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Bar Puts Up A Wall And Hands Out ‘Green Cards’ For Cinco de Mayo

Dear God, this stunt couldn’t have been any dumber unless the bar had an ICE truck on standby.

Paul Hennessey of Hennessey’s Tavern in Dana Point, California thought he’d make a statement on immigration by putting up an inflatable wall for guests to climb and grab a “green card” at the top. The green card was a voucher for one free drink on May 5 and had “Citizenship in progress,” printed on it.



Whose mans is this?

Hennessey claimed that it was a way to protest Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall, but very few people saw it that way, and let their disapproval be known through Hennessey’s Facebook and Yelp page.

The hate got so bad that Yelp posted an “Active Cleanup Alert,” as the hate was pouring in and affected the bar’s rating.

Hennessey tried defending himself, whitesplaining the publicity stunt, and saying that their intentions were misinterpreted — but what about in 2015, when they posted this Cinco de Mayo picture of a white woman in a sombrero and fake mustache? What a fantastic representation of Mexican culture:

I’m not saying this guy hates Mexicans, but these attempts at celebrating Cinco de Mayo are tasteless, and on the same level as frat kids who think it’s funny to play dress up and pretend to be Mexican for a day.

Whether his heart was in the right place or not, this was absolutely the wrong approach to a sensitive issue, and it doesn’t look like he realizes that with his half-assed Facebook apology.

This might blow over, and he might continue to run his bar, living his life like normal, but Mexicans will still be unjustly discriminated against, killed, and jailed. Hennessey’s micro-aggressions will do nothing to fix that.

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Here’s How Many Avocados It Would Really Take To Build Donald Trump’s Wall


Donald Trump has had an incredibly busy first week of his presidency, with business ranging from Cabinet confirmations to deadly storms. He’s definitely begun making good on a ton of his campaign promises as well.

One of the most infamous campaign promises that the President began to fulfill this week was the construction of a massive wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. While President Trump has insisted Mexico will pay for it, Mexico has strongly denied that claim time and time again. The President’s latest proposal to ensure that “Mexico” would pay for the wall was to slap a 20% tariff on Mexican imports.

One of Mexico’s most popular imports into the United States is avocados. America imports about 85 percent of the 4 billion avocados it consumes every year, according to the Washington Post. Assuming that all of those come from Mexico, that’s 3.4 billion avocados that come in from Mexico every year. A massive tax increase would raise the cost of those dramatically.

With that in mind, the Washington Post came up with some calculations to see how many avocados it would take to pay for the cost of Donald Trump’s wall. Using $3 as the average price of an avocado and $12-$15 billion as the estimated cost of the wall, they determined that after the 20% import tariff, it would take nearly 20-25 BILLION avocados to pay for the wall — if you were just using avocados.

However, we think the Washington Post is “slightly” off on that mark. The average retail price for an avocado, according to the Hass Avocado Board, is actually $1 each, not $3. That 20% import tariff would only net the US 20 extra cents per avocado to pay for the wall, not the 60 cents that the Post used to estimate their cost. With that in mind, it would actually take up to as many as 75 billion avocados to pay for the wall.

That means that instead of taking up to 7 years to pay back the wall, if we were to pay for the wall using just the extra tax money made from avocados, it would take as many as TWENTY-FIVE YEARS to pay for the cost of it. Thank God that’s actually not how the wall would be paid and that this is all hypothetical.

The import tax would also likely cause the price of avocados to increase as is, meaning that fewer of us could enjoy guac and all of the other awesome dishes that avocado is a part of.

Fortunately, the Trump administration has announced they’ll be looking into other ways to pay for the wall than the 20% tariff, so our precious avocados — and wallets — are safe for now.


That Infamous GUM Wall In Seattle Is Finally Coming Down


One of Seattle’s more unique sights is the infamous wall of gum. The Market Theater Gum Wall, as gross as it may sound, has become a cultural phenomenon throughout the state of Washington. Now, it looks like that wall is coming down.

While not as impactful as the Berlin Wall coming down, losing the Gum Wall is still a pretty big deal. What began as a ’90s habit of sticking gum on the wall of the Pike Place Market quickly turned into a long-standing tradition to locals and tourists alike.

This tradition, however, has left the wall one of the most germ-ridden spots in the world.

Sadly, the Los Angeles Times announced that the wall will be clean in a few days. On Nov. 10, the wall will be steam blasted through Nov. 13. That’s gonna be a lot of gum coming down.

Officials from the market expect, however, that a new wall will soon take its place.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons