Australia: Cannabis Filled Foods Are Ok!

In a recent article, The Australian stated that ‘Cannabis ice cream, cake and beer have been cleared on health grounds by the nation’s food watchdog, despite fears that the “marijuana munchies” could trigger positive drug tests.‘ They also shared a story from a Dr. Katelaris, who is appealing a case against his de-registration for supplying medical marijuana to patients, stating that seeds of industrial hemp contain more Omega 3 acids than seafood.

The Food Standards of Australian report said, ‘Hemp seed is a nutritious food containing sizeable amounts of protein, polyunsaturated fats and dietary fibre . . . (and) micronutrients such as thiamin, vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.‘ If all of this is true it really makes me wonder why California has such a problem legalizing marijuana, especially considering the economic state we’re currently in. What do you think?


La Casa Verde: Weed Cupcakes

We’re looking at a fresh batch of medicinal marijuana cupcakes from La Casa Verde in West Hollywood. This goes out to all the brothers and sisters who celebrated yesterday and got 4-kinds of Foodbeast in the process. (PicThx BobbyHundreds)


Video: Towelie the Waiter

South Park is one of the funniest shows on television because they have no regard for who they poke fun at! In this episode, the famous weed smoker Towelie gets fired from his job at P.F Changs and decides to get high to see what he should do next!