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Paula Deen Releases A Line of ‘Healthy,’ Ironic Butter


I’ve never fully understood why Paula Deen, the butter fairy, gets so much bad press. Sure, she lied about that whole I-invented-the-doughnut-burger thing, is Anthony Bourdain’s archnemesis and waterfalls sugar like no ones business, but to tell you the truth, I think she’s kind of a badass.

Which is why I’m so dismayed that Eater reported she’s doing this whole I-make-healthy-butter-now-doughnut-burger-what? thing. Given, she did reveal her Type 2 diabetes diagnoses more than a year ago and you gotta give her kudos for trying. Then again, Paula Deen’s sudden attempt to rebrand her image as “healthy” via butter, the primary product that lead to her infamous image of indulgence, seems a bit forced.

For us doubting the legitimacy of Paula Deen’s latest venture, rest assured, her PR team touts that these “finishing” butters “let cooks bring a wonderful fresh butter taste to various dishes while just adding butter to the end of the cooking process.” The Paula Deen butter line will be available at Walmart and comes in five different flavors: Lemon DillEuropean StyleSouthern GrillingGarden Herb and Sweet Citrus Zest.

Seems legit.

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Walmart Display Claims Soda is ‘Wholesome. Healthy. Delicious.’


Listen, we’ve all given Walmart a bad rap and hey, maybe this was just an honest mistake. At least, we hope it was, because the last time we checked soda was no where near “Wholesome” or “Healthy.” Although, we’ll agree that the fizzy stuff is rather “Delicious.”

Kudos to Consumerist reader Kathy for snapping the pic featuring seemingly misplaced 2-liter bottles of Sprite and Coca-Cola. We’re guessing the signs claiming to be  “Wholesome. Healthy. Delicious.” and “Easy convenient meals” were meant for something like fresh sandwiches and salads. Then again . . . it is Walmart we’re talking about and that McDonald’s in the background isn’t really helping its case. Just sayin’.


Sigh. The day that Sprite or Coca-Cola become replacements for a nice pre-packaged chicken from the store deli, I’ll just head over to the bakery for some yesterday, today, tomorrow expiring glazed donuts.

H/T Consumerist

Packaged Food

Marie Callender’s Now Serving a Sausage Gravy & Egg Meat Pie

Breakfast in a pie. Is there really anything else that needs to be said?

Marie Callender’s frozen food products is now serving the new flavor of pie at most Walmart stores. Containing: Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Potatoes, and just a bit of gravy all wrapped up in a golden flaky pie crust;  this frozen delight is packed with 810 calories of pure breakfast goodness.

All you have to do is nuke em, maybe throw a little Sriracha on top, and chow down before heading out the door. Or maybe it’s date night and she’s sick of the pizza or pasta that you always make her. Boom! Breakfast Pie.

Just make sure to keep it frozen.

via: Walmart


Waffle Riot! — Black Friday Shoppers Fight Over $2 Waffle Makers [VIDEO]

Discount shoppers rejoice, it’s Black Friday, which means hordes of people will be pouring into establishments with anything notably resembling a sale. It also means it’s time to hear the crazy stories of thriving discount-heads trampling each other, pepper spraying their fellow man for an X-Box and in the case of this particular story — mobbing over $2 Waffle Makers.

In the following video, you’ll get a shaky account of a crowd of shoppers jumping on a supply of $2 waffle makers by. I wonder how much these people could have saved by actually going to work, making a few dollars, and spending their day’s wage on a normally-priced Waffle Maker.

Just something to think about, but what do I know?

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Packaged Food

StarKist Introduces New Autentico Canned Tuna

Starkist Autnetico Canned TunaStarKist is launching a new line of canned tuna products aimed specifically at the Hispanic palette. ‘Autentico‘ flavors include Light Tuna in Oil with Jalepenos, Sweet & Spicy Tuna in Oil with Peppers and Chunk Light Tuna in Oil with Vegetables. Autentico has combined a variety of vegetables and spices in this new line including: red bell peppers, sweet corn, carrots, green peas, chili peppers, tomatoes and jalepenos. The products will be available at Walmart stores nationwide and will retail for approximately $1.69 per can.


Seattle’s Best Reveals New Coffee-Bar-Within-A-Walmart Concept

After the bankruptcy and subsequent closure of Borders bookstores across the nation, Seattle’s Best Coffee faced the loss hundreds of points of distribution. Where the Starbucks-owned brand lost a reported 225 locations in the Borders bankruptcy, they keep pushing forward, revealing a new store-within-a-store concept in four Canadian Walmart stores.

Despite the Border’s fallout Seattle’s Best announced that their coffee was now available at more than 50,000 locations earlier this month. This is a staggering number, and seems to be serving as a more approachable coffee experience than the stereotypical “yuppie” demographic captured by its Starbucks father.

Following similar strategies Starbucks employed for its own brand, Seattle’s Best has continuously focused on the addition of new distribution channels. Notably, the brand currently has strong distribution ties with the likes of Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, SubwayBurger King, and now Walmart.

While the scope of the partnership is a mere 4 locations deep, the partnership is rather interesting and poses a huge opportunity for the growing coffee brand. The Walmart version of their stores range in size from 400-square feet. to 1,000-square feet, with walk-up windows and seating at the bar.

What do y’all think? Does Seattle’s Best Coffee sound like a good fit for Walmart stores?