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A Large Pizza Feeds You More Than TWO Mediums, According To Math

There has always been a firm belief in my heart that more is better, at least when it comes to pizza. While I didn’t think my core pizza beliefs would be turned upside down going into work today, I’m pleased to discover that math has finally played a role in my adult life outside of calculating tip. So how does math factor into pizza?

A recent tweet has been circling social media that’s been blowing the minds of pizza lovers across the Internet, BroBible reports.

Fermat’s Library, a platform for illuminating academic papers, posted the pizza meme a week ago and it has since garnered more than 32,000 retweets and 74,000 likes since.

Here’s why it’s so mind blowing.

By means of a mathematical equation, the image proves that a single 18-inch pizza actually yields more pie than two 12-inch pizzas by calculating the area of both pies.

Like many on Twitter have pointed out, they (myself included) have been ignorantly spending more money on medium pizzas than they should have.

I eagerly shared this game-changing discovery with my colleague, Constantine.

“It’s just simple geometry, man.” said Foodbeast’s resident food scientist. “I could’ve told you that in middle school.”


So the next time you’re trying to feed a hungry group, or simply trying to save some money with your pizza order, know that ordering a single large is definitely cheaper than ordering two mediums, but will ultimately yield you more food.

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Students Pull Off Fake McDonald’s Ad Prank That Goes Viral

When I visit a McDonald’s, I usually don’t pay too much attention to the decor around the lobby of the restaurant. Pretty sure most people don’t either. Therein lies the magic of this viral Mcdonald’s poster “prank.”

Jevh Maravilla, a student at the University of Houston, created a fake poster with his friend Christian Toledo to hang on the wall of a local McDonald’s. What they didn’t expect, however, was that the poster would hang there unnoticed for 51 days.

In the behind-the-scenes video below, Maravilla reveals that they created the poster as a way to represent Asian-Americans in McDonald’s advertisements. The idea came as they noticed there were no Asians depicted in the store’s decorative images.

The process to hang the poster on the wall was pretty elaborate — from a campus photoshoot to editing realistic looking fries into the image. Maravilla even went out and bought a McDonald’s uniform so he could masquerade as an employee of the fast food chain while his friends hung the poster up.

For nearly two months, no one in the store took down the poster.

A noble goal behind a pretty hilarious prank. I wonder if the McDonald’s will just end up keeping this on their wall?

Restaurants Video

Woman Goes Viral After Asking For Extra Rice With A Microphone At Restaurant

I’m usually pretty shy when I order food. Something I need to work on, sure. Timidness doesn’t seem to be a problem, however, with Filipina diner Glysdi Faith Baguio. Especially when she wants her rice.

Baguio is the star of one of the most viral restaurant videos to hit the Internet this past week.

According to NextShark, the video was recorded at an unknown location of Filipino restaurant chain Mang Inasal. This barbecue fast food concept offers up unlimited side orders of rice, and Baguio was looking to take full advantage. Baguio’s friend Liviann Magat Zorilla, the one behind the camera, posted it to her Facebook page.

As she eats, Baguio nonchalantly whips out a microphone and asks one of the servers for another helping of rice. Because he doesn’t hear her the first time, Baguio is urged to ask again taking the microphone out again.

The server, referred to as Kuya (big bro), doesn’t get upset or annoyed. Instead, he flashes a smile and presumably heads to retrieve the much-anticipated rice. It seems this dude’s amiable reaction to what many other servers would consider rude contributed heavily to how viral the clip went.

Since it went live, Zorilla’s upload has already gained 3.7 million views. Many of the comments were positive, praising the reaction of “kuya” in the video and how he helps contribute to such a positive restaurant atmosphere.

Although Baguio was the star, everyone clearly thought that the “kuya” was the real MVP of this clip.

Drinks Now Trending Video

The Viral Video Of The Selfie Girl Getting Roofied Seems To Be A Fake

It’s terrifying to think that someone could slip something sinister into your drink in the time it takes to blink your eyes — or shoot a selfie. This recent viral video shows exactly that.

