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Wife Pulls Off Epic Sandwich Toss Off To Her Husband [WATCH]

We’ve all seen those #relationshipgoals memes, but this couple takes the cake– or the sandwich, as a wife passed off her husband’s lunch in the most unusual, but bad-ass way.

The YouTube video is titled, “Her husband forgot to bring lunch,” and the most efficient way to get him his lunch, was by tossing it out of the window, down to his car, through the moon roof and into his hungry hands.

Check it out below:

There’s no way this was her first time doing this. That toss was way too confident and accurate. Although, there was no real risk involved because that sandwich looked pretty tightly sealed, and if she had missed, the guy could have picked it up from wherever it landed.

Still, it took some Steph Curry-like accuracy to pull off, and makes you wonder what she can do with a water bottle toss.

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