The Walking Dead Is Finally Getting An Official Beer

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As fans patiently wait for the next season of The Walking Dead, some exciting, boozy news has come from the zombie franchise.

On its official site, the popular comic-turned-TV show announced a partnership with Georgia-based Terrapin Beer Co. for “The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA.”

The zombified turtle beer will be an India Pale Ale, brewed with orange peels for an extra citrusy taste.

The label that’s pictured shows an undead turtle with “The Walking Dead” written across in similar font as the comic.

Just like its new season trailers, this announcement was just a tantalizing tease as they have not given an official release date for the new beer.

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Walking Dead Pop-Up Gives Away ‘Human’ Burgers For Season 5 Premiere


Whether you’re a zombie or cannibal, there’s little out there as singularly delectable as human flesh. Take it from Issei Sagawa, a 65 year old Japanese man, infamous for murdering and eating a Dutch woman in the ’80s. “It melted in my mouth like raw tuna in a sushi restaurant,” Sagawa claimed. Or William Seabrook, a late American writer and occultist, who wrote that man meat “was like good, fully developed veal, not young, but not yet beef. It was very definitely like that, and it was not like any other meat I had ever tasted.”

Ahem, got pretty bleak there didn’t we? Not to worry though. Even though the upcoming Terminus Tavern pop-up advertises its burgers are made from “human flesh,” the patties actually comprise a much tamer blend of veal, beef, pork, chicken liver, and bone marrow. Phew.


In promotion of the season five premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead, “edible art” venture London Mess has partnered with macabre baker extraordinaire Miss Cakehead to give away free “human burgers” next Tuesday (9/30), at a yet undisclosed location in East London. The recipe, supposedly, was inspired by the writings of Seabrook, Sagawa, and others.

Still, if you’d rather not take their words for it, you can find the final pop-up location by following #terminustavern on Twitter and try authentic faux human flesh yourself. Not that you’re into that kinda stuff or anything. Just, you know, for science.


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Here’s How to Throw a Zombie Food Party


Zombies are everywhere these days. From movies, TV and novels, they just won’t die. But hey, I’m not complaining. In honor of AMC’s post-apocalyptic zombie show  “Walking Dead” premiering its mid-season episode tonight, here are some tips on how the living can eat the dead. No brains involved (kinda):


The Driving Dead– Successful Zombie Drive-Thru Prank [VIDEO]

Halloween pranks are a must around this time of year. Whether it’s a classic toilet paper bombing on your buddy’s lawn or a more elaborate zombie scare, it’s always fun to scare or piss people off around Halloween.

Comedian Ed Bassmaster laid on some pretty good makeup work as he zombified himself and hit several drive-thru restaurants with a camera.

An array of hilarious reactions ensued whenever Ed turned his head toward the drive-thru window and yelled. Among the notable spontaneous reactions, an employee nervously locked the drive-thru window in a state of panic (0:25), and an employee at another restaurant seemed to confusingly offer Bassmaster a 10-piece order of brains (0:57).

These poor employees were stuck at work and probably missing out on Halloween-time festivities, so it seems Bassmaster took it upon himself to bring the fun to them.

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14 of the Best ‘Walking Dead’ Gifs, Because a Zombie’s Gotta Eat Too

Hands down, zombies are probably the biggest Foodbeasts ever. They’re always hungry, they’ll eat whatever’s in front of them and they sure as hell won’t let anything get in between them and their grub.

In the spirit of the season, here are 14 amazing gifs of zombies doing what they do best.

Git in thar bell-ays.

1. First, a human to get you in the finger-lickin’ mood.

2. Hope you brought your appetite.

3. It’s sure to be nom-tastic.

4. Ralph’s is having a sale on Lady Fingers?!

5. Zom-bay Buf-fet Gets Cray

6. C’mon, learn to share!

7. Lazy college student zombie may need a little help.

8. Did you say strawberry-flavored babies?!

9. Don’t bother me, I’m eating.

10. Dude, this fence is bomb.

11. Who spilled all the Sriracha?

12. Yum, says cow zombie.

13. Dedicated, decapitated zombie; still trying to chew.

14. Well, I guess deer’s better than nothing.

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Walking Dead Cupcakes

Created and baked in celebration of a Comic Book Shop employee’s birthday, these Walking Dead Cupcakes serve as an amazing tribute to a great comic book and great TV show! Chocolate cupcakes sit beneath a layer of Oreo crumb “grave dirt” and some thematic, non-edible parts make some nice finishing touches to this batch of desserts. MMmmM…zombie apocalypse. (Recipe @ JustJennRecipes)