Vitamin Schtick

Lip care items are now available in your favorite Vitamin Water flavors: Power C (dragonfruit), Multi-V (lemonade), XXX (acai-blueberry-pomegranate), and Focus (kiwi-strawberry).  They come in two forms, a .17 oz roll-on lip gloss with SPF 15, or a .6 oz jumbo lip balm, which has SPF 20.  Each product contains Vitamin E to keep your lips healthy.  ($4.99 for gloss or $6.99 for balm @ Hot Topic)


Vitamin Water: Formula 50 (Grape)

‘If you’re looking to overcome the odds, claw your way to the top, or do the generally un-doable, then you’re gonna need some help. Not take-a-taxi-to-the-finish-line type help, but help. Inspired by a certain artist (hint: he’s in the picture), formula 50 brings a serious entourage of vitamins. It’s the perfect boost for when you try things like going to a rap battle with gift paper. Keep fighting the good fight’. (Thx Vitaminwater)