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Warheads Hard Seltzer Now Exists

Photo: Artisanal Brew Works

Warheads seems to be having quite a resurgence this summer, especially with it’s own limited edition clothing collection and now, hard seltzer. Yes, you read that right, Warheads has linked with Artisanal Brew Works to produce its own line of Extreme Sour Hard Seltzers.

The Hard Seltzers will come in five mouth-puckering flavors: Watermelon, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Lemon. Each drink clocks in at 5% alcohol, making for some ideal sipping sessions this summer.

The official Warheads Spiked Seltzers are available now at Artisanal Brew Works’ Temporary Taproom in Saratoga, New York or at select distributors in California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Check below for specific availability details:

Food Fashion Sweets

Warheads Sour Candy Has a New Clothing Collection

FLAN (Forever Laughing At Nothing) is no stranger to food-themed clothing collaborations, as evidenced by their past odes to exotic fruits and cotton candy. This time around they’ve linked up with the ultimate sour candy, Warheads, for a limited edition clothing collection that gives vibrant nods to sour candy’s extreme fruit flavors.

The vivid collection is available starting Saturday, July 31 at 9AM EST on and at Fred Segal Malibu and Los Angeles locations, and is comprised of five t-shirts ($80 each) that sport a distinct hand dip-dye method, meant to simulate the color of each Warheads Extreme Sour flavor: Apple, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Lemon, and Watermelon. Also included in the line is the ‘WALLY’ Button Down ($150) made from 100% recycled polyester that boldly boasts a pink and yellow gradient to match the Warheads logo.

Check out the whole line below to peep the drip and possibly catch flashbacks of your most mouth-puckering moments with Warheads.


WARHEADS Frozen Pops Are A Real Thing Now

Bomb Pops, the red-white-and-blue frozen ice sticks have just announced a collaboration with WARHEADS, the iconic sour candy, to create one gnarly extreme sour frozen treat.

The result is a 3-flavor variety of something they’re calling Bomb Pop WARHEADS. The frozen sticks will come in Black Cherry, Green Apple and Blue Raspberry flavors, and will be available nationwide this month.

“Sour is a really hot trend right now, especially among tweens,”  Chad Selter, Bomb Pop


“We’re excited to be working with a brand that resonates so well with our consumers. We’re confident that when our consumers hear the word ‘WARHEADS,’ they’ll instantly know the electrifying level of sourness they will get from enjoying these three new flavors wrapped up in one ice pop – a delivery only Bomb Pop can convey.”

The Bomb Pop WARHEADS will be available in 12-packs at retailers nationwide with select retailers dolling out the single-serving packages.



Comparable pH Levels: Battery Acid and Sour Candy

When I was younger, my parents always told me, “Candy will rot your teeth!” Using the best deductive reasoning a precocious five-year-old could muster, I came to the conclusion that couldn’t be true. I mean, how could something that tastes so good corrode me from the inside out? Again, I was five so that logic seemed pretty sound at the time. It wasn’t until much later down the line that I learned that virtually everything that tastes good is bad for you. Apparently, that sentiment is most true when it comes to sour candies.

Your teeth’s enamel starts to wear away when you start munching on anything more acidic than a 4 on the pH scale. To give you some comparison, water has an acidity of 7 and battery acid is at a 1 on the pH scale. The acidity of your average candy of even the mildest of tangingess start around a 3 to a 2.5 of the pH scale, and I’m not talking about the really sour stuff here, I’m talking about Skittles and your typical gummy bear.

The insane thing here is that some of the heavy hitting sour candies like Wonka Fun Dip powder and Altoid Sours  measure up around a 1.8 and 1.9, respectively. WarHeads Sour Spray tops the charts with a 1.6 pH level, a mere 0.6 pH away from battery acid.

I feel like what my parents said to me all those years ago should have been amended to “(Sour) candy will rot your teeth!” At least then, the advice they gave me would have been more accurate when I chose to ignore it.

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Pic of the Day: Kumquats

Wan Yang Ling referred to these amazing thumb-sized citruses as Mega Warheads. What a great analogy. Warheads, mmm. (PicThx  orphanjones)