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Man Catches Waffle House Employee Snoozing, Cooks Himself Dinner

When South Carolina resident Alex Bowen showed up to his local Waffle House with a case of the drunchies, he was hoping to get a meal to satisfy his hunger. However, the only Waffle House employee on duty was asleep, so Bowen decided to take matters into his own hands.

According to WISTV, Bowen first walked in and couldn’t find any employees after a search both inside and outside the restaurant. He later saw the Waffle House employee snoozing in a corner, waited a few more minutes, then decided he would fix himself a meal.

Crediting “vodka” for the decision, Bowen whipped up a “double Texas bacon cheesesteak melt with extra pickles.” All the while, he was taking selfies of himself cooking and the staff member dozing, which he later uploaded to Facebook.

Bowen didn’t just dine and dash, however. He took time to clean up the grill before taking his meal home, and eventually returned to pay five bucks back to the Waffle House for his late-night escapade.

As for the Waffle House employee caught asleep on the job, they were suspended for a week by their employers, who recommend against going behind the counter yourself to cook dinner. On the other hand, after seeing Bowen’s culinary skills at their restaurant, Waffle House did say in a statement that they would like to “talk to him about a job since we may have something for him.”

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss

Dwyane Wade Rents Out An Entire Waffle House, Surprises Uber Driver Who’s A Fan Of His

NBA superstar Dwyane Wade rented out an Orlando Waffle House Tuesday, showing yet again, how awesome it is to be rich and famous.

It might sound a little excessive to rent out the whole thing instead of just walking in like a normal customer, but considering that crazy shit always pops off at Waffle House, it was probably smart on Wade’s part to have it all to himself and not allow any outside interference.

Wade said he doesn’t normally pig out on food like Waffle House, but he just wanted to spend time with his boys.

The best part was probably the Uber driver at the end of his snaps, who was ecstatic when he realized it was the future hall of famer in his car.

His Chicago Bulls team has been a bit of a letdown this season, so anything the veteran basketball player can do to to bring up the spirits of his teammates, can only help.


Watch This Entire IHOP Staff Brawl With Each Other Inside The Resturant While A Baby Looks On

When people think of breakfast time brawls, the Waffle House probably comes to mind, but not this time. This time, it went down at an IHOP in Whitehaven, Tenn., and the ENTIRE STAFF was involved.

The incident was caught on film and shows several female employees throwing blows, swinging chairs at one another. All while a baby cried feet away, no less.

Reports confirmed that two sisters, Janika Nellums and Shanika Strickland, were arrested on assault and vandalism charges Saturday June 19, after the brawl.

Memphis-based, WMC Action News reported that an argument broke out inside the restaurant and incited the brawl, which spilled into several parts of the restaurant.

This brawl occurred during actual business hours and several customers were inside while the staff was yelling obscenities and fighting among themselves. During the altercation (1:10 minutes into the video) one of the women picked up a high-chair and tried to break it over the head of another women. Then, in retaliation, (1:20 mark) another women  grabbed a butter knife and began slashing it wildly into the crowd. A man can even be heard shouting, “She’s got a knife! She’s got a knife!”

At least two employees are seen holding a baby during the altercation, the baby can be heard crying throughout the entire video.


Idiot Waffle House Customer Calls Juvenile’s Wife A “Ho”, Gets Beat Up

As you may know, there’s always crazy shit going down at Waffle House locations around the county. From celebrity brawls to (now former) employees caught on camera washing their dreadlocks in the kitchen sink, the list seems to go on and on.

CashMoney Records rapper Juvenile has become the latest entry on the list of celebrity Waffle House brawlers when he and another member of his crew were caught on camera trading blows inside with another customer.

The shaky video obtained by TMZ, which is really just a video recording of another video, shows a group of people entering the dining area of the Waffle House. Several sources, including, describe a customer exchanging words with Juve’s posse.

Upon Juve The Great‘s arrival, NOLA and TMZ reported, that a man inside the establishment began saying disrespectful things toward the women in the group. One of the women happened to be Juve’s wife.

“Juvenile here, here come all the hos now.”

