This Genius Instagrammer Made A WAFFLED MAC & CHEESE BURGER


Instagram Dad Bod specialist Tym Bussanich, creator of the Cheese-stuffed Tater Tot, has just thrown a bunch of Mac & Cheese into a waffle iron and subsequently turned it into a WAFFLED MAC & CHEESE BURGER!

Here’s his process:

Waffled mac and cheese burger…. Enough said! #foodbeast

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Here’s his process again, but with a throwback Rugrats theme soundtrack:


Make Pixel Hearts, Mushrooms and Censored Things With This 8-Bit Waffle Iron


Waffles are fun. They’re like pancakes, but with tiny butter and syrup jacuzzis built right in.

Now, for even more waffle fun, consider investing in this Pixel Waffle Maker, a 9″ by 9″ stainless steal waffle iron that allows you to create custom pixelated cartoons in your breakfast.

In case it’s hard to tell from the photo, the Pixel comes with a silicone tray and squares you can push down to create any design of your choosing, from hearts (as pictured) to poorly censored penises. Oh come on, don’t pretend you weren’t thinking it.

The project has yet to hit stores, but you can help pick a decent price point for when it does over at Quirky.

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Frittata + Waffle = Frittaffle


Recipe: Real Food By Dad


Donut + Waffle Iron = Wonut

Wafflenut Collage

Recipe: I Am A Food Blog


Waffle + Falafel = Wafalafel


Remember that time when we thought it would be fun aka totally genius to see what we could stick in a waffle iron and make more delicious? Well Serious Eats just upped the waffle game with their latest creation, the wafalafel.

It may sound like “waffle-awful” but it looks “waffle-freakin-mazing” to us. Rather than sticking some falafel straight onto the iron (which resulted in a falafel fail), Serious Eats figured out that by wrapping the falafel in some pita bread the ultimate wafalafel experience was achieved.

The perfectly portable wafalafel is not only easier to eat but significantly less messy than your average rolled up falafel sandwich and way more dunk-able. The process is simple, grab your falafel sandwich with some olive oil and throw it in the waffle iron. Cook until your desired crispiness level and boom. The wafalafel is best served with a side of tahini and hot sauce.

H/T + PicThx Serious Eats


How to Make Fast Food Waffles [VIDEO]

A few weeks back, we caught a picture of someone’s ingenious idea of popping leftover pizza into a waffle iron, essentially making a true-to-form pizza waffle.

The idea got us thinking that you could apply this trick to a lot of leftovers, from turning soggy burgers into crispy waffle buns to transforming wet soft tacos into hot, gooey waffle tacos.

So, we got to rummaging through the fridge, swooping up anything we could find. Since it was the Foodbeast office fridge we were pillaging, we had cold pizza and everything from a day-old McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger to a Taco Bell Chicken Gordita on deck. Don’t judge us.

From there, we proceeded to test how these things fared when put through the waffle iron. Check out the spoils of our labor: 

Waffle Double Cheeseburger, McDonald’s





The heat from the waffle iron not only reheated the burger, but melted the cheese into the meat and brought a panini-pressed type crunch to the bun. The pickles were phenomenal!



Waffle Chicken Gordita, Taco Bell




The press worked wonders on the soft taco. The sour cream, nacho cheese and grilled chicken melded together into one hot, flavor-packed bite. The flour tortilla was revived to a warm, delicate texture.


Pizza Waffles, Local Pizza Shop



Previous to this food experiment, we were strong believers in the next-day cold pizza theory. We thought that pizza tasted best in leftover form, finding a beauty in cold pizza dipped in ranch. However, after sticking a folded slice of pie into the waffle iron and having a piping hot, super crunchy, melty, DIY pepperoni calzone come out, our faith’s been shaken. From now on, waffle-pressed may be the only way we ever eat (leftover) pizzas.


Cake Mix + Waffle Iron = Best Food Hack Ever.


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IDEA: Iron-Pressed Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Have you ever spent your whole life making canned cinnamon rolls the “normal” way only to get violently sick and wake up having had a roll-making epiphany involving cream cheese and a waffle iron? ‘Cause that’s exactly what happened to Crystal over at littlebitfunky, AKA the inventor of “cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron!”

The method to her madness is surprisingly simple: take a pre-prepped can of frozen Pillsbury Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls (or similar), place a couple at the center of your waffle iron (don’t want them spilling over the sides) and BAM. Now you have these scrumptious little beauties.

Just fill those fluffy pockets with cream cheese icing, relax and watch as your work week (and diet) just melts away.

[Via Cheezburger]