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Walmart and Costco’s Organic Milk May Not Actually Be Organic, Here’s Why

If you’ve bought organic milk from Costco or Walmart’s house brands (ie. Kirkland Signature), it may not actually be organic milk.

The company that supplies these and other major retail brands, Aurora Organic Dairy, was the subject of a recent investigation by the Washington Post that revealed the milk and cattle handling practices of the giant dairy company were not adequate for federal standards of organic dairy.

The Post found an egregious number of errors in the raising of Aurora’s cattle for milk, including extremely sparse grazing periods and testing by Virginia Tech scientists that revealed the absence of key components found in milk from cattle on a grass-fed diet. These compounds include conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) and alpha-linolenic acid, both of which have been linked to optimal health and long-term weight management.

Since organic milk must come from cattle grazed at least during grazing season, you would expect an organic milk to be relatively high in these compounds. Aurora’s milk, when tested, had levels of both very similar to conventional milk, indicating a lack of organic practices at the firm.

This isn’t the first time Aurora has been found to be potentially violating rules. The Post reports that Aurora was found to have “willfully violated” organic standards by the USDA ten years ago, but the matter was settled out of court and the company was allowed to continue to operate.

Seems like Aurora just went back to business as usual by continuing to deceive its customers. Considering that organic milk can be almost double the price of conventional milk, that’s a huge scam the dairy firm is pulling off if the Post’s investigation is confirmed by outside sources.

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A Dead Bat Was Found Inside A Salad Bag At Walmart And Now We’re Done With Salads

We thought last year’s giant spider was the most terrifying thing you could find in a bag of pre-packaged salad. Turns out we were wrong.

Two customers discovered what is believed to be the decomposing corpse of a bat inside a bag of salad they purchased from a Florida Walmart.

According to the Guardian, the discovery has prompted a regional recall as well as an investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While the decayed mammal was sent to a CDC lab to see if it contained rabies, the state the corpse was in prevented conclusive results. Luckily, both the consumers showed no signs of rabies after receiving treatment.

The brand in question was identified as Organic Marketside Spring Mix. Fresh Express, the company that produces this brand of salad mix, issued a public recall to their item.

Details of the product are shown here:

Walmart has since removed all of the bags from their grocery aisle shelves. Though, bat or no bat, the CDC recommends anyone who ate from the bag of recalled salad should contact their health department just to be safe.

If you happened to purchase this item, you may want to throw it out immediately.

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PEEPS OREOS Are Now Available In Walmart Stores

Spring is on its way soon, and that means Easter is just a couple of months away.

It seems like stores are already starting to get ready for when that rolls around, as the new springtime products are already being spotted across the internet.

One of the more exciting ones? PEEPS OREOS. They’ve been spotted on Walmart’s website and shared by The Junk Food Aisle on Instagram. These Oreos consist of a Peeps-flavored marshmallow creme sandwiches by two golden Oreo cookies.

Peeps, of course, are wildly popular in the springtime and around Easter, and it will definitely be an interesting combination when jammed in between two vanilla Oreos cookies.

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We actually were able to get our hands on a package, thanks to Nabisco (the company that produces and sells Oreos). They’re actually pretty good. The creme filling is a little softer than traditional Oreos, but has a good, sweet flavor that definitely reminds you of Peeps. I can definitely see these as a sweet snack for Easter and springtime.

These Oreos are out NOW in Walmart stores, so make sure to grab a pack and see what they taste like for yourself!

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Walmart Just Got Sued For Selling Fake Craft Beer

A post shared by Kirs Arends (@wanderingbeer) on

If you bought one of Walmart’s craft beers, you may have been ripped off.

The giant retailer is being sued for deceiving consumers by selling them a line of private-label “craft beers” that aren’t actually craft beer.

Walmart claims that their line of craft beers was developed in conjunction with a craft brewing company called Trouble Brewing, according to The Consumerist. However, the only Trouble Brewing company that was found was an Irish brewery that doesn’t match up to any of the information Walmart gave about the company producing their craft beers.

The company in Walmart’s paperwork for the alcohol is called WX Brands, and they develop all types of alcohol for brands around the world. They clearly don’t fit into the legal definition of craft beer, which requires production of less than 6 million barrels of beer per year and less than 25% of a non-craft brewer to own it.

However, Walmart puts up their craft beers, which include their Cat’s Away IPA, After Party Pale Ale, Round Midnight Belgian White, and Red Flag Amber beers, next to all of the other craft beers in the store — which further distorts the customer’s image that the beers are in fact actual craft beers.

Because the beers are available in Walmarts across 45 different states, there’s a good chance you saw it and thought it was a craft beer when it in fact wasn’t. If you bought the product, you were also getting deceived by Walmart, who was able to sell the beer for a higher price because it was a “craft beer” that is perceived to be worth more.

As a result, a class-action lawsuit has been brought against Walmart by a group of residents from Ohio, who are looking for compensatory and punitive damages as well as an injunction to prevent the labeling of the beers as craft beer.

The plaintiffs are calling the marketing of the beers “wholesale fiction,” and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe what Walmart is doing.

Hopefully, this makes Walmart stop defrauding the public with its “craft beers.”

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There’s A Restaurant Devoted ENTIRELY To Fair Foods And It’s Inside A Walmart


Imagine if you didn’t have to wait for the fair every year; that there was a single place open 365 days that served nothing but fair foods. According to Dallas Morning News, that dream just came true. A Walmart in Plano, TX, will open the first-ever State Fair menu restaurant inside the store.

Set to open on September 20th, State Fair Treats will be the first in a region-wide expansion. The restaurant will be run by Isaac Rousso, an all-star veteran of the State Fair of Texas. State Fair Treats will feature an ambitious 45-item menu featuring classics you can only find at the annual event.

While the menu remains pretty secret, we can expect to see a fair amount of deep-fried foods.

Walmart is already known for housing fast-food chains like McDonald’s or Subway. Though they do sell state fair-like items like deep-fried Twinkies and Donut Cheeseburgers in their frozen food aisles, the new restaurant will be a sizable addition to the usual assortment of sit-in dining choices.

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Walmart Store Features Tacky 9/11 Tribute Via Soda Display

With September 11th this weekend, we prepare to honor the lives of those lost on that horrific day nearly 15 years ago. A Walmart in Florida, however, tried to do so in very poor taste.

The retailer held a massive soda display featuring the World Trader Center built with boxes of Coke Zero.

It was directly below a banner reading “We Will Never Forget” was a rollback price of $3.33 on a carton of soda displayed between the Twin Towers.

According to BuzzFeed, Twitter user @online_shawn was strolling through a Walmart in the Sunshine State when he noticed the display. He then snapped a picture and posted it to his Twitter.

His post garnered national attention with many people shaming the company for trying to make a buck off  of the tragic date in such a distasteful way.

The in-store build out has since been taken down, according to a spokesperson for Walmart.

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I Fed My Coworkers A Donut Cheeseburger From Walmart And Here’s What Happened

On a recent stroll down the frozen food aisles of Walmart, we found a peculiar box of microwaveable cheeseburgers that you would find at a county fair: Donut Cheeseburger.


As we sat in morning traffic, the 57 freeway crawling like a complacent toddler, we took joy in the fact that ridiculous food trends were slowly leaking into the frozen dinner world. We now live in a time where a Deep-fried Twinkie and Donut Cheeseburger won’t cost you at ticket to the fair. Don’t get us started about parking prices.

You just pop them into the microwave for a couple of minutes and you’re ready to enjoy this stoner dish in the comfort of your own – well, anywhere with a fridge and microwave. That’s the point, right?


The Donut Cheeseburger featured chopped beef steak topped with American cheese, pepper berry bacon jam, and is sandwiched between two donut cake buns.

Upon removal from our beloved microwave, home of many frozen meals, we were surprised by the enticing aroma emanating from the once-frozen sandwich. Hopefully it tasted as good as it smelled, because we’d like to see the best in most packaged foods.

We passed the burgers around the bullpen to see what the brave Foodbeasts who dared to partake had to say:


It’s not even a good “2am” food. I don’t know who this was made for.


It tasted like a McGriddle, but it was supposed to be a cheeseburger.


It was half-decent stoner food that tasted like couch cushions when sober.

The frozen packaged food item was sold under the Great Value brand and comes in packs of 2. It seems that they’re only available at the Walmart Supercenter.


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Deep-Fried Twinkies Are Now Available At Walmart

Deep-fried Twinkies are now something you can binge on from the comfort of your own home and I can hear my arteries starting to clog now.

Hostess has answered our deep-fried prayers as they just brought to market one of the original, sinful fair snacks. The dream begins at Walmart’s across the nation tomorrow, August 16th.

“How consumer trends tell us to focus on both products that are healthy and overindulgent – those “sometimes” foods that are so good they’re worth the calories.” –Walmart’s John Pearson

The brand is hoping that THIS is the snack that consumers will reach for when they feel like indulging.

According to Walmart, the product will be available in two flavors, original and chocolate.

But will they taste the same as the fresh-out-the-fryer, doused-in-powered-sugar, deep-fried Twinkies that state fair food stands have stolen our hearts with for years?

We’ll definitely be finding out for ourselves!


Photo Credit: Aaron Bogert