9 Of The Most Epic Fast Food Pranks Ever Recorded

As the MTV series Jackass rose to fame in the late 90s, it spawned a new generation of mischief that was documented on video. Before the internet was really a thing, teenagers had to entertain themselves — in some cases, that meant pranking adults, and other unsuspecting victims, like fast food employees, at the expense of a cheap laugh.

Some of us might remember one of the first Jackass-produced skate videos, CKY and CKY2K, which were directed by Bam Margera and featured his clan of misfits engaging in everything from jumping into bushes from moving vehicles to dressing as a football player and taking “a handoff” of someone’s food from the drive-thru window.

While most of the pranks were harmless, it’s nice to look back and see how much we’ve grown — even though we still might get a good laugh. So, in celebration of being young, here’s a list of the funniest drive-thru pranks ever captured on film.  

Elmo’s first trip to Taco Bell

Hearing someone imitate any fictional or non fictional character can be a real treat. There’s nothing like a quality impression. What’s even better, however, is when that impression is recorded and you’re in the Taco Bell drive-thru. Thanks for being so polite, Elmo!

That’s some serious shock value

YouTuber Magic of Rahat has some pretty insane pranks on his channel. In this prank, he uses some type of static shocker to trick drive-thru employees to think that they’ve somehow transferred an immense amount of electricity to him, causing him to pass out. The reactions are pretty hilarious.

Taco Bell Folk song order for two

Everyone loves to sing and rap about food. Still, there’s only been a few attempts to rap or freestyle an entire order when you’re actually in the drive-thru. Well the folk singing duo, Rhett & Link, made sure to include a heartfelt jingle about their large order at Taco Bell. The most fascinating part is that the employee taking the order doesn’t miss a beat!  

Spittin’ hot fire at McDonald’s

Shouts out to these kids for breakin it all the way down for this McDonald’s employee who was having a hard time transcribing the actual order from this popular McDonald’s drive-thru freestyle. It’s hard enough to rap, but this group of McDonald’s fans actually were able to rap and keep the beatbox going at three different speeds without messing up once! No mistakes in a drive-thru order? That’s a first for the Golden Arches. 

Drive-thru robot

Although we’re not living in a time where you can actually have a robot go get your fast-food order, at least people are clever enough to dress as one and hit the drive-thru. Well-known YouTuber Magic Of Rahat built a pretty intense robot suit that looks like a robot driving the car. Not sure what’s more impressive, the robot or the idea. 

Do you have any brains?

The Walking Dead television series has prepared us all for the looming zombie apocalypse. In this prank by Ed Bassmaster, the driver dressed up as a zombie and tried to scare the brains out of a few employees. Even though the zombie apocalypse might not be a real thing, it’s safe to say this prank won’t get old any time soon.

There’s more than one way to grab an ice cream cone.

The Internet has a way of making the most random things a thing. First there was planking, then there was dabbing. But do you guys remember coning? This prank involves ordering one or multiple ice cream cones and grabbing them from the top (where the ice cream is). While this doesn’t do much in terms of the driver, who must deal with hands full of ice cream, at least it’s pretty comedic to see the reaction of the unsuspecting employees.

When employees strike back!

Well, this turned south really quickly for these two fools who failed an attempt to pull-off the oldest drive-thru trick in the book. Known as a “fire in the hole,” this prank consists of a large soda being ordered, paid for, and suddenly hurled back at the employee in unceremonious fashion. Well, these guys got what they asked for, as it was a backfire in the hole!

This brings a new meaning to the phrase, “to-go”

It’s not everyday that you have your fast food order stolen — in the drive-thru. Well, the order and run prank is exactly that. One person, the runner, waits outside the car, then as their car pulls up to the window, the runner quickly intercepts the order by sprinting between the car and the window. Careful, you might not see that coming!  

Hit-Or-Miss Tastemade/Snapchat

11 Of The Internet’s Most Hilarious Candy Challenges

What would the internet be without a healthy supply of amusing (and sometimes borderline stupid) viral challenges to keep us occupied for hours at a time? That wouldn’t be the 2017 we know and love. And, of course, the best kind of challenges are the ones that put the YouTubers we admire in some kind of discomfort or pain.

Few challenges accomplish that goal quite like the extreme candy challenges of the interweb. Whether it’s weird candy, sour AF candy, or candy that taste like garbage, here are 11 of the candy challenges we can’t get enough of.

