FINISH HIM: ‘The Last Barfighter’ Arcade Game Pours the Winner a Beer


Is there anything better than adult versions of things you loved as kid? Whether it’s Pokemon beer pong or Quidditch pong, drinking while reminiscing may be the most satisfying feeling. And while both those riffs off beer pong are excellent, this Last Barfighter Arcade game is a next level hadouken to your drinking game.

Like the classic Streetfighter games we all grew up loving, The Last Barfighter pits two characters against each other. Set in a classic bar setting, these characters fight it out with various kicks, jabs, headbutts, buttslaps, etc. Pretty standard for any arcade drinking game. But rather than gaining some lame ass tickets to go buy some parachute men and paper finger traps, the winner of this game gets the satisfying sip and slurp of a beer poured straight from the cabinet. While this may just be a promo piece, here’s to hoping someone makes this into a reality.

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Method Man Promotes Sour Patch Kids [VIDEO]

I’m sure there are already a ton of die hard Sour Patch Kids fans out there, I being one of them, but converting a little more couldn’t hurt right? The issue is, their new marketing strategy is a bit suspect. Rolling out with a music video featuring Method Man, promoting a mobile game called “Sour Fling” for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and also releasing a console game in the Winter called “World of Sour”? it seems like they might be going a little overboard with trying to get our impressionable youth addicted to this stuff.

We’ll let the video speak for itself:


A Dream Food Controller for Gamers

Starving during those intense gaming sessions, but never wanna put that game on pause to get up? Well, here’s a solution someone needs to invent already! A controller with a built in meal station and cup holder, perfect for re-energizing while going on a virtual mission. Too bad it doesn’t exist yet, but you can sport the cool concept with this shirt. (19.99 – 22.99 at