Owl Cupcakes

This is the cutest cupcake in the world! It kind of reminds me of Wall-E from the Disney movie! But it is actually an owl… Never the less I still love how they made this face with only a cupcake and a few cream cookies! This is true artwork! (Thx LGF)


Pic of the Day: Wall-E EVE Eggs

One of my favorite movies and characters of 2008, EVE from Disney/Pixar’s Wall-E, on an egg. Awesome! (Thx AllThingsPixar)


Recipe: Wall-E Sandwich

Wall-E was one of my favorite films of 2008; you can imagine my excitement when this recipe was brought to my attention. Homegirl who runs AnnaTheRed has posted up a super clean tutorial on how to make a Wall-E sandwich using four slices of whole wheat bread, whatever fillings you want, and blueberries.