Sour Candy Challenge

One of the more brutal candy challenges are the sour candy challenges, in which the willing challenger taste tests different types of super sour candy. And as you’ll see by the expression on Collin Key’s face, it really is as painful as you’re imagining. Ouch.

Gross Chocolate Bar Challenge

Chocolate bars are meant to be creamy and delicious, right? Well, not if you’re attempting the gross chocolate bar challenge, like YouTube channel MMG. Let’s just say we’re glad we’re watching this one through the safety of our screen, because pizza-flavored chocolate is the only time those two all-time foods shouldn’t be together.

Bean Boozled Challenge

If you want to be entertained Harry Potter-style, you’ll love the Bean Boozled Challenge. In this Muggle version of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans, these candy beans come in same-colored pairs. YouTuber Rosanna Pansino could either enjoy pear flavored or booger flavored – the chance is hers to take and yours to watch.

Spicy Gummy Pepper Challenge

We know what you’re thinking. “Why would anyone make a gummy, something that’s supposed to be delicious and sweet, in a spicy pepper flavor?” The answer is simple: so YouTubers like Wassabi Productions can try said spicy pepper gummies in front of a video camera. Thank God for Amazon.

Weird Candy Challenge

Candy is supposed to be sweet and indulgent – unless you’re doing a weird candy challenge. In which case, Reese’s and Twix need not apply. Watch Keion and Kianna of BFvsGF try everything from booger candy to scorpion lollipops, all from the comfort of your home.

Gummy Food vs. Real Food

One of the biggest YouTube challenges of this past year has been comparing real food with its gummy counterparts. For instance, partners each choose a platter – under one is a real cheeseburger and under the other is a gummy burger, and whatever you choose you have to eat. Let AzzyLand show you how it’s done.

Japanese Candy Challenge

Everyone knows that Japan has the coolest, most out-of-the-box varieties of, well, everything. As Collins Key and his little brother found out, that includes some of the most interesting types of candy around. We’re not sold on all of them, but some are V kawaii.

Giant Candy Challenge

Now this one doesn’t sound so bad. Rosanna Pansino and one of her friends have selflessly taken on the giant candy challenge, in which they try to guess which gigantic candy they’re about to bite into while blindfolded. None of the candies are gross or painful to eat, so that element is gone, but it’s still fun to watch and crave everything from a distance.

Kissing Candy Challenge

An excuse to eat candy and smooch your S.O.? That’s the kissing candy challenge that’s been sweeping YouTube. What it entails is that you pop a candy in your mouth, blindfold your partner, and give them a kiss! Based on the kiss, they have to guess the candy. Marissa Rachel and bae demonstrate how simultaneously hilarious and awkward this challenge can be.

Warhead Smoothie Challenge

In a nutshell, you make a smoothie out of as many Warheads products you can get your hands on and chug it. JustJordan33 brought her sister into her video challenge so they could do a double challenge: whoever can drink the most of their super sour smoothie wins. What do they win? A great deal of pain and the honor of besting a YouTube challenge.

Chocolate Bar Challenge

About three years ago, one of the more popular candy challenges was trying to finish a giant chocolate bar without vomiting. While many YouTubers failed miserably at this task, you can trust professional competitive eater Matt Stonie to conquer this 1 lb. Snickers bar challenge – in good time, too!


18 Mentos Parodies That Were Better Than The Original Commercials

Nothing represented the ’90s better than those cheesy 30-second commercials. Between the jingles and overexaggarated expressions, it just looked like everyone was having a blast. One of our favorites was a series of advertisements for the popular mint-candy Mentos.

This would be a typical Mentos spot:

Usually, the advertisements would feature a protagonist faced with an obstacle. Upon popping a Mentos, our hero figures out a way to overcome this obstacle. Then, FREEZE FRAME.

It was perfect.

With this formula in mind, we dug around the Internet and found some of the best fan parodies of the Mentos commercials around. Check them out below. Some may be more NSFW than others.



The Warriors

Star Wars

Total Recall

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Breaking Bad

Star Trek


Jurassic Park

The Exorcist

Best of the Best

Big Trouble In Little China

Pulp Fiction



Billy Madison

Demolition Man

Death Wish III


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