Brooklyn Bunny Brings Owner’s Boyfriend Beer [WATCH]

Ben Ahles, a fabricator for design firm SITU Studio, spent several months successfully training his girlfriend’s rabbit to deliver some beer. With the help of some raisins and a cleverly crafted cart, Wallace the rabbit (or The Mad King, as his YouTube handle suggests) deftly braves the length of a runner in his Brooklyn apartment, just to give Ahles a fresh beer.

Wallace initially had zero interest in Ahles, 28, when the pair first started interacting, but once his owner, 29-year-old Alix Sugarman, revealed Wallace’s obsession with raisins, a wealth of training and bonding opportunities opened up to Ahles.

“The lynchpin of the cart is the raisins skewered at the top that he is trying to eat,” said Ahles, regarding the four iterations it took to perfect the beer cart. “I had to keep constructing carts that would hold the raisins in the exact right position for him to strain just enough that he pushes the cart forward.”

While it doesn’t help that Wallace likes chewing on cardboard as much as he loves hunting down raisins, Ahles is confidently moving on to bigger structures for Wallace to manipulate.

“We are going to work on making him machines that help him do our jobs so we don’t have to,” Ahles said. How fast can bunnies type?

Update Jan. 28th, 2015 9:50 am: Background and quotes from Ahle added.