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Dude Tries To Start a Wasabi & Coke Challenge, Immediately Regrets It



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We all know TikTok’s gone off on some foolishness with some of their trending challenges. Sure watermelon and mustard is pretty harmless and all, albeit a little off-putting to the palate, depending on who you ask. The crate challenge might even have had some folks sore after taking a tumble, all with some hilarious results, like watching throwback episodes of Wipeout. But a wasabi and coke challenge? This dude @peaks.100 tried to make it a thing and learned that day how bad that idea was.

The premise is simple: eat a ball of wasabi and wash it down with some Coca-Cola. However, immediately after popping the wasabi ball and chewing after a few bites, peaks.100 caught regret like it was highly contagious.

“Yeah y’all don’t do that shit. Y’all gon’ fuck around and get hurt,” he warned in between gasps for air.

And hurt was exactly what happened. I’m good on this one folks. Not trying to have my nasal passages feel like the lava tubes of Mount Kilauea. Shout out to peaks.100 for taking one for the team, though.