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Man Accused Of Getting His Whole Church Congregation High On Weed Cookies


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Some people bring the strangest things to coffee hour after church on Sundays.

A 74-year-old man in Bloomington, Indiana was arrested following a six-month-long investigation about some homemade “weed cookies” he “unknowingly” brought to his church back in May 2016. Six of the parishioners ate the cookies, three of whom thought they tasted a bit salty.

All six churchgoers eventually had to report to the emergency room with what the Indy Star describes as “adverse effects” such as nausea, lethargy, and sluggishness. The symptoms were eventually attributed to cannabis found in the urine of all six people, which triggered an investigation into the pot cookies.

The man initially told police that he made the cookies but had no idea how marijuana got into the sweets. However, investigators discovered a bottle with traces of a “brown, oily substance” later identified as hash oil in the man’s home. After police issued a warrant for his arrest a couple of days ago, the man willingly turned himself in on charges of criminal recklessness and possession of hash oil.

Hey, maybe the poor guy did it on accident after mistaking the bottle for vanilla, which is also brown and goes in cookies. You never know.

Regardless, I’m guessing he learned his lesson to not bring edibles to church.


Denver Wants to Ease You Into Weed with Rookie Cookies


Colorado is one of the first states to legalize marijuana and while potheads might know exactly what they’re doing, if you’re not experienced with weed products, you could easily trip out like this New York Times columnist did when she overdosed on weed candy.

According to the Daily Mail, there is now a cookie to ease you into the high life.

The Rookie Cookie is being sold in Denver by the Growing Kitchen, and has a very mild dose of active THC, one of the main components of marijuana. So if you’ve never had a mind-altering, Snoop Dogg-like experience, this cookie lets you get your feet wet before you dive into the cannabis pool.

Colorado state regulators recommend 10 grams of THC per serving of recreational marijuana product and this cookie meets that standard. That dosage is low enough that most can still operate a vehicle without being too impaired.

So come to the dark side. There’s cookies.

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This is What Happens When You Accidentally Give Your Line Cooks Weed Cookies


There’s a difference between joking about getting high at work and actually doing it. Sure, the worst that can happen here is we cook up yet another recipe for a Nutella and Sriracha-coated, deep-fried, bacon-weave grilled cheese poutine. But when your “work” involves serving up upscale contemporary cuisine at a newly-opened restaurant in New York City, well, that’s a different story entirely.

Take it from Brian Leth, chef at the Vinegar Hill House and Hillside. In a recent New York Times Magazine article, a handful of New York chefs were asked to remember their worst kitchen disasters, which included, alongside exploding chickens and worm-infested oysters, also getting an entire kitchen staff blazed out of their gourds.


“One of the line cooks at a somewhat new restaurant used this incredibly powerful marijuana butter to make cookies,” Leth recalls in the article. “The whole staff was eating them, but only a third of them knew. Everyone found themselves radically out of their depth. I’d almost made it through service when someone walked in and ordered two côtes de boeuf. I had to get them down and butcher them. It took an hour to get the entrees to the table.”


We’re no strangers to a bit of on-the-clock debauchery, but I can imagine trying to butcher a cow while high is pretty daunting, so kudos to Brian for finishing the order at all.


Head chef: “F*ck guys I think my arm is bleeding.”
Sous chef: “Nah bro, that’s just the beef . . . Just kidding that’s totally your arm! DUDE HAHA HOLY SH*T!”
Head chef: “OMG IT IS HAHAHA.*faints*”
Sous chef: “HAHAHAHAHA.”



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