Two women, seemingly on spring break, decided to shoot a video of themselves partying with drinks in hand. While one of the girls walks off camera, a guy in a black shirt drops something into the drink of the woman filming.

The brunette, a musician / model with the handle @Jaeda_Sky originally posted the video on Twitter of her and her friend Kristal Santos dancing at a party on where the incident was captured. After the video posted by her friend went viral, Santos posted on her Instagram telling her followers that she was safe and noticed what happened in the video before it was too late.

O #TBT de hj vai ser do feriado top que passei em Escarpas do Lago! Agradeço a todos de coração pelas msgs de preocupação!! Pensei mto antes de vir aqui escrever e me expor, mas quem me conhece sabe que eu sou um livro aberto e não sou de guardar nada pra mim. Gosto de festas, gosto de beber(às vezes até de mais) e quem anda cmg sabe mto bem que a única coisa que faço é BEBER e só. Bom..mas isso não é o importante pq as únicas pessoas que devo satisfação e que realmente me importam são minha família e meus amigos de verdade, e o resto como já diz..é resto! Mais uma vez vou explicar aqui pra quem continua preocupados…Eu não bebi nada daquele copo pq estava no final da festa e o copo já estava vazio, ou seja nada me aconteceu. Sim, fico feliz que o vídeo está repercutindo de uma forma positiva, como um alerta para todos tomarem mais cuidado com seus copos, inclusive eu. Aposto que assim como minha mãe a mãe de todo mundo já avisou mil vezes para tomarem cuidado com os copos, eu achava ela exagerada!rs…mas não é exagero, pq a gente sempre acha que com a gente isso nunca vai acontecer, mas a verdade é que pode sim acontecer a qualquer momento e em qualquer lugar. Acho que cada um faz e usa o que bem intender, mas a partir de que seja por vontade própria. Bom é isso…ahh mais uma coisa pra quem tem coragem de fazer comentários do tipo..tá na balada, tá dançando, tá bebendo, tá de roupa curta, ela não presta, e merece levar um boa noite Cinderela…Aqui o boa noite Cinderela pra vocês!!🖕🏼💋 #aloiradocopo

A post shared by Kristal🎀Santos ( on

Here’s a rough Instagram translation of what she wrote:

Essentially, Santos says that since it was near the end of the party her cup was already empty and she didn’t drink out of it. She then states that the video is a great wake up call for everyone to be more mindful of their drink glasses.

However, in a plot twist, it appears that video was fake. One commenter on the original video screenshot an Instagram story admitting that what happened was a joke.

While this captured incident wasn’t real, it’s still a sobering reminder of what can happen when you’re so cavalier about watching over your drinks — something everyone, male or female, should keep in mind. Be extra cautious and maybe put your phones down until after you finish your drink.

Some tips to keep yourselves safe include holding your drink from the top at all times, never set your drink down and lose track of it, don’t accept drinks from strangers, don’t sip from anyone else’s cup, and avoid drinks from containers that have been opened.

There are also products, like this straw, that detects when your drink has been tampered with.

The world can be a shitty place sometimes. As my colleague and office dad Constantine Spyrou would say: “Stay safe, y’all.”

Animals Hit-Or-Miss Video

Cats Apparently Love To Steal Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets

It doesn’t take rocket science to know that pets love to steal food. For the most part, watching animals steal food is quite entertaining — as long as it’s not your food that’s being stolen.

So, it’s no surprise Twitter is blowing up over a video of a cat expertly stealing a Wendy’s Chicken Nugget.

Twitter user @lindseycabales, posted a video of her cat, Zach, grabbing a Wendy’s chicken nugget without permission. The video, posted on July 22, has since made this famished feline famous. The original tweet now has more than 30K retweets and north of 40K likes. Which seems to be a lot for a five second cat video.

But, apparently, Zach isn’t the only cat that likes nuggets. Twitter users began uploading videos of their cats stealing nuggets, fries, and other human food items.

Twitter user @claire_mcnugget‘s cat seems to like nuggets. 

