Why The California Drought Is Leading To More Disposable Dishware At Restaurants


With the California drought getting worse, restaurants are facing more restrictions when it comes to using fresh water. Restaurants in the Northern California town of Fort Bragg can’t use their dishwashers.

A “Stage 3” water emergency was declared in Fort Bragg after the local Noyo River got dangerously low, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Both restaurants and hotels have to use disposable plates, cups and flatware during the water emergency. This also means cutting back on washing tablecloths, napkins and towels. So pretty much like most college apartments.

During the drought, restaurants have already been asked to not serve customers a glass of water unless they specifically ask for it.

So far, restaurants are livid over the new rules. Sure, using paper and plastic tableware will save water. The cost of constantly buy new disposable plates, however, is a serious concern. It’ll more than likely add to existing expenses.

Not to mention how bad a $80 meal will look when thrown onto a cheap paper plate.