Well Aren’t These Just The Coolest Damn Pumpkin Carvings You Ever Did See?

Admit it, when it comes to seasonal food innovation, autumn tends to be sorely lacking. It’s always pumpkin this, pumpkin that (where are the Thankstini‘s, I ask you? With the cranberry juice and the potato vodka and the bouillion cubes as garnish?)

Well it turns out the world’s culinary creativity hasn’t disappeared (thank God); it’s just being harnessed by the geniuses at Villafane Studios into making, as we’ve said, just the coolest damn pumpkin carvings the world ever did see. Check out a few of our favorites below:

Full disclosure: Ray Villafane (VS’s head gourd) has been doing this for a while now, enough to garner the attention of CBS and Martha Stewart and even us, believe it or not. But for those of you who’ve been missing out, next week Villafane will be returning to NYC to revisit last year’s epic Zombies in the Garden display, starting off at Grand Central Station, then hitching a ride over to the Botanical Gardens for a “Return of the Zombies” (October 19th – 21st).

Villafane’s website promises “it’s going to be the best yet,” but based on this time-lapse video of last year’s event below, Villafane + friends may just have their work cut out for them.

It’s going to be legend — wait for it. . .