Couple Hosts Pizza-Themed Reception Complete With Mozzarella Cheese Fountain

The love between two individuals can be so powerful that it becomes timeless. The same can be said about love for pizza. Put the two together, though, and you have a pizza-themed wedding for the history books.

Brooklyn pizza maker, Nino Coniglio, met his life-long love, Shealyn, while working in the pizza industry. They then both became members of the Brooklyn Pizza Crew, where they fell in love. At a Pizza Expo, Nino proposed to Shealyn onstage in front of a massive crowd.

Does everyone see the common theme here?

The couple then celebrated their union with the food that brought them together in the form of a PIZZA-THEMED WEDDING.

Nino and Shealyn kicked off their nuptials decked in custom pizza attire with a birthday party at Nino’s pizzeria, Williamsburg Pizza..

In a beautiful wedding weekend sponsored by Hormel Pepperoni, the couple tied the knot celebrating their love for one another as well as their love for pizza.

At the reception, the guests tucked into a plethora of pizza delights in the form of decked-out buffet-style tables filled with pies. Guests even got their own personal Hormel Cup ‘N Crisp goodie bags for extra toppings.

The momentous occasion took place in a beautiful venue, decorated wall-to-wall with custom pizza-inspired works of art.

Finally — because why not —the couple even had a mozzarella cheese fountain installed for guests to dunk their pepperoni cups. As far as pizza parties go, this is one for the books.

Pizza fans should also check out to get their hands on some commemorative pizza merch. All the proceeds will go towards the Slice Out Hunger.

We’re wishing the couple many years of happiness ahead of them, and we know it’ll be at least filled with lots of love and pepperoni. Wonder where I can snag a bag of those Cup ‘N Crisps without having to crash a wedding?

Created in partnership with Hormel Pepperoni

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

This Couple Loves In-N-Out So Much, They Had Their Wedding Reception At One

Californians, myself included, are brought up to have an undying love for In-N-Out Burger. The passion is real and we never get tired of it. We’ll defend In-N-Out they way rabid sports fans defend their favorite team. I don’t know if there are any other restaurants around the country with fans that are that insane about a restaurant, but that is 100 percent the case in California.

If you don’t believe me, peep this couple who held a wedding reception at an In-N-Out this past weekend.

Juan and Vanessa Cervantes had just said “I do” at a Rowland Heights church, and soon after all the flash and pageantry, the couple went straight to the fast food joint, according to KTLA.

The newlyweds ordered a couple of Double-Doubles with Animal Style fries and enjoyed their wedding party at the restaurant, along with family and friends.

You’re probably thinking, “Why the hell would you have your wedding reception at a fast food restaurant?!” Well, it’s hard to explain fanaticism, but that’s what they felt was the best way to celebrate their union.

You’ll be happy to hear that they’re taking a trip to England for their honeymoon, so that more than makes up for the strange choice of wedding reception.

Best of luck to the newlyweds. May their relationship be as strong as In-N-Out’s secret menu options.