Katchup!

You may have missed out on all the shenanigans we’ve gotten into this past week, but fear not, for now is your chance at redemption!

Check out the video above find out where to get Big Mac sauce, the most expensive picture of a potato we’ve ever seen, and…gold-encrusted pizza?! WTF?!

1. McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce For Sale

Well it’s about damn time, McDonald’s! The uber-popular fast food chain has finally started selling their Big Mac sauce by the bottle.

Unfortunately, this is a limited-time offer, and it’s only available in Australia. Still, I’m sure we can convince our friends down under to save a couple of bottles for us.

2. The Golden Donut

This $100 work of edible art is made by hand, then it’s topped with stuffed with purple ube mousse and Cristal jelly. Finally, it’s covered in enough gold to make Goldmember’s skin start spontaneously flaking.

And yes, that Cristal. The same one you would find in music videos being poured down supermodels’ throats by any number of 1998’s most popular rappers.

3. $1.5 Million Dollar Potato Photograph

I don’t know which is worse, the fact that somebody paid that much for a picture of a potato, or the fact that apparently I could have been selling sexy potato pictures for buttloads of cash this whole time.

With that in mind, there is something to be said about my overwhelming desire for fries and hash browns right now…

4. Crazy Kitty Coffee Art

Elena is just like you and me, only when she spills coffee on her paperwork, she puts out some insanely dope stuff.

Not only did she manage to capture the essence of each cat in her artwork, but she also painted them in such a surrealist way that, if you think about it, the photographs of the art are art themselves.

Go ahead let that sink in while I start splashing Dr. Pepper on construction paper until one of the stains makes a German shepherd.

5. The Chicken Nugget Heist of 2016

Surely we’ve all dreamed of that one moment in a parallel universe where we stand up at our desks, throw shit at our obnoxious coworkers, then leave a big pile of steaming shit on our boss’s desk. No? Just me? Oh.

Well, one lucky guy got to live out the dream of his parallel universe. On his way out on his last day working for Burger King, John Correa made sure to leave a lasting impression by stealing all of the branch’s chicken nuggets. One thing we know for sure he didn’t leave…is hungry.

6. The Golden Pizza

Pizza Hut is in the news again, only this time it’s for something other than their drug-dealing employees.

Exactly 50 gold-encrusted pizzas will be sent out on Super Bowl Sunday to 50 lucky customers. *The catch, though, is that you have to order one of Pizza Hut’s Golden Garlic Knots Pizzas.

*Note: You will not receive an Oompa Loompa-guided tour of the Pizza Hut factory if you win, despite what you may have heard about a marinara river that runs through the factory.


Glowing Blue Meat, Snakes Under A Fridge And The 6 Craziest Food Stories [THE KATCHUP]

It’s been a crazy week in the world of food news. If you’ve been swamped with work or personal problems and haven’t had a chance to keep updated on what’s delicious, what’s dirty, and what’s trending right now, the Foodbeast Weekly Katchup might just be your new best friend.

We’ve definitely got some pretty tasty, weird and terrifying headlines this week.

Check out our Katchup in the video above. We’re still cringing from that snake story.

1. Mozzarella Marinara Shot Glasses


A new player in the world of cheesy food creations has entered the game. Through The Eyes Of My Belly created a deep-fried mozzarella SHOT GLASS that she fills marinara sauce. We definitely wouldn’t mind pounding a few of these.

2. Snake Under The Fridge


An Australian woman woke up one morning to discovered there was a giant brown snake under her refrigerator. Even worse, it had laid 14 EGGS. So it looks like we’re going to be cautiously afraid of refrigerators for the rest of our lives.

3. Starbucks Barista Stealing A CC


A video recently went viral showing a woman driving up to a Starbucks drive-thru window explaining that she had her credit card information stolen and that a barista at a Starbucks she visited was behind the theft.

The video shows the angry mother confronting the 19-year-old girl over the theft.

4. IHOP Journey AYCE Pancakes


When one of our writers, Sean Fahmy, said he could demolish his fair share of pancakes, we told him to put his money where his mouth was. Boy, did he.

