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The ‘Stinky Foodbeast’ Pizza Is Loaded With So Much Garlic, Your Tongue Will Burn

For all of you wondering when there was finally going to be an official “Foodbeast” item in a restaurant… that day is now here.

Foodbeast has teamed up with Anaheim-based chain The Pizza Press to create a custom Foodbeast pizza on their official menu. The Pizza Press is known for naming all of their signature pies after publications like the Times, Chronicle, etc.

Since Foodbeast is the “stinkiest food publication” out there, according to Foodbeast’s own Elie Ayrouth, the “Stinky Foodbeast” pizza takes that definition literally while making a pie that garlic lovers will salivate over and Dracula will run in fear from.

The “Stinky Foodbeast” is loaded with spicy tomato sauce, caramelized onions, chopped fresh garlic, and a handful of whole roasted garlic cloves. All of that is topped with a deluge of mozzarella cheese that’ll help disguise some of the garlic, giving you a flavor punch of surprise every now and then when you bite into a slice.

If you want your pie EXTRA Stinky, you can opt for whole garlic cloves as toppings on your pizza, as well.

You can get the “Stinky Foodbeast” pizza at the Pizza Press location in The Anaheim Hotel, located just across the street from Disneyland. There’s also a special “FOODBEAST Package” available, which includes:

  • One night stay at The Anaheim Hotel
  • One Stinky Foodbeast Pizza
  • One pizza of your choice
  • Two Root Beer Floats

You can purchase this entire package starting at $149 per night**. Special Bonus: Stay multiple nights and receive a $20 Food & Beverage credit per additional night booked beyond the first night, and the option to stay in one of The Anaheim Hotel’s Executive or Park View rooms.

If you’re curious as to what else the build-your-own chain has to offer, you can view the full episode of Foodbeast’s Going In that features the Pizza Press in the above video.

**Prices are subject to availability and blackouts at time of booking. Special promotion cannot be combined with any other offers.

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Discover Anaheim’s ‘Little Arabia,’ A Middle Eastern Food Paradise

We’re always searching for those hidden culinary gems, the secluded restaurant that’s seldom visited but produces some of the best food you can find.
While these individual restaurants are scattered all over the world, it’s hard to find an entire neighborhood that can be classified as a hidden gem.

Venture into Anaheim’s Little Arabia, and you’ll find just that. Located not too far from Disneyland, this neighborhood is home to some Middle Eastern food legends. They’ve all been on the block for 20 years or more, making this area THE destination for the local Middle Eastern community looking to get a taste of home.

Whether the food is from Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, or any other Middle Eastern country, there’s a plethora of culture, nostalgia, and flavor waiting to be discovered in Little Arabia.

This includes Sahara Falafel, known for having the best fried chickpea balls in Orange County. Served by the plate, pita, or on their own, Sahara has been a falafel destination for over 20 years. In that same time span, the owner, Mahmoud Salem, has still been working his night job at a local Marriott hotel, despite customers trickling in up until 2 a.m. Talk about being on that grind.

One of the other top specialists in Little Arabia is Forn Al Hara, which is heralded for its manaeesh. These flatbreads are light, airy, and doughy, and can be topped with everything from za’atar, a blend of herbs and sesame seeds, to cheese and ground beef. The bakery also makes other traditional goods like fatayer (stuffed spinach hand pies) and baklava. If you’re in the area for breakfast, manaeesh is the way to go.

Perhaps the most notable amongst the storied restaurants of Little Arabia is Zankou Chicken, which has gained national fame for its simple but delicious plates of chicken, pita, and legendary toum, a.k.a. white garlic sauce. First opened in Lebanon by an Armenian family, Zankou has since spread into a sizeable chain with locations throughout Southern California. This spot in Little Arabia, however, still has that timeless charm that keeps people coming back for more.

If your sweet tooth is calling, Little Arabia covers that as well with Victory Sweets, a bakery that specializes in tons of lavish Middle Eastern treats. They’re making all kinds of baklava from scratch – including the phyllo dough – and crank out one of the cheesiest, sweetest knafehs you’ll ever stuff into your mouth. Pro tip: stuffing the knafeh into a sesame bun adds a whole new level to this gooey dessert experience.

Little Arabia may be small, but the flavors, history, tradition, and culture that goes into this district make it a heavyweight in the world of underappreciated dining spots. If you find yourself near the Disneyland area, you’ll be rewarded if you take it upon yourself to venture into this lesser-known Anaheim destination.

