Revolutionary Bottle Holds Hot Coffee And Cold Water At The Same Time

Like Ant-Man and The Wasp or Ja Rule and Ashanti, there are some duos that are just destined to work in perfect harmony. While coffee and water used to need their own respective carrying vessels, they are finally getting a joint venture through a Kickstarter campaign called H2Joe .

The H2Joe bottles let you carry around 12 ounces of water AND 12 ounces of coffee at the same time.

The unique flask works by keeping the two liquids in different compartments and two separate spouts, all on the same lid. That means the coffee is being stored at the bottom of the traveler, flowing through its own path, and coming out of its own corresponding spout. Same with the water.

“One of our main goals with H2Joe was to help combat chronic dehydration… without having to sacrifice coffee,” co-founder John Anthony said. “When we designed H2Joe, we wanted it to be easy to transport in one hand and have a natural feel.”

The leak-proof compartments are described as a, “double-walled coffee chamber,” and a “triple-walled water chamber,” which means your coffee won’t get cold for at least six hours, and your water won’t get warm for at least eight hours.

This is extremely convenient for busy folks who usually carry around two bottles. You know who you are.

The bottle’s starting Kickstarter pledge price for the first 24 hours is $34, which will go up to $49 thereafter. The campaign funding goal of $20,000, set to end March 13.


Edible Water Bubbles Could Be What Kills The Plastic Bottle For Good

From endless reusable water bottle varieties, to design changes in plastic water bottles, the fight to be as eco-friendly as possible is always evolving. But edible water bubbles might be one of the most unique ideas yet.

To be specific, they’re called Ooho bubbles, and are edible water balls you can bite right into and drink with zero waste left behind.

A sustainable packaging startup from the UK called Skipping Rocks Lab developed these bubbles, and they claim they’d cost less to produce than plastic water bottles, and could potentially work for soft drinks, as well.

Each bubble would cost about 2 cents to produce, compared to the 16 cents it takes to produce a plastic water bottle.

Made with a seaweed extract, the bubble is completely biodegradable, and as a bonus, has the consistency of a Jell-O shot.

While the Ooho bubbles are still in a crowdfunding stage, they have tested them in public, and their goal is to soon make their way into music festivals like Glastonbury or athletic events like the London Marathon.

The concept of an edible water bottle isn’t exactly new, as DIY videos can be found across the web. They do take a little time and effort to make, however.

Is this the future of bottled liquids? Maybe, but we’ll have to wait and see if the Oooho bubble ever gets off the ground, and anticipate just how much momentum it can gain going forward.

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How SodaStream Used ‘Game of Thrones’ To Launch MASSIVE Growth

A couple of years ago, carbonation machine maker SodaStream was struggling. Their stock had tumbled to half of its value, and sales were far below what was anticipated. Things weren’t looking good for the company, who had positioned themselves as an alternative to sodas like Pepsi and Coke.

Fast-forward to today, where SodaStream just announced record growth in the final quarter of 2016. According to Food Dive, sales of the machines went up 22% in November, and operating income went up a staggering 206 percent. Repositioned as an alternative to bottled water and/or sparkling water, SodaStream has become incredibly successful in recent months.

What was the secret to them doing so well these past few months? A wildly successful, no-holds-barred Internet campaign in which SodaStream launched an aggressive attack on the bottled water industry.

SodaStream teamed up with hit show “Game of Thrones” to create funny and creative ads against the usage of disposable sparkling water bottles that feature “The Mountain,” a strongman character beloved by the “Game of Thrones” audience.

All of the adverts attacked the usage of plastic bottles in one creative way or another, developing one clear and decisive message that SodaStream got across:

“F**k plastic bottles.”

These viral ads were successful not just because of their humor, but because it positioned SodaStream as the alternative to bottled sparkling water — something that contributes to the disposal of over 1 BILLION plastic bottles every single day. According to the videos, a single SodaStream bottle will save four thousand water bottles over the course of a year.

Messages like these contributed to the growth of SodaStream and the impressive numbers it displayed at the end of 2016. It made SodaStream not just an ideal product for sparkling water enthusiasts, but also one for environmentally-conscious consumers.

The videos were conceptualized and produced by SodaStream’s creative ad agency, Allenby Concept House. The agency, known for “out-of-the-box” thinking, developed the entire campaign for SodaStream to position itself as an eco-friendly product. And boy, did those videos work.

Their brutal attack on the plastic bottle industry was so harsh that the International Bottled Water Association even sent a cease-and-desist letter to the company regarding their campaign. SodaStream, of course, rejected the letter, which delighted many of the consumers in its new target audience.

The resulting spike in sales and revenue led to some great benchmarks for the sparkling water brand, including getting to ZERO bank debt and nearly getting to 1 million units sold in just December of 2016.