Sean hit up the local IHOP and attempted to break the restaurant’s all-you-can-eat pancake record. What happened next was a morning filled with four different kinds of syrup, sticky laptops, and a massive sugar coma.

5. Glowing Meat From China


A man in China bought himself 92 pounds of pork. After seasoning it and leaving it overnight in a bucket, he came back and found that the meat started to GLOW BLUE.

What crazy thing could cause every-day pork to turn such a luminous color?

6. Cheetos Pipe


Honorary Foodbeast Tym Bussinach, known for his Breakfast Sushi, and more recently the White Castle Pizza, decided to turn a Cheetos puff into a pipe. Probably his simplest recipe yet. All you really need are three ingredients.


The Definitive Guide To Subscription Services Of Major Coffee Chains (Part 1)

Coffee is in a constant battle against whiskey for the role of favorite personality-changing elixir in my life, but sometimes I can’t stand to wait in line at my local coffee shops. That being said, I don’t always have the time or patience to grind and brew/french press my way to happiness in the morning, but it always feels better making my coffee myself.

With Starbucks throwing its hat in the coffee subscription ring, it’s about time someone officiated the battle. This is the first of a three-part series tackling the dense subscription market and just how valuable it is to you, my dear readers.

From veterans and behemoths to the scrappy rookies, here’s the quick and dirty lowdown on some of the nation’s favorite roasters:


*Starbucks and Caribou Coffee only offer frequency flexibility through their Build Your Own Subscriptions.

Dunn Brothers Coffee has some serious catching up to do in terms of their offerings, while Peet’s Coffee & Tea has been crushing the game.

The following chart is based on mid-range approximations for 12 ounces of coffee using 10 major coffee chains’ subscription service prices:

Jump to your favorite chain’s service in detail by using one of the following links: Blue Bottle Coffee, Caribou Coffee, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Dunkin’ Donuts, Dunn Brothers Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, Keurig Green Mountain, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Starbucks Coffee and Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the following companies charge you only when your coffee ships; there are additional shipping costs.

Blue Bottle Coffee


Founded in 2002, Blue Bottle Coffee has been experiencing substantial growth in the past five years. Falling into the realm of artisanal roasters, the company has a big business attitude with a few storefronts sprinkled in major cities.

They’ve been playing their cards pretty close to their chest lately, so either further success or immense failure is on the horizon.

Price Range

$11 to $46 per order

Half a bag (6oz): $11-13

One bag (12oz): $17-21

Two bags (24oz): $28-34

Three bags (36oz): $38-46

Product Loyalty: $12-42

Products Offered

Espresso: A selection of espressos, blends and origin coffees already available in any Blue Bottle coffeehouse.

Blend: A rotating selection of blends.

Origin: New single origin offering from Latin America, East Africa or the Pacific Islands.

Product Loyalty: A subscription to your favorite type of Blue Bottle Coffee.

Cycles Offered

By the week (1-4 increments)

How to Cancel

You can easily pause/skip or cancel using the Blue Bottle website.


Caribou Coffee


Caribou Coffee is a name known better in America’s heartland and has been fueling citizens for over 20 years.

Every new subscription account with Caribou receives a free (totally valuable, kind of useful, probably worthless) gift. All subscription types receive a 15 percent shipping discount and orders above $59 are allotted free shipping.

Price Range

$7.40-$31.98 per order

1/2lb $7.40-8.39

1lb $12.99-15.99

Two 1lb bags $21.98-31.98

Products Offered

Roastmaster’s Choice: You can choose from several different clubs including the self-explanatory Lighter Roast, Darker Roast and Decaf Lover’s, in addition to the Explorer’s Club which pulls roasts from all over the world. There’s also a club dedicated to replenishing your K-Cup inventory.

Design Your Own: You can mix and match Caribou’s selection of coffee and K-Cups.

Cycles Offered

Roastmaster’s Choice: Monthly in open-ended subscriptions, three-, six- or 12-month commitments

Design Your Own: Weekly, every other week and monthly

How to Cancel

Cancel the Design Your Own subscription at anytime online. Since you’re only charged when the Roastmaster’s Choice ships, you should be able to cancel before they send your next batch.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the arch-nemesis of our Starbucks overlords, has been holding its own in recent decades and has a diverse subscription service catalog to show for it.

