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Volcano Cakes Are The Latest Food Trend Taking Over Instagram Feeds

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One of my favorite scenes in the rom-com classic My Big Fat Greek Wedding is when Maria, the mother, is presented with a bundt cake. Not knowing what to do with the hole in the middle, she eventually fills it with a potted flower. While decorations are creative, I hypothesize that if Maria knew about these volcano cakes, she would’ve made one instead.

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Volcano cakes are currently a major food trend on Instagram. Instagrammers have been sharing videos of these explosive cakes opening up to reveal a gooey surprise in the center.

You can make your own by filling the center of a bundt cake (or similar cakes) with a chocolate or caramel sauce. Decorate the cake to hide that there’s a hole in the middle, then cut into it and let the food porn flow.

These cakes are going so viral because you don’t expect the center to collapse until the last possible second. It’s a clever disguise that takes viewers by surprise, which accounts for how they’ve been going viral so quickly.

While it’s not entirely clear where the trend began, videos of the cakes can be traced to as far back as late May. Viral videos of volcano cakes appeared a couple of weeks ago, though, so that’s likely when the mania really began.

It’s definitely a fun food porn fad, and not overly colorful as the unicorn or rainbow food trends have been. I’m definitely down with these decadent cakes taking over my Instagram feed for a while.