After the initial comments, the surveillance video shows Juvenile reacting negatively and being held back by members of his crew. After a second, he gets pushed out of the frame.

Moments later, he runs back into the frame where he is seen — accompanied by another member of his group wearing a green backpack — exchanging blows with the mouthy patron.

It was reported that both Juvenile and the man involved in the altercation left without speaking to police.

Juvenile, whose real name is Terius Gray, is no stranger to run-ins with the law, albeit for very minor offenses. The rapper was arrested in St. Bernard Parish, New Orleans, in 2010 for misdemeanor possession of marijuana, according to He was also arrested in Floria in 2012 for fighting outside of a night club, Billboard reported.

Still, the Waffle House incident could have been easily avoided if the guy talking about “hos” was well-versed on Juvenile’s discography. All he needed to do was take a second to read the first few lines of, “U Understand from his album Tha G-Code.

I ain’t no pussy ass n*gga (ya understand)
I’m a rapper but I’m still a gorilla (ya understand)
I’ll whip ya like the Thrilla Manilla (ya understand)
You gon’ make me have to kill me a n*gga (ya understand) 

You understand?


Act Like A Boss On V-Day And Take Your Date To The Waffle House

With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, it’s high time to start planning your desperate attempt to swoon (or fool) your significant other into thinking you’re their perfect match. But, if you’re like anyone I know, you’re not even close to having a plan.

Before you embark on the annual nerve-racking, ‘don’t-get-too-drunk-while-praying-your-credit-card-isn’t-declined,’ Hallmark-themed date night, remember, romance has never had a monetary value.

But still, each year, on the evening of Feb. 14, for better or worse, lovebirds everywhere flock to the highest rated and most expensive restaurants they can find. Upon arrival they’ll wait hours for a small, cramped table with crappy service and overrated food.

Sound like a good time so far? Not so much.

That’s why, this year, I’m taking my date to the nearest Waffle House and I don’t care what anyone says.

On Tuesday, Jan 26. The Waffle House announced that it will host a ninth annual candle-lit Valentine’s Day Dinner at select locations across the nation. The Waffle House isn’t scared of commitment and wants to save you from a potential relationship-ending Valentine’s Day dinner disaster and is offering reservations to sweeten the deal.


Not only is having Valentine’s Day dinner at The Waffle House a fool-proof plan for the most epic V-Day dinner ever, but, A: your date will never expect you to pull up to The Waffle House and automatically shout, “We out here, baby!” And, B: What’s better than a fresh Arnold-Palmer and some cheesy eggs for dinner? Nothing.

If you’re worried that your date might want a steak, don’t even trip. The Waffle House considers themselves, “The World’s Leading Server of T-Bone Steaks,” and is literally making four T-bone steaks per minute.

If your idea of a romantic isn’t a valentine’s Day dinner at the Waffle House, then I’m glad we’re not dating and it just means more Waffle House for me.


This Is The Craziest Sh*t To Ever Go Down At The Waffle House

Over the years, the famous Waffle House franchise has seen a fair share of off-the-wall incidents at its various locations across the nation. For one reason or another, Waffle Houses everywhere are caught in the headlines for everything aside from their trademark breakfast plates and T-bone steaks.

It seems that all Waffle Houses share a well-documented history for being at the center of crazy, unpredictable — seemingly ratchet — behavior. We’ve listed our top five most-insane, head-scratching situations that the beloved Waffle House food chain has been involved with.

Waffle House Customer Shoots, Kills Waitress After Argument Over Smoking


In Nov. 2015, a 52-year-old Mississippi Waffle House waitress, Julie Brightwell, was shot to death after telling a costumer to stop smoking a cigarette inside the restaurant.

The argument took place between midnight and 1:00 am on Nov. 28, 2015. The suspect, Johnny Mount, 45, was arrested in the Waffle House parking lot, shortly after the shooting took place.

h/t Clarion Ledger

Waffle House Waitress Refuses to Split $10 million Lottery Winnings, Loses Majority in Lawsuit with IRS


Tonda Lynn Dickerson became famous after receiving a $10 million lotto ticket from a customer while waitressing at a Waffle House in Grand Bay, Ala. After winning, Dickerson cited, “finders keepers,” and refused to split the winnings with the customer and her co-workers.

