Dominique Ansel Slinging Canned Sundaes in the Hamptons This Weekend

Canned Sundae

Dominque Ansel, sweet genius and creator of the infamous Cronut, Waffogato, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot, has designed yet another innovative dessert in the form of a sundae in a can. His latest sweet treat is a play on a classic root beer float and features root beer flavored ice cream, stracciatella and mascarpone semifreddo. Because classic just isn’t enough for the pastry chef, this sundae is topped with macerated cherries, toasted marshmallow, and Ansel’s famous miniature meringues.

These limited edition Pop It! sundaes were designed for Lisa Perry and were inspired by Andy Warhol. New Yorkers can find Ansel selling these sundaes for $15 outside Lisa Perry’s East Hampton Boutique this weekend. The price may seem high but the sundae actually serves two and Ansel is donating 20 percent of his sales to City Harvest.

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Dominique Ansel Adds Coco-Mango Riz Au Lait and Lime Me Up Tart to Spring Menu


Dominique Ansel is brightening up his Spring menu with the addition of two new fruity desserts.

Mouthwatering as they are visually stunning, the new desserts are a refreshing change from Ansel’s usual sweet creations. The Coco-Mango Riz Au Lait features thin slices of ripe mango arranged almost in a flower design filled with bright mango pearls and coconut rice pudding with mango marmalade.

The new Lime Me Up Tart showcases Ansel’s sweet side while still maintaining a bit of tartness. The dessert features a tart shell that looks more like an eclair, filled with a juniper lime curd topped with a soft lime mousse. The tart is served with a lime wedge on the side along with an edible white chocolate spoon-esque tool filled with brown sugar and sea salt for customers to season their dessert to their individual taste. Pretty fancy.

The new fruit based desserts join seven new pastries on Dominique Ansel’s new Spring menu. The sweet genius is sure to think up some new innovative concoction soon so get to his bakery while these desserts are still around.

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This Waffle is Made Out of Vanilla Ice Cream Swimming in Maple Syrup Espresso


Sure, wonuts are cool, but they’re really just circle-shaped waffles. This waffogato, on the other hand, is something else entirely.

Infused with actual bits of salted Belgian waffle, this latest creation from Cronut-maker Dominique Ansel sees Tahitian vanilla ice cream set inside a waffle mold and poured over with warm maple-syrup-spiked espresso. Sprinkled sea salt and pearl sugar lend some extra crunch, while little tapioca pearls laid in the vanilla float up once the ice cream starts to melt.

It’s just the touch of gastronomic brilliance worthy of ringing in the Cronut’s anniversary (happy birthday little buddy!). Created for New York’s Taste of the Nation fundraiser tonight, the waffogato should be available at Dominique Ansel bakery “soon.” The rest of the world, meanwhile, will be waiting patiently for our knock-offs.

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