Price Range


Coffee (12oz): $8.95-39.95

Tea (20 tea bags): $8.75-20.75

K-Cups (16-count): $11.95

Powder (22oz): $11.95

CBTL Capsules (10-count): $7-11

Products Offered

Coffee: The coffee selection spans decaf and all the major staples, in terms of flavor and geographic cultivation.

Tea: A wide variety of teas is available in both bagged form and loose leaf.

K-Cups and CBTL Capsules: Either way your brand loyalty lies, Coffee Bean gives you two options to pop into your single serve coffee machine in the morning.

Powder: For those who need more pizzazz in their coffee, Coffee Bean’s French Deluxe Vanilla and Special Dutch Chocolate Powder are also available for purchase.

See Coffee Bean’s full selection here.

Cycles Offered

By the month (1-3 increments)

How to Cancel

Account suspension must occur six days before your estimated shipping date, which is emailed to you in advance, or else the suspension will only affect your next shipment.


Dunkin’ Donuts


One of the most well known names in the US coffee scene, Dunkin’ Donuts Regular Refills subscription service has existed for “more than 10 years,” according to Sherrill Kaplan, director of Digital & Loyalty Marketing.

Kaplan divulged that the brand America evidently runs on will be expanding its K-Cup offerings later this year, but here’s where the service currently stands:

Price Range

$5.99-$69.99 per order

Tea (20 bags): $5.99

Coffee (1lb): $8.99

2oz packs (48-count): $69.99

Products Offered

Tea: No-frills teas including black, green and decaf

Coffee: You can buy Decaf, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Dark Roast and Original Blend in their ground forms. The Original Blend also has a whole bean variety and a pack of 48 bricks of ground coffee.

Cycles Offered

By the week (4, 6, 8, 10 increments)

How to Cancel

Cancel anytime online using your account.


Dunn Brothers’ Coffee


Almost 30 years ago, in the heartland of America, the Dunn brothers opened their first coffeehouse. Ever since they’ve been serving our country pride, a variety of roasts, and a questionable online order form.

Price Range

$31.98-31.99 (2lbs)

Products Offered

Light Selection, Medium Selection and Dark Selection: Pretty self-explanatory choices where you get 2lbs of your chosen roast each month.

Three Month Subscription: Saving a penny a month, you can choose from any of the above selections or a roaster’s selection. On their website, choosing this option doesn’t actually allow you to make that selection or specify the type of grinds you would like. You just get sent to a checkout page with all three months’ worth of shipping tacked onto your first month.

Cycles Offered

By the month with an option for a three-month commitment.

How to Cancel

You can use your account to cancel your monthly subscriptions, but the three-month commitment self-terminates.


Intelligentsia Coffee


Though I’ve never had a terrific customer service experience at any Intelligentsia storefront, I found their website and subscription service to be surprisingly consumer friendly, albeit minimalist. Everything was where it needed to be and they have a pretty relaxed return policy (they’ll refund/exchange ANYTHING you weren’t satisfied with up to 30 days after purchase) for such a relatively small company.

Price Range


12oz  $14-18

5lbs $80-106

Products Offered

Analog Espresso, Black Cat Project

Classic Espresso, Black Cat Project

El Diablo Dark Roast

El Gallo Organic Breakfast Blend

Frequency Blend

House Blend

In-Season/Direct Trade Select Offering

Decaf Librarian’s Blend

Cycles Offered

By the week (1-4 increments)

How to Cancel

Cancel anytime online using your subscription account.


Keurig Green Mountain


The union of Keurig and Green Mountain brought together countless brand names in coffee, including Tully’s Coffee. Unfortunately, this union reigns supreme for K-Cup lovers; the company’s whole bean coffee offering pales in comparison to the wide array of K-cups available for auto-delivery.

Side note of immense bias: Tully’s Coffee = #RideOrDie

Price Range

$9.44-$56.99 (member pricing per order)

K-Cup Coffee (24- to 96-pack) $11.24-56.69

Coffee (10 to 12oz) $9.44-24.99

K-Cup Tea (16- to 24-pack)$10.34-19.34

Products Offered

K-Cup: All of them. Every K-Cup that exists whether it’s coffee, tea or hot cocoa.

