Man’s Fridge Has a Different Drink for Every Type of Girl He Brings Over [WATCH]


This guy had swag before swag was a “thing.” The meticulous arrangement of his refrigerator is borderline genius as he has planned out every situation in which he’d have to satisfy the craving of every thirsty girl he brings over to his place.

Whether it’s Vitamin Water for girls who like to stay fit, or the Snapples for the “suburban chicks,” he keeps his fridge stocked to the very back with a variety of drinks and flavors.

As he explains his thinking behind every drink in his arsenal, you can hear the seriousness in his voice. This is not a game for him, it’s real life strategy. This was way back in 2008, too. Back when everyone was finding out who Barrack Obama and Katy Perry were, this guy was perfecting his pimp game. He even has freeze pops for girls who go over with their kids.

Check out the blueprint for yourself and adjust your fridge game accordingly.


‘Upgrade Your Lunch’ — A New Video Series That Instantly Upgrades the Meals of Complete Strangers

Sometimes it’s hard being a foodie with a day job. Sure, you could work in a super-gentrified area with cheap pop-up kitchens for miles, but more likely you spend your lunch breaks staring at Instagram, wishing you were (read: were eating) something (anything) else.

The idea of going out and actually enjoying your food is so much of a rarity these days that it almost makes us feel bad that we get to do this stuff for a living (almost). But we did decide to do something about it and we’ve got to hand it to ourselves, it was pretty freaking legit.

It’s a new YouTube series called #UpgradeYourLunch.

With the help of vitaminwater, we set out to upgrade the sad desk lunches of the entire warehouse staff of LA-based streetwear company The Hundreds. Folks looking forward to either choking down dollar pizzas or Corn Nuts or, even better, not eating lunch at all, were greeted instead with astro-turf (of-course), garden gnomes (classic), picnic tables, string lights and freshly made Umami Burgers, all served out the back of air-conditioned delivery truck. Co-founder Ben Hundreds helped lay down some smoke screen as we got to work transforming The Hundreds HQ for glory, announcing via intercom how everyone had to starve as they helped prep for the brand’s upcoming warehouse sale. The staff’s at once confused and then mildly irritated and finally pleasantly surprised faces are available for your amusement in the video below, in our first episode of our new Youtube series, “Upgrade Your Lunch.”

The on-going series will feature depressing lunch eaters everywhere getting helped out by none other than us (and of course, people who can cook way better than us). So if you and your buddies would like to eat something other than still-frozen Lean Cuisine or dollar menu McDonald’s or mom’s sketchy meatloaf for a day, shoot us an email or tag your sad food pictures with “#foodbeast” and “#upgradeyourlunch.”





Foodbeast and vitaminwater: we’ll see you soon.


VitaminWater Finally Embraces the Coconut Water Trend with Coco-Refresh Flavor

The coconut water trend is still going as strong as ever as VitaminWater introduces their newest flavor, Coco-Refresh, a blend of pineapple, coconut and other natural flavors. Following the likes of SoBe & KarmaLife, VitaminWater’s choice to add an infused coconut water beverage came as no surprise.

Featuring 10% of real coconut water, Coco-Refresh is a blend of pineapple and coconut designed to help rehydrate you. A 20-ounce bottle has 120 calories, 0 grams of fat, 100% of vitamins B5, B6 and B12, and electrolytes.

With VitaminWater now a part of the trend, will consumers still be interested in trying new types of coconut flavored water, or does this signify a plateau? Now with so many different options, does it make you more inclined to drink coconut water flavored beverages?

VitaminWater’s foray into the land of coconut water could be a great venture for the company if it does well with its competitors, but how long will that last? Sound off in the comments for your take on the coconut water trend!


Vitamin Schtick

Lip care items are now available in your favorite Vitamin Water flavors: Power C (dragonfruit), Multi-V (lemonade), XXX (acai-blueberry-pomegranate), and Focus (kiwi-strawberry).  They come in two forms, a .17 oz roll-on lip gloss with SPF 15, or a .6 oz jumbo lip balm, which has SPF 20.  Each product contains Vitamin E to keep your lips healthy.  ($4.99 for gloss or $6.99 for balm @ Hot Topic)

Celebrity Grub

Steve Nash + Vitamin Water = Breakout Comedians of the Year

Who knew that one of the NBA’s greatest point guards was also a comedian? Recently, YouTube has been ablaze with videos both from Steve Nash’s account and from his latest co-op with Vitamin Water. There are way too many great pieces circulating the web and making their rounds on the ole’ television box, but I’ve done you a solid and rounded up some of the ones that had me chuckling. Everything from a Steve Nash infomercial, to a Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” spinoff. NASH is the truth!


Exploring "meatwater"

When the meatwater product first came across my desk (in the form of a link, not physically), it had me and some of my coworkers stumped. Was this real, or some super elaborate hoax? What qualifies this as “super elaborate”? The product has a full fledged website, boasts 50+ flavors, pictures from events with people apparently sampling the product, social media sites (@meatwater, Myspace), “candid” video interviews with its creator, several misguided mentions on late night talk shows and to be completely honest, it had me completely in awe. If you squint at the nutrition facts so interestingly photographed in all of the product shots, you can take note the high levels of protein, low amounts of sodium and tongue in cheek safety warnings. Take for instance, the Fish & Chips flavor reading “Now with extra high Mercury count“.


Video: Steve Nash is Most Ridiculous Man


L-theanine: The New "Focus" of Beverage Companies

Every so often the beverage industry comes under scrutiny for any trend that they attempt to ride. The bubble was focused on Diet sodas for as long as I can remember, then the attention shifted to the levels of caffeine in certain drinks, and now we can facilitate the examination of L-theanine. Accoring to the LA Times, “the substance comes from the Camellia sinensis plant species, otherwise known as tea.” Drink labels are trying to tap into what their audience is in need for, and apparently, not everyone necessarily wants to get “jacked up” and experience an energy high. This specific substance, L-theanine, is meant to stimulate parts of the brain that will, in essence, help you focus. The amino acid can be found in certain new products of Gatorade, SoBe Lifewater, Vitamin Water an ViB, to name a few. Is this good or bad? Depends on the research you expose yourself to. The same conversation pieces that were once associated with caffeine and diet soda are sure to find new headway when exploring L-theanine. Either way, drink on!