You can view all of the restaurants and how they craft their masterpieces in the above episode of Foodbeast’s Chomping Grounds.

Photos by Pete Pham

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Meet The Chef Who Has Fed Millions Of Children Free Pasta For Over A Decade

One of the country’s most renowned fine dining restaurants has to be the Anaheim White House. This opulent Italian steakhouse and its celebrity chef, Bruno Serato, has been recognized with James Beard awards and more for its delicious take on Italian fare with a slight French twist.

Photo courtesy of Anaheim White House

Serato hasn’t had it easy over the past couple of years, however. In February 2017, the Anaheim White House suffered over $1 million in damages in an electrical fire, causing the restaurant to shutter for over a year as it rebuilt. It’s been reborn exactly the way it was before, though, and Serato has kept the menu and his mission consistent the entire time.

Photo courtesy of Caterina’s Club

That’s included his philanthropic work with Caterina’s Club, an organization named after Serato’s mother that provides over 4,000 meals a day across 29 different cities. Serato kept that work going even while his kitchen was being reconstructed, and to date has helped provide nearly 3 million pasta meals in need.

All of this happened while his organization trained over 100 children in the hospitality industry and helped close to 200 homeless families move into a safe home.

With the White House now back up and running, Serato hasn’t changed a single thing about day-to-day operations. The pasta dinners that will feed thousands are still prepared in the same kitchen space as his extravagant menu, showcasing his commitment to both high-quality food and giving back to the community that’s supported his rebuild.

You can learn the full account of Serato’s inspirational story and drool over some of his specialties, including an exquisite poached salmon with white chocolate mashed potatoes, in the above episode of Foodbeast’s Taste The Details.

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The Best Spots To Grub Before & During An Anaheim Ducks Game

If you’re coming to a foodie hotbed such as Orange County, you’d expect the restaurant scene everywhere to be poppin’.

That’s exactly the case in Anaheim, where even arenas like the Honda Center have become culinary destinations. You’ll find the vendors inside of the stadium to be just as fresh as the dining scene in the immediate area.

Foodbeast Christina Kim (@vivalastina) discovered this while attending her first-ever Anaheim Ducks game on Foodbeast’s new show Between 2 Meals. She found a couple of dope spots to fuel up for both before and during the contest.

One of the go-to spots Kim visited within the Stadium Promenade was Old Crow Smokehouse, a Chicago transplant that’s been recognized as some of the best barbecue within Orange County. They show that off in a full spread of meats that includes beer can chickens, burnt ends, ribs, and tri-tip.

You can order all of these at once via the Combo Platter, which feeds 4-6 and also includes your choice of sides like mac & cheese and cornbread.

During the game, an interesting vendor to hit up within the Honda Center is the Sierra Nevada Taproom. Kim went for the loaded fries, which come topped with items like bacon, fried chicken, and pastrami and are drenched in gravy or beer cheese sauce. It’s an elevation of stadium staples that’ll keep you fueled through overtime.

Kim only visited a couple of spots within the vicinity of Anaheim’s Honda Center, but that small sample is proof of how much of a gourmet destination this stadium can be.

Photos by Pete Pham & Marc Kharrat

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Crepes Get Turned Into ‘Pasta’ In This Delicious Take On Dessert

If you’re looking for a crash course on how to do dessert pasta, this restaurant’s take could serve as the entire curriculum.

At ChocoFruit in Anaheim, California, they serve up a Dessert Fettuccine that is the epitome of decadence. It utilizes sliced strips of sweet crepe as the “pasta,” and is coated with a triple layer of chocolate (white, milk, and dark) before being topped off with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sprinkles.

All of the ingredients combine together for a creamy sauce comparable to chocolate “alfredo,” with the ice cream adding to the smooth, luscious treat. The crepes “fettuccine” adds a unique texture that will make you talk about the dessert pasta long after you slurp up the last “noodle.”

ChocoFruit specializes in an assortment of dessert crepes, including one made with Lotus cookie butter that will entice fans of the legendary snack. The cookie butter and white chocolate intertwine in intricate designs that’ll make you want to snap photos of the treat for your Instagram feeds immediately.

ChocoFruit’s crepe selection bridges the unique and familiar for a fun dessert experience, whether you go for the cookie butter or order pasta for dessert.

Photos by Pete Pham

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All Your Favorite Mexican Taco Meats Are Piled On These Pizzas

Tacos and pizzas deliciously unite in this restaurant’s lineup that features literally ALL of the meats.