Coffee: Green Mountain, Newman’s Own and Tully’s Coffee are all available for under $10, but Green Mountain’s Reserve Kona Coffee serves as a $25 outlier, even with member pricing.

Cycles Offered

By the week (2-12 increments)

How to Cancel

Edit or cancel at any point online; canceling back-ordered products requires a call to their customer center.


Peet’s Coffee & Tea


Peet’s Coffee & Tea set the standard for coffee subscriptions, offering them as early as the mid-1970s and taking them online in 2004. This is the only service that also allows you to add confectionery food items to your order in addition to Peet’s significant selection of coffee, teas, K-cups and coffee accessories.

They also offer the cheapest shipping I came across with a flat rate of $2, orders totaling more than $59 shipping for free, and upgraded shipping receiving a 50 percent discount.

Price Range

$2.25-77.80 per order

Coffee: $12.95-24.95 per lb., Kona and JR Reserve Blend $24.95 per 1/2lb.

K-Cups (16- to 96-count): $13.99-67.99

Tea (loose and bagged): $5.45-77.80

Treats and Spices: $2.25-20

Products Offered

Coffee: Ranges from standard espressos and blends to curated roast selections.

K-Cups: They carry eight different coffee styles with a range of cup counts, but you have to specifically go to the K-Cup section to add a set to your subscription.

Tea: Dozens of standard teas in their bagged and loose forms, along with designer teas sold by the pound.

Treats and Spices: This section, also not found in the site’s subscription section, is generally stocked with candies, chocolates and cookies, but you can also purchase vanilla beans or extract.

Cycles Offered

By the week (1-4, 6, and 8 increments) or you can choose a custom number of days.

How to Cancel

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time using your online account.


Starbucks Coffee

Bags of Starbucks small-lot coffee featuring the new "reserve" logo is on display at a preview of its new Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle

Starbucks announced their coffee subscription service in February, making it the latest to join the game, despite being the most internationally popular coffee chain.

The subscription section of their website feels more like they were tardy to the party than fashionably late.

Price Range

$8.95-$288 per order

Whole Bean (8.8-48oz): $8.95-44.95

Reserve: $24-288

Verismo Cups & K-Cups (32- to 160-count): $23.95-109.95

Products Offered

Starbucks Reserve Roastery: You receive a small lot batch of specially selected coffee once a month.

Build Your Own: This much more flexible plan lets you add almost anything (excluding that month’s reserve selections) to your subscription at whichever frequency suits your lifestyle.

Cycles Offered

Starbucks Reserve Roastery: By the week (1-4 and 8 increments)

Build Your Own: Monthly in one-, three-, six- and 12-month commitments

How to Cancel

You can cancel the Build Your Own and ongoing Reserve option at any time, but you pay for the monthly commitments upfront.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters


Last, but certainly not least, we have the legends at Stumptown. Arguably one of the most prolific rising roasters in recent years, Stumptown began offering subscriptions in 2011.

Though they plan to revamp the service in the coming months, here’s how their current subscriptions work:

Price Range

$14-20 per order

12oz Favorite Coffee $14-15.75

12oz Roaster’s Pick $20

Products Offered

Favorite Coffee: If you love their Hair Bender Roast above all else, you can receive as much as you want (up to 10,000 12-ounce bags, according to their website) on whichever cycle matches your coffee drinking schedule. This plan is offered for all of their staple roasts.

Roaster’s Pick: For a slight cost bump, you can receive a roast specially chosen each month. You have free rein with quantity and frequency, but, regardless of the cycle you choose, the coffee will not change until the month does.

Cycles Offered

Favorite Coffee: By the week (1-4) or weekly for an entire year

Roaster’s Pick: By the week (1-4) at three- or six-month commitments

How to Cancel

You can cancel or pause your subscription anytime using your online Stumptown account, regardless of subscription type.


Corporate coffee not your thing? Stay tuned for a (tl;dr) local edition featuring the most notable roasters from a major US coffee city near you.