The campaign has no signs of slowing down, as SodaStream’s CEO recently continued his attack on bottled water with a letter denouncing Pepsico’s newest brand, LIFEWTR, in which he called bottled water the “biggest marketing scam of all time.”

As this campaign continues, it’ll be interesting to see how and if the success SodaStream has had from it so far continues to grow.

And hopefully, we get more hilarious commercials featuring “The Mountain” to watch as well.


Customer Shocks Drive-Thru Workers With A Lemony Magic Trick

That guy MagicofRahat is at it again, terrorizing fast food drive-thrus with his wizardry. In one his latest YouTube episodes, he cruises through multiple fast food drive-thrus purchasing a bottle of water. He then asked the clerk for some lemon to go with his beverage.

When they hand it to him, he tells them there’s a hole inside his bottle. As they lean closer, he magically transports the lemon inside the water bottle without ever opening it.

How does he do it??

Check out the mystifying video.


Edible Water Drop is Actually a Plastic-Free Water Bottle


If you’re sick and tired of plastic water bottles ending up in our landfills, you may be in luck. The Ooho is a blob-shaped water container that’s plastic-free, hygienic, biodegradable, and edible. Inspired by techniques used in molecular gastronomy, the Ooho is created by shaping liquids into spheres and holds the shape with a thin membrane made from brown algae and calcium chloride.

“The double membrane protects the inside hygienically, and makes it possible to put labels between the two layers without any adhesive,” says Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, one of the creators of Ooho.


Branding aside, the designers concocted this to address the fact that many people are drinking water in disposable bottles, and 80 percent of those aren’t recycled. However, the product still needs to work out a few kinks — like how to keep the package clean and how to avoid spilling water all over yourself. Another brand, Wikipearl, uses a similar technique to warp foods like ice cream and yogurt. These little “bon bons” will be available at Whole Foods soon. For now, the Ooho is on display during Milan’s Design week, and hopefully it wont be too long before we see that on shelves as well.

H/T + Picthx Fast CoExist


San Francisco to Ban Sale Of Plastic Water Bottles on City Property


America’s second greenest city, San Francisco, is apparently no longer content with being number two.

Earlier this week, the city’s Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on an ordinance banning the sale and distribution of plastic water bottles 21 ounces or less on city property. If passed, the ban is expected to take effect for all indoor events held in city buildings or on land leased by the city starting this fall, and all events by 2016.

This is following the more extensive ban enacted by Concord, Mass. in 2013, which banned plastic water bottle sales anywhere in the town, including gas stations and grocery stores.

The goal, the SF Examiner reports, is to have “zero waste” going into the city’s landfills by 2020. According to a 2006 fact sheet produced by the Pacific Institute, more than 17 million barrels of oil are used to produce plastic water bottles annually, and more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide are produced as a byproduct of the bottling process.

The San Francisco ordinance still needs to undergo a second round of voting before reaching mayor Ed Lee.

In related news: mason jar sales in SF are expected to shoot through the sustainable farming rooftop.

H/T Mother Nature Network + Picthx Roger H. Goun


Here’s How to Pull Ice Out of Thin Air, Kind Of


Some days you just need to stare in front of your computer screen for a few minutes going, “Huh?” You can thank us later.

Apparently it’s possible to pour ice right out of a water bottle. YouTuber Grant Thompson shows us how. Curator of such crazy lifehacks as “How to Light a Fire With Urine,” how to make a “Candy Cannon” and “How to Make Ninja Turtle Ooze,” he spends this latest 40-second long clip pouring water over ice cubes and watching the super cooled liquid turn to slush.

I won’t pretend to understand the exact science. (There’s something about leaving bottles in the freezer and possibly even sodium acetate?) In any case, it’s a neat parlor trick, and not to mention my new favorite way to pretend I have super powers.

H/T The Awesomer, Grant Thompson


Fruit Infused Vodka Made With Vodka Zinger Is Practically a Health Drink


For all the hype over weird vodka flavors, the simple truth is that a lot of those flavors, well, they kinda suck. Sure, this Pumpkin Pie Pinnacle vodka tastes like pumpkin pie, but it’s an old, rotten pumpkin pie – the kind that makes your tongue tingle the longer you let it sit there, almost enough to make you fear it might very well fall off.

Frankly, vodka is just one of those things that shouldn’t really taste like anything. But while fruit flavored-vodka turns me off, the idea of sprucing up my daily fruit and veggie intake with the stuff is something I’m definitely not mad at.


Along with its sober counterpart, the Aqua Zinger, the Vodka Zinger is a kind of infusion blender/water bottle which allows users to store fruit in a bottom compartment, twist the top and watch as the ingredients slowly release their flavors into the clear and pure liquor through a fine mesh filter, like a tea bag.

It’s the perfect companion to all my late night Insanity binges. Goodness knows they’re a pain to get through sober.

Vodka Zinger: $26 @ Zing Anything

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