Whimsical New Japanese Trend Turns Curry Dishes Into Dams


There’s nothing like a warm plate of curry and rice. The simple Japanese dish known as ‘damukare‘ often incorporates pickled radishes and a meat, but at its core, all you really need are the two main ingredients.

So using said rice and curry, Japanese restaurants have started to get creative with some of their platings. They’re building dams.

Combining the qualities of the sticky rice and the thick curry, these Japanese artists are able to create a fantastically charming display of hydropower containment. The trend definitely encourages patrons to play with their food.

Check out some of the more impressive ones. If you’re not impressed by the architecture, you’ll probably still salivate over the deliciousness of the dish.

Curry-Dam-01 Curry-Dam-02 Curry-Dam-04 Curry-Damn-05

Photos: RocketNews24