Dickerson was sued for fraud, but won due to state law deeming gambling illegal. After she won in court, Dickerson got greedy and gifted $2.5 million to her family. Ironically, Dickerson didn’t account for a federal gift tax and was sued by the IRS for more than $700,000.

h/t CNN

Waffle House Cooks Try Some Off Menu Recipes


Recently, two Waffle House employees in Forrest City, Ark., were terminated after a video surfaced showing the pair using company cookware to “wash off” some off menu items.

The items? Oh, just a few strands of a Waffle House employee’s dreadlocks.

The now viral video, shows two employees filling up a pot of steaming hot water. Once filled, one of the employees begins soaking her dreadlocked hair, as the other assists in helping to dry off her co-worker’s head. Meanwhile, the pair seems oblivious to the customer standing no more than five feet away, recording the whole thing.

h/t Grubstreet

2007 Kid Rock Brawl Results in $40K payout, Golden Quote from Kid Rock


A 2007 fight between Southern Rocker, Kid Rock and his entourage resulted in a $40,000 payment to the victim. The fight started when, Kid alleged that Harlem Atkins began verbally insulting a female member of Rock’s entourage and asking about Rock’s then-wife, Pamela Anderson. Kid Rock and Atkins both admitted they were intoxicated during the time of the Waffle House confrontation.

“I feel like I’m a big number in the lawsuit lottery,” Rock said.

h/t MTV

Lady Gets Naked Inside Georgia Waffle House, Punches Women in Face


Police in Kennesaw, Georgia used a stun gun to subdue a nude woman after she stripped naked and began acting violently toward staff and customers. News reports allege that, Jennifer Mary Nicholson, 37, entered a Waffle House, took off her clothes and began throwing plates at widows. The violence didn’t end there. Jennie Box, a Waffle House customer, said Nicholson punched her in the face and broke her nose. Nicholson faces several charges including assault on a police office.

h/t Fox News

Cover Photo: Waffle House Facebook


Nasty Ass Waffle House Employees Are Caught Using Cookware To Wash Their Hair

Well well well, if it isn’t Waffle House, in the news again for more dirty ass buffoonery.

The Forrest City, Arkansas, location has recently come under fire for hygienic concerns, no thanks to a few nasty ass employees. One of them began washing her dreadlocks in a large pot filled with hot water. After thoroughly allowing the dread to soak in the water like a god damn Lipton tea bag, she proceeds to remove the dreadlock from that poor, unfortunate pot.

After gingerly lifting what can only be described as a hairy kielbasa from the pot, another employee began patting it down with a towel, like a mother drying off her child after exiting the bathtub. During this entire ordeal, one particularly disturbed customer scrambled to get his phone out and record the foul beings now only known as “waffle trash.”

Big wigs from Waffle House’s corporate office discovered the video and quickly terminated those involved in the incident.

Despite having passed the health inspection that was conducted shortly after the clear molestation of that poor water pot, the inspectors who checked out the joint concluded that the restaurant can stay open, despite the several “violations of employees not using hygienic practices.”

First IHOP workers shitting and not washing their hands, then Waffle House employees bathing in the sink? I think I’m going to start eating breakfast at home.

Photo Credit: Consumerist, Transit Authority Figure


Bruxie Offers Crispy Waffle Tuna Sandwiches


Bruxie, Orange County’s OG waffle house, has done it again and managed to bring Southern Californians another satisfying dish. This time we’re talking wild albacore tuna coated with melted cheddar cheese and stuffed in a waffle.

The new menu item is a collaboration with Oregon Seafoods,  a company that prides itself on their line-caught Albacore off the coast of Oregon. For those of you familiar with Bruxie’s more indulgent dishes — the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich or S’Mores Waffle, to name a few — the Waffle Tuna Melt offers a surprising, if not refreshing, meal to dine on.

The waffle itself carries a light crisp, contrasting well with the soft creaminess of the tuna and cheddar. Overall, the waffle sandwich walks the fine line between leaving you satisfied and leaving you stuffed. Although, in our case, it was the latter, as we couldn’t help ourselves from getting seconds.