At Mr. Taco Nice in Anaheim, California, you can find just about every meat on the menu piled on top of one of their Mexican Gourmet Pizzas. This includes camarones, or shrimp, which come in a plentiful abundance on top of the Al Gobernador. It’s adorned with heaping handfuls of cheese and several different toppings, including pico de gallo.

The other pizzas in Mr. Taco Nice’s lineup are just as droolworthy. The La Mexicana, featuring chorizo and carne asada, bridges together two of the most popular taco meats in a savory, spicy blend accentuated with radishes, onion, and lime.

If you can’t decide which protein to pack on top, the Mexican Meat Lovers has you covered. Chorizo, pollo, carne asada, carnitas, and al pastor are all loaded onto this pizza feast.

The fusion of tacos and pizza is fully embodied in Mr. Taco Nice’s mouthwatering masterpieces. It’s located pretty close to Disneyland, so if you’re looking for some tasty and unique creations after a trip to the park, consider a stop by this taco pizza emporium.

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This Coffee Shop’s MASSIVE Concha Ice Cream ‘Sandwich’ Doubles As A Cake

Fans of concha ice cream sandwiches are gonna love this MASSIVE cake-sized version of the delectable Mexican treat.

concha ice cream sandwich

Created by Azules Coffee in Anaheim, CA, they make a gigantic version of the iconic sweet bread, stick a quart of ice cream in the middle, and then dunk the entire “sandwich” into a luscious quarter-pound layer of chocolate.

The result is a hefty concha ice cream cake that’s 10 times the size of your standard concha. It can be enjoyed by the slice, or, if you’re so inclined, as an actual mega-sandwich.

concha ice cream sandwich

Azules Coffee has plenty of Mexican-inspired desserts they create on top of the concha cake. One of their signatures is the churro cake, made with horchata ice cream on the inside and decorated with churro crumbs. One of the best ways to enjoy it is by using an additional churro to scoop up the whipped cream and any melted ice cream.

You can find the churro cakes in-shop and the giant concha “sandwich” cake are available by pre-order.

Photos by Pete Pham

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This Town In Orange County Produces Some Of The Best Vietnamese Food Outside of Vietnam

Located close to the Anaheim Resort District and tucked between the cities of Westminster and Garden Grove, California, is a place with a rich Vietnamese history that serves as a cultural hub for amazing and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. This magical place is called Little Saigon, and if you haven’t been, you need to take a visit.

Tag along with our friend Bang-Ko, a.k.a. Connie from @occomestibles as she takes us on a flavorful journey through Little Saigon.

From lobster hot pot that’s cooked tableside, to a massive seven course beef feast, there are an unbelievable amount of hidden culinary gems any hungry foodie would love to sink their teeth into.   

First stop is Garlic and Chives by Kristin, known for their traditional yet trendy atmosphere. Take it from Connie and order their House Special Lobster, served with garlic noodles, peppers and traditional spices.

Being a native to Vietnam, Connie knows exactly what she’s talking about when it comes to delicious Vietnamese food, and it’s safe to say her 72K Instagram followers would agree.

So when she says we need to check out Hai Noi Corner for their wonderfully crispy Sizzling Turmeric & Dill Fish, we drop what we’re doing and go immediately.

It’s not everyday you can find the opportunity to feast on gigantic sea snails. Well, that was before Connie brought us to Oc and Lau for some Escargot and Lobster Hot Pot. Oc and Lau literally translates to “Sea Snail and Hotpot,” so if you need some exotic fare in your life, this is truly a diamond in the rough.

If you’re looking to feed a group of hungry foodies, seven courses of beef should be the perfect formula. At Hong An, a huge dining hall greets guests as they are seated with their own tabletop grill. Connie recommends the Bo Bay Mon, which translates to Beef Seven — also known as seven courses of beef.

Hong An is a meat lovers paradise where you’ll be served everything from lemongrass beef to juicy Vietnamese meatballs.

Last on the list but certainly not least is Pho45 with their beef pho. This rendition is packed with tripe, tendon, brisket, flank, and rare beef. Pho45’s recipe is a family secret so they kept their recipe on lockdown, but what we do know is they are very generous with their meat portions and that their pho might be the best we’ve ever had.

Next time you have a day off or are visiting the area, spend it on a deliciously authentic culinary journey through one of Orange County’s most historic neighborhoods. You’ll love losing yourself in the culture, food and the experience of Little Saigon.

Photos by Pete Pham

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