Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

Pregnant Women Swear Eating Taco Bell Helps Induce Labor

As a sports fan, I know a thing or two about crazy superstitions, as I usually flip my Dodger hat inside out any time it looks like they’re going to score, or sit at the edge of my seat with my hands on my lap when I want Clayton Kershaw to get a strikeout.

The average person might think I’m crazy for thinking these actions will affect the outcome of the game, so I can relate to these women with the seemingly crazy belief that eating Taco Bell will help them go into labor.

There are a surprising number of pregnant women who swear that eating Taco Bell at the cusp of their labor, will help their baby come out sooner, according to Vice.

There seems to be a point where the woman is nine months into the pregnancy and the baby should be ready to come out, but hasn’t. At this point women are looking for any way to get this human out of their body, quickly.

Pregnant women have probably become familiar with the website, “What to Expect,” but what they might not have expected, is that there’s an entire forum dedicated to Taco Bell helping induce labor.


The belief is that Taco Bell has the same effect as consuming castor oil, another method that pregnant women use in order to induce labor at about 38 weeks in. Castor oil, and apparently Taco Bell, are being used as a stimulant laxative that causes contractions in both the bowels and uterus.

While the entries in this forum vary from disbelief, to suggestions that Taco Bell’s Volcano hot sauce might do the trick, there isn’t much science behind the whole theory.

Childbirth experts on WebMD suggest that any of these so-called “natural” methods for inducing labor are baseless, and there’s no connection between the stomach and the uterus. So women using castor oil, or looking for the spiciest food possible in order to pop out their kid a little faster, are basically just psyching themselves out.

If anything, should the mom-to-be not be able to handle the castor oil or the spiciness of a Fiery Doritos Locos Taco, it could lead to diarrhea, which can also dehydrate the body.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to have a human inside me for nine months, and Taco Bell sounds like a great way to shut down some cravings, but if you’re close to giving birth, please be careful with what you’re putting into your body and at least consult a doctor before chugging 100 packets of Taco Bell hot sauce.