Weed Wine Exists, Getting Crossfaded Now Easier than Ever


As anyone whose done their stint in college knows, weed does funny things when paired with alcohol. For those of you who are fans of this glorious feeling, good news: Weed wine exists.

Although, you can’t just chug any boozy pot, according to journalist Bonnie Collins at VICE. Red wine laced with marijuana will make even your 21st birthday hangover pale in comparison, while white wine will give you a more “balanced” flavor and more pleasant effect.

Collins notes that some of the most successful producers — flower children of the ’70s out in California — create a “tincture” by soaking nuggets in Everclear (yowza!) to extract the THC. The liquid is then added to wine in the throes of fermentation. The ABV (alcohol by volume) can jump as high as 12 percent, making for an especially potent drink when paired with marijuana. Unfortunately, it’s illegal to produce weed-laced wine, so you won’t find it in the liquor aisle. If you do happen upon it though, we know some willing taste testers.

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