Here’s How to Throw a Zombie Food Party


Zombies are everywhere these days. From movies, TV and novels, they just won’t die. But hey, I’m not complaining. In honor of AMC’s post-apocalyptic zombie show  “Walking Dead” premiering its mid-season episode tonight, here are some tips on how the living can eat the dead. No brains involved (kinda):

Food Trucks

Zombie Food Truck Brings New Meaning to ‘Brain Food’

If London ever hosts the Olympics again, it can perform a tribute to Gory Gourmet’s unusual zombie-like menu during its unnecessary four-hour-long opening ceremony.

Mark Jankel, owner of the London-based Street Kitchen food truck, created this special zombie-themed food truck and hit the streets last week in honor of “The Walking Dead Season 2” release on DVD and Blu-Ray August 27.

This obviously isn’t what your elementary school teacher meant when they taught you about “brain food,” but it was probably the first thing that came to mind the first time you heard the term used.

The truck features the “Big Brain Burger,” “Crispy Brain Dippers,” a “Brain Salad Wrap,” and side orders consisting of “Feet and Thyroid Nuggets” and “Skewered Hearts.

For those wondering what the brains in these dishes are made up of, they are actual cow brains. That is the shock value that Jankel was looking to provide and it seemed to have worked as people flocked to the truck like zombies.

Cow brains as food might sound a little taboo to those who grew up watching shows like Fear Factor, but if you ever see“Sesos” offered at a Mexican taco truck, you’ve just found yourself a place to have a zombie-like dinner.

The Menu:

  • Big Brain Burger-

Cow brain with smoked mustard mayo, lettuce and cheese in a sesame seed bun.

  • Crispy Brain Dippers-

Crispy chunks of brain with barbecue sauce.

  • Brain Salad Wrap-

Crispy chunks of brain with wild rocket and tarragon mayo.

  • Feet and Thyroid Nuggets-

Nuggets of pig’s feet and cow thyroid with herb mayo.

  • Skewered Hearts-

Grilled beef heart skewers with horseradish mayo.


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