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Watch Minnesota Vikings Fans Keep Beer From Freezing With Fire Pits

Living in California, you know the weather’s getting seriously cold when the temperature dips under 40 degrees, and there’s a little ice on your windshield in the morning. In Minnesota, you know the weather’s getting seriously cold when it dips to minus 20 degrees, and you have to keep your beer over an open flame just so it won’t freeze.

And this is exactly what Minnesota Vikings fans had to go through this Sunday, as their unusual tailgating skills helped them keep their beer drinkable.

There are videos of the fans chilling in the snow, as the minus 34 windchill wasn’t going to stop them from enjoying themselves before their beloved Vikings faced the Indianapolis Colts.

Just another day in the Land of 10,000 Lakes — granted those lakes are frozen, unlike these ingenious fans’ beers.

h/t brobible