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Krispy Kreme Is Giving Out Free Donuts On Election Day

Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Voting on Election Day in the middle of a pandemic changes a lot of things, especially because a lot more people are voting by mail. (If you are doing that, today is the last day recommended by the USPS to do so to ensure your ballot is counted by Election Day, by the way.)

One thing that changes is getting “I Voted” stickers for showing up to your polling place, as well as attempts to continue traditions of gatherings after everyone is done voting. Krispy Kreme is attempting to fill both of those gaps with an Election Day deal that includes the iconic stickers.

Anyone, regardless if they’ve voted yet or not, can pop into their local Krispy Kreme and get a free Original Glazed Doughnut on November 3rd. “I Voted” stickers will also be available in stores for those that want to either share that they voted, or encourage others to vote.

For those who are heading to the polls and expecting a long wait, the donuts can also be a nice warm snack to help keep your stomach filled while standing in line.

Regardless of whether you get the free donuts or note, it’s important to go and vote on November 3rd. Every person’s vote matters.

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Here’s What Y’all Said About McDonald’s New Big Macs, Plus Headphanie Is Real [Feedback Nov. 4]

Welcome to another edition of our weekly Foodbeast “Feedback,” where we feature your Facebook comments, and respond directly to your views on our recipes, videos, and stories.

We’re finally dipping into November and the holiday food world is about to get crazy. This week was full of some exciting food news stories, and you guys provided some fantastic comments, per usual.

This week McDonald’s announced its new Big Mac sizes, a 62-year-old man tried smuggling meth with tortillas, and “Headphanie” Hennessy bottles became a thing.

You guys responded to those stories through Facebook, and now it’s our turn to respond back.

We always appreciate that you read our posts, and take the time to add your own commentary.

Here’s what made the cut this week. Think you can make next week’s list?



STORY:McDonald’s Announces Two New Big Mac Sizes

Major savagery here! The Big Mac has never been very big, so the fact that they’re making an even smaller version is comical. I might be down for that Grand Mac, though. It looks like what the Big Mac should have always been.


Story:’Headphanie’ Bottles Of Hennessy Are Real, Here’s Where They Popped Up

Big ups to Lilac Company for the sick bottle design. If your name is Stephanie, I’m sorry. The bigger the song gets, the more you’re going to be called Headphanie, just like anyone named Jennifer had to go through the “Hennifer” phase.

VIDEO:Grilled Cheese Corn on the Cob

Yeah, Tym Bussanich’s video’s make me feel uncomfortable, too. He’s way too gentle with the food. It’s stressful, really.


STORY: Krispy Kreme’s Giving Out Free Donuts To Voters This Year

I wish politicians could promise more food giveaways. If either candidate came out and said, “You get a free box of Krispy Kreme for a vote,” screw it, got my vote. It worked in my elementary school elections. Election fraud be damned.


Story: Watch This Grandpa Crack Open a 32-Year-Old Beer After The Cubs’ Win

It’s not like it was a delicious craft beer to start with, so chances are it was just as disgusting as it was 32 years ago.


Story: McDonald’s In Japan Debuted A Deep-fried Pork Katsu Burger Stuffed With Cheese

Yes, we absolutely need another fried food product. Everything must be deep fried. Always.


Story: 62-Year-Old Man Tries Smuggling Meth Inside Tortilla Packages

Extra points for the Breaking Bad reference. You are the comment of the week, Michael. Hands down.