Georgia Man Gets Violent After Wife Makes His Grilled Cheese Too Cheesy

This sad story is out of Clarke County, Georgia. According to a WSB-TV report, a 55-year-old man got violent with his wife after she made his grilled cheese sandwich with TOO MUCH CHEESE. The article states that he had requested 2 slices of cheese and entered a state of rage when he received the sandwich with 3.


I mean, is there even such a thing as too much cheese? The only ingredient in the sandwich is cheese, and if you’re going to become violently enraged over something like a cheese sandwich, you absolutely deserve to have the cops called on you.

This all went down in front of the couples’ 12-year-old daughter who happened to be the one that called the police from her mother’s cell phone. The father was charged with obstruction of a 911 call, since he ripped the phone out of the wall while trying to stop his wife from calling for help. The report also states that he was afraid to go back to jail and that she didn’t actually think he’d hit her again.

Cheese is not something to get violent over folks, especially too much cheese. An abundance of cheese should be celebrated. The world needs more cheese. Now I can’t stop saying cheese.




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BREAKING: Video Shows Man Firing Shots At People Outside Of McDonald’s

UPDATE 4:47 PST: Police believe the suspect who opened fire on civilians has committed suicide, bringing the total number of fatalities to 10. It appears the gunman acted alone, according to Munich authorities.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 4.44.05 PM

Reports of a gunman, or possibly gunmen opening fire inside a McDonald’s restaurant mall plaza have been confirmed. Authorities are referring to this situation as a “possible terror attack” and are actively searching for a suspect at the time of this report.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.02.37 PM

CNN, The New York Times and other sources have reported that an active shooter opened fire Friday evening at a McDonald’s restaurant, across the street from the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall in Munich.

Authorities reported that the shooting began at approximately 5:50 p.m. The Munich Police force has reported at least 8 fatalities. The is number of people injured is unknown.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.25.51 PM

As news began to spread across social media, video of what appears to be a man standing in front of a McDonald’s begin firing into a crowd of people.

This is the third consecutive act of mind-numbing violence to occur on European soil in just more than a week. On the evening of July 14, a truck plowed into crowds of people gathering to celebrate Bastille Day, leaving 80 people dead.

Then, on July 20, a teenager, who authorities claimed was inspired by ISIS, attacked several people on a train in Germany. The teenager was killed by police, according to CNN.

It is saddening that these senseless acts of violence continue to take innocent lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Munich and the rest of the world trying to cope with these awful crimes.


Pinkberry Co-Founder Young Lee Found Guilty of Beating Homeless Man

Young Lee

Pinkberry co-founder Young Lee was found guilty on Friday of beating a homeless man with a tire-iron.

The attack originally occurred in LA in June 2011 when the homeless man, Daniel Bolding approached Lee’s car and displayed a racy tattoo of two figures having sex to Lee and his fiancee. Lee and a friend returned to the scene later and proceeded to beat the homeless man down with a tire iron.

It’s unclear whether it was Lee or his friend who wielded the tire iron but what is clear is that the homeless man endured traumatic bodily harm. The brutal attack coupled with the evidence that Lee attempted to intimidate witnesses was enough to convince jury members to convict Lee after two days of deliberation.

Sentencing will occur January 14 where Lee will face seven years in state prison but until then Lee is being held without bail as he is considered “a threat to the community”.

Pinkberry was founded in 2005 by cofounders Young Lee and Shelly Hwang in West Hollywood. Lee is no longer associated with the frozen yogurt chain.

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Man Charged with Assaulting Step Daughter with Fries to the Face

Apparently anything can be considered a deadly weapon these days, including a batch of McDonald’s French Fries. A man in Massachusetts was recently arrested and charged with assault for throwing a batch of fries in his stepdaughter’s face when she tried to stop an argument between him and her mother.

The report from the Lowell Police Department stated that James Hackett, 26, was arguing with his wife over money as they, along with his 11-year-old stepdaughter, were in the drive thru of a McDonald’s receiving their order. As the young girl tried to mediate the argument between her parents, the stepfather allegedly chucked a batch of fries from their order at the child’s face and chest area. While the girl did not sustain injuries, the fries had been freshly made and the salt and oil could have caused her burns (insert eye rolling emoticon).

Hackett was later arrested and appeared in court with a plea of “not guilty.” He has been ordered to keep his distance from his stepdaughter until his next court appearance on August 10th. Maybe by then this guy will have seen someone about his anger problems.

As for the for the little girl, hopefully she spends the next few years of her life with as little fries thrown at her as possible. Because I can almost guarantee that untainted fry face won’t last for long — high school can be a cruel, cruel place.

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Man Gets Stabbed; Finishes Beer

The title pretty much says it all. A Canada man was stabbed outside the York Hotel in Toronto. Rather than going immediately to a hospital, the man returned to the bar inside to finish his drink. “He’s got a minor poke to his chest, but he’s not giving us any details,” said Staff Sgt. Regan James. “You can imagine the level of his concern was not that high.” That’s pretty foodbeast worthy to me. Drink on man! (Thx Draft)