@666Melon’s cat is a fan of fries.

@kaylynweaverr’s cat steals plastic forks for some reason.

@xourt’s is another nugget lover.

Despite the cat’s human-like grabbing technique, Lindsey claims she did not allow her pet to ingest the nugget, as she admitted being in an inebriated state, and wasn’t in the mood to share.

Although, there’s a subsequent tweet that contradicts Lindsey’s account of the evening. At 6:41 a.m., on July 26, Lindsey tweeted to Wendy’s claiming that Zach “loved” their chicken nuggets.

So, considering her tweet, it remains unclear if the cat actually ate it. Either way, there’s no denying the level of cuteness in this now viral video.

However, the video did spark conversation about whether or not feeding a chicken nugget to a cat should be considered animal abuse. Judging by the initial video, it’s safe to assume Lindsey is looking out for the best interest of Zach. Although, as long as chicken doesn’t have bones that a cat can choke on, it’s safe for feline consumption.

Thanks for the laughs, Zach!

Fast Food Humor Now Trending

This Guy’s Hilarious Domino’s Pizza Delivery Instructions Go Viral

Ever since pizza chains began offering the option of specific delivery instructions, folks have been having fun with all the requests they can make of their pizza deliverers.

In the case of Twitter user @fordreynolds1, a recent request from the popular pizza chain went VIRAL after he posted a screenshot and some photos of his delivery instructions.

The instructions were simple, reports BroBible:

send ur baddest bitch plzzzzz

Domino’s apparently followed those instructions to a “T” along with their response: We did.

A few photos from the hilarious exchange can be seen from the embed above. Though we feel everyone is going to be making similar requests of the pizza company now that this has gone viral.

On a side note, the baddest bitch Domino’s has to offer kind of looks like Seth Rogen’s character in Freaks and Geeks.

Nicely done, Domino’s.


Woman Calls Thai Rice Brand Fake After Cooking It In The Dumbest Way Possible

Thai netizens put an Californian woman named Felicity Prak on blast after she posted a video of herself burning Thailand’s popular jasmine rice and called it fake.

She also accused the country of selling the product, also known as milagrosa rice, mixed with plastic, according to Coconuts Bangkok.

The video, which shows Prak cooking jasmine rice the wrong way and burning a whole batch, has gained more than 3 million views since it was posted to Facebook on New Year’s Eve

We don’t usually use three lady brand. We got 2.50lb bag as a gift from sisters. We opened one bag to see if the rice is mixed with plastic or not, and this what we got. This is too crazy,” wrote Prak.

It’s not that crazy as rice is meant to slowly simmer and cook in water, not dry fried in a wok over high heat, which the woman proceeds to do in the four-minute video.

The jasmine rice begins to burn at the 3:30 mark and a girl can be heard saying, “Close the door. Mom, oh my god, look at this.” Four minutes into the clip and they finally take the rice off the burner and place a piece of paper into the wok, which starts a fire.

This is the Three Lady rice. This is a piece of paper, this is crazy,” the girl says.

If Prak paid attention in science class, she would know that plastic has a melting point, and not just turn black when it is burned.

Thousands of Thais blamed her for not knowing how to cook rice properly, with some Facebook users commenting, “Why you so stupid?

Some people also advised her to buy a rice cooker, and to “just search Google or YouTube” and learn how to prepare it the right way.

Others pointed out how offensive it was to Thai products and asked Prak to take down the video.

Written by Khier Casino || NextShark

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Jimmy John’s Delivery Guy Jumps A Moving Train [WATCH]

Jimmy John’s is probably best known for their speedy sandwich making. Our last handful of visits ended with our sandwiches fully completed before we even finished paying for our order. For those on a limited lunch break, that’s kind of awesome.

So it doesn’t come as much of a shock to find that their delivery guys also try to uphold those same ideals. A video steadily going viral shows someone described as a Jimmy John’s delivery man hopping a train to get to his order in on time.

Talk about dedication. Check out the insane video.

Seriously, don’t try this at home.