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This Is How Butterfingers Are Made [WATCH]

Crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery. That grammatical mess introduced the world to the beauty of the Butterfinger candy bar.

Unwrapped, a series on the Food Network, gives us a look at how the chocolate-covered peanut butter snack is made. A film crew popped into the Nestle factory in Franklin Park, IL, to get a behind-the-scenes look at the candy-making process.

Viewers even find out that the name “Butterfinger” comes from a public contest where consumers got to choose what the candy bar would be called.

From a vat of chocolate to individually wrapped bars, we get to see the entire lifespan of a Butterfingers candy. Check out the video while we go back and watch some of the old Simpsons Butterfingers commercials.